测试程序 硬件 频率 用户 得分 积分
Memory Frequency DDR4 SDRAM 3595.8 MHz CHIANG-CHENG-TAO 3595.8 MHz 138.7 pts 0   2
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 2075/1551 MHz OVIZ Hardware Lab 54048 marks 65.6 pts 0   4
3DMark05 GeForce GTX 580 916/1098 MHz Jurin1388 87551 marks 53.8 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 2075/1551 MHz OVIZ Hardware Lab 38068 marks 53.8 pts 0   4
Cinebench - R15 Core i9 9900K 4800 MHz xXDanishBaconXx 5006 cb 53.8 pts 1   1
SuperPi - 32M Core 2 Quad Q6600 4839 MHz Obijuan83 10min 8sec 141ms 41.9 pts 1   6
SuperPi - 32M Core i7 2600K 5554 MHz Digg_de 5min 57sec 219ms 41.9 pts 0   8
SuperPi - 32M Core 2 Duo E6600 5068 MHz Obijuan83 9min 38sec 813ms 37.6 pts 6   7
3DMark05 GeForce GTX 970 1392/1830 MHz Jurin1388 96249 marks 37.5 pts 0   0
3DMark05 GeForce GTX 770 1291/1811 MHz Jurin1388 90031 marks 30.5 pts 0   0


Team Cup 2021 Winners announcement !!

Team Cup 2021 ended with just over 1000 submissions from the 37 Teams participating in these still not so optimal conditions, as the pandemic is still lurking around the corner makes us proud. Nice to see the Overclocking community still in full force and enjoying themselves. Country Cup is near and will have a similar adapted format as hardware remains overpriced. Hopefully next year will be better, although current predictions are still quite negative regarding hardware availability.

The first spot was once more claimed by  the International Team of OverClock.net. Although their lead was not as comfortable as in previous editions. The German Team of Hardware Reaktor-Reloaded was right on their heels. A few more submissions on Liquid Nitrogen could have made the difference for the first runner-up. In 3rd spot another International assembly of OCers in Team of Not Exact in Round also breached 1000 points mark, which is quite impressive. Sadly they submitted a few submissions on Engineering Samples, which is not allowed during Official HWBOT competitions. 

Two more Teams had a total score of over 1000 points, in 4th position the Ukranian Team of Overclockers.UA and the chaps of Warp9-Systems finished on the 5th spot. The French Overclocking teams of Overclocking.com and Cowcotland can both be found in the top 10 , as the return of the immortal Greeks of Hellas Overclocking. If you want to find out more about the scores and such have a look at the Team Cup 2021 competition page

Thanks to all whom participated !!



G.SKILL Announces Flagship Trident Z5 Family DDR5 Memory

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G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is thrilled to announce the newest extreme performance DDR5 memory, the Trident Z5 RGB and Trident Z5 series, tailor-made for the upcoming next-gen Intel platform. Designed for flagship performance and engineered with high-quality, hand-screened memory ICs, the Trident Z5 family DDR5 memory kits will launch at speeds up to DDR5-6400. At the peak of the memory specification stack stands the ultra-low-latency DDR5-6400 CL36-36-36-76 16GBx2 memory kit, constructed with high-performance Samsung DDR5 memory ICs.


To watch the Trident Z5 series trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqgqI60cNEI

Blazing-Fast DDR5 Extreme Performance

Ushering in a new era of memory performance, DDR5 memory introduces unparalleled data transfer speeds compared to the previous generation. At speeds up to DDR5-6400, the Trident Z5 family memory kits are engineered with high-quality, hand-screened DDR5 ICs to achieve extreme memory performance. The Trident Z5 RGB and Trident Z5 series DDR5 memory kits are the ultimate choice for experiencing ultra-high performance on next-gen DDR5 platforms.



Premium Dual-Texture Heatspreader Design

The all-new Trident Z5 family incorporates hypercar elements into the iconic Trident heatspreader design, creating a sleek and futuristic exterior. Featuring a black brushed aluminum strip inset into a smooth metallic silver or powdered matte black body, and topped with a sleek piano black top bar on the Trident Z5 series or a translucent RGB light bar optimized for smooth lighting on the Trident Z5 RGB series, the Trident Z5 family memory kits are ideal for any PC build themes.



