is a community-centric overclocking website and organization which hosts an overclocking and benchmark database. Our mission is to affect, innovate and grow the overclocking community via our services. The majority of the work and passion comes from a dedicated group of volunteer overclocking enthusiasts. Without the effort and dedication of those volunteers it would simply not be possible to have HWBOT work the way it works. We want to thank each and every person involved in the growth of HWBOT and the overclocking community.

If you want to get involved in the overclocking community and HWBOT, you can find the different community activist roles below. Get in touch with Leeghoofd if you're interested in filling any of these roles to learn more.


Community Advisory Board and Moderators

The Community Advisors and Moderators maintain the overall result database and provide feedback input on all things related to HWBOT. Plz contact one of the volunteers below via the Community Forum  


Role Location Contact
Antinomy Hardware Database Manager Russia email
Don Dan Result Moderator Germany email
Leeghoofd Head Result Moderator Belgium email
Strunkenbold Hardware Database Manager Germany email
Websmile Forum Moderator Germany email

Contributing to HWBOT

Contributors help out with specific projects. The project type varies from translation work, to helping with the organization of overclocking events or even simply carrying the message of HWBOT to local regions. If you’re interested in contributing to an ongoing project or have new project ideas, get in touch with Leeghoofd.