Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
GPUPI for CPU - 1B Ryzen 7 5800X 6100 MHz Splave 55sec 712ms 207.6 pts 2   5
Cinebench - R20 Core i9 10980XE 5887.2 MHz Splave 13792 marks 116.4 pts 0   4
SuperPi - 32M Core i7 3770K 7130 MHz Luumi 4min 36sec 500ms 67.3 pts 4   14
SuperPi - 32M Core i3 2120 3633 MHz Crazzzy85 8min 45sec 843ms 44.6 pts 4   3
SuperPi - 1M Core i3 2120 3633 MHz Crazzzy85 10sec 390ms 38.6 pts 0   0
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 4k Ryzen 7 5800X 4825 MHz Antoine06 22.95 fps 38.1 pts 0   1
3DMark05 GeForce GTX 560 Ti   UE50 77425 marks 37.6 pts 0   1
3DMark03 UniChrome Pro   Alex@Lion 234 marks 37.5 pts 0   0
Cinebench - R20 Ryzen 5 5600X 4898.9 MHz S4m3 4939 marks 34.4 pts 0   0
3DMark05 GeForce GTX 760 (256bit)   UE50 80809 marks 34.3 pts 0   2

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HWBOT news

BenchMate version 10.6.8 officially released

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We got heads up from BenchMate's godfather Matt Zronek that he officially released the 10.6.8 version of his BenchMate secure benchmarking tool. Featuring a cool installer function and even an updater to keep your benchmarks in true Steam style up to date.

In the meantime also has been revamped with a brand new website. For those that are unware what BenchMate is all about, here are some simple basic keywords for you: Security, Validity, Reliability and an Auto submission function.

Changelog for this version can be read here.

In the pipeline for future version are ofcourse adding more benchmarks, but also game benchmarks. Especially the latter could be very interesting to grab the attention from another target audience, which have sometimes a love/hate relationship with the Overclocking community. 

Keep an eye on the new rules (scheduled for next week) regarding proper BenchMate usage for specific benchmarks ;)

Luumi breaching 2900MHz GPU core with the eVGA RTX 3090 KIngpIn

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eVGA GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN claims top spots in UL Benchmarks Port Royal and Matt's GPUPI 1B in the hands of Finish OverClocker Luumi.

The last few days it was neck to neck for top spot with Greek OverClocked Gaming Systems in the GPUPI 1B Benchmark category. Today Luumi manged as first to crack the 2900MHz barrier with a nVIDIA RTX3090 graphics card. Stavros' ASUS ROG STRIX was just 5MHz short of doing the same. That battle for the top spot is far from over. Currently Luumi is leading with a mere 12ms.

UL Benchmarks' Port Royal now also has the Finish Overclocker topping their Hall of Fame charts in the single GPU category. With a new high score of 18496 he comfortably in the lead over his nearest rivals. The KINGPIN card was clocked at 2760MHz for the harsh Port Royal Ray Tracing benchmark.

Big congratz to Luumi. Enjoy the glory and the fame, but be aware the competitors are working hard to get back that gold!

It's over 100K!!! Rauf sets a new World Record for 3DMark05 with an RTX 2080 Ti

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WorldRecord week at HWBOT. Swedish overclocker RAUF has busted the 100K barrier in Futuremark's 3DMark05. Another legendary milestone has been reached. Surprisingly enough Intel was the preferred platform for Die Hard Overclockers for a long, long time. Today it seems the new AMD Zen 3 Vermeer Processor has some cards up its sleeve, not only in the 2D multi-threaded scenarios, but also for some legacy 3D benchmarks.

The setup Tobias used consisted of:

Over 40K in UL Benchmarks Time Spy

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Greek OC Team OGS raises the bar and sets a new World Record in the gruelling 3D benchmark: Time Spy from UL benchmarks. Two liquid nitrogen cooled ASUS RTX3090 Strix OC cards pushed the total score just over 40K. A new milestone has been (b)reached for Time Spy. Other overclocked components: an Intel Core I9-9980XE@5900MHz, 32GB of Quad Channel GALAX memory@3600C12 on an ASUS Rampage XI Extreme motherboard.

An average of 2.5liters of Liquid nitrogen was required for each run.

Verification link mandatory for 3DMark and VRMark benchmarks

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New Validation rules for the 3DMark and VR Mark benchmarks from

Recently UL has changed the output interface of their renown 3DMark and VR Mark benchmarks.

Users with a 1080P resolution will have hard time to be able to fit everything on the screen as you can see on the below example screenshot:

Therefore we are obliged to impose a verification UL for any future submissions with 3Dmark and VR Mark. So the moderation team can check any anomaly with the present detailed data at the UL website.

KeepH8n and Skullbringer are the winners of the first G.Skill Tweakers Contest

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G.Skill Tweakers contest winners announcement.

The winner of both the Ambient and Extreme Tweakers contest are official.

For the ambient class, out of a total of 16 participants, the winner is Skullbringer from Germany. Pushing his G.Skill RipjawsV kit through Geekbench 3 at a whopping 2602.7Mhz. Closely followed by Midnight703 (USA) and Luakri (POR).

The Extreme class was very tight, until the last score by KeepH8n (USA) was dropped. Clocking his TridentZ Royals through the Geekbench 4 benchmark at 2854.7MHz. Sergmann (GER) and Rauf (SWE) closed the top 3.

Congratz to al participants we saw some very nice scores from all over the world. The two winners will be contacted for further shipping details.

Thanks Team G.Skill for the support in 2020!

Who will be the first to reach 50.000 points in FireStrike before the end of 2020?

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Chinese Overclocker Takukou nearly breached 49K in Futuremark's FireStrike 3D benchmark by pushing his liquid nitrogen cooled AMD 6800XT to a whopping core speed of 2800MHz. More is definite to come as there are still limits imposed by current drivers. Probably with a faster clocking AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU the 50K is already doable. If not, Big brother Navi is inbound to break that magic 50K barrier with ease.

Gongratz on the Global first place sir!


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 IMPORTANT MESSAGE due to DATA Restore point

Due to a glitch, that we discovered early this morning, we had to urgently restore the database back to our last backup point which was Sunday the 28th around 14:00UTC.

This means that all scores from yesterday and even some of Sunday (after we took the backup) are not taken into account on the current HWBot page.

  • If you still have the scores on USB or SSD feel free to resubmit.
  • If you lost them, we are copying the database from 01/12 09:00 to a test server to reclaim the missing scores. If you have a score that needs to be resubmitted plz contact leeghoofd via the forum!

This restore prcedure will affect your current ranking/points total. Don't worry, these points need a bit of time to be recalculated.

For those competing in the G.Skill competition plz mail your final subs to The scores will be be manually inserted to finalize the ranking.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

G.Skill Tweakers Contest, less than 4 days to go !

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The G.Skill competition is entering the final stage, approaching 7 days from the end of stage 1. For the winners of both the Extreme and Ambient competition G.Skill will provide a nice 32GB TridentZ Royal 4000C16 memory kit.

Current top3 in the ambient competition: 

Luakri(POR) with 2576Mhz

Midnight702(USA) with 2548Mhz

Sparky's _adv(USA) with 2512Mhz

Current top 3 in the Extreme competition

Keeph8n(USA) with 2800Mhz

Rauf(SWE) with 2600Mhz

Quiekmew(GER) with 2551Mhz

For those that didn't find the rules yet, they are here for the Extreme Contest and here for the Ambient contest