Luminous RGB Lighting

Trident Z5 RGB series feature a completely redesigned RGB light bar with hypercar-like design elements for a sleeker and streamlined appearance. Customize the RGB lighting and enable lighting effects via the G.SKILL Trident Z Lighting Control software, or sync the module lighting with other system components through supported third party motherboard software.



Revolutionary DDR5 Performance & Power Management

Designed to fully utilize the faster frequency speed and boost data transfer rate, each DDR5 IC is implemented with twice the amount of banks and bank groups, as well as a doubled burst length, at 32 banks across 8 banks with a burst length of 16. Combined with a module layout comprised of two 32-bit sub-channels, DDR5 memory is capable of delivering more data than DDR4.


Additionally, DDR5 memory modules are built with an on-board PMIC (power management integrated circuit) chip, allowing better granular power control and more reliable power delivery to improve signal integrity at high frequency speeds. Ultimately, ensuring the highest level of system stability for gaming and for work.


Availability & Specifications

Trident Z5 and Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 memory kits will be available via G.SKILL worldwide distribution partners by November 2021. See below for a table of memory specifications available at launch for the Trident Z5 family.


BenchMate 10.8 with official Rocket Lake and Windows11 support

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New installer, official Rocket Lake and Windows 11 support, several important bugfixes

BenchMate is now operated by Lentils e.U. instead of overclockers.at. overclockers.at is now a nonprofit association and therefore can't have an extended validation certificate, which is needed by the BenchMate kernel driver. This is purely an organizational change without any practical impact.

    Download BenchMate 10.8 here


    • Official support for Rocket Lake & Windows 11
    • New installer with a classic look using basic MSI functionality. It's also smaller in size and should be much more stable than the last one. 
    • Added the latest HWiNFO SDK to fix the Rocket Lake 4C/6C memory frequency bug
    • Added OS detection for the latest Windows 10 and Windows Server version
    • Added detection for upcoming CPU and platform releases
    • Memory frequency and timings are no longer mandatory to produce a valid result file
    • Improved score security by adding more result validation
    • Improved executable obfuscation, error messages for result file creation errors. 
    • Fixed a bug where some benchmarks showed "HWiNFO error (reboot?)" when mandatory sensors where missing
    • Fixed a bug where a skewed timer could result in a negative score/time
    • Fixed a bug where some benchmarks were not visible in the result list after restarting the client (thanks to L0wpull from HWBOT)
    • Fixed DIMM slot detection of EVGA Z590 DARK
    • Fixed Rocket Lake timer detection warning in GPUPI. Important: GPUPI will show a 20 MHz HPET instead, which is actually using QPC with an appropriate factor for timestamps internally. It's a workaround to avoid the unsafe timer warnings and does not mean that you really have HPET enabled!
    • Fixed HPET bug on legacy platforms (X58 and below) where time could not be measured for a longer period than up to 4 minutes (thanks to L0wpull from HWBOT)
    • Fixed a bug that closed the launcher before displaying an error message
    • Updated all tools to their latest versions: HWiNFO 7.07, CPU-Z 1.96.1, GPU-Z 2.41.0

    Big thanks to ASRock, Nick Shih and Splav to implement and test the Rocket Lake support. 

    Download BenchMate 10.8 here


    This software will always be free for the benchmarking community around the globe. Therefore we rely on crowdfunding to be able to pay for ongoing certificate and licensing costs and to allow us to dedicate more time to bugfixes and development of brand-new features. With your help we can define a Future proof verification of benchmarking:

    Max1024's History of Competitive Overclocking featuring Ian aka 8pack Parry

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    Max1024 has just released a new article in his History of Overclocking series. This time featuring UK's finest Ian Parry aka 8Pack. This is part1 of maybe one of the most controversial overclockers in the scene. The article is in Russian, therefore Google translate is your best friend ofc :)

    (click picture to go to the article)

    Professional overclocking did not immediately enter Ian Parry's daily life. Before starting his professional career as an overclocker, 8Pack was a professional bodybuilder and his daily routine was connected more with training in the gym and playing sports. Later he began to work in this direction as a personal trainer.

    500x320 92 KB.  Big one: 688x398 117 KB(Click picture to go to the article)

    In an interview with kitguru.net, Ian Parry shared the numbers of his physical activity while he was preparing for the competition. “Usually, when I competed in bodybuilding competitions and prepared, I squeezed about 8-10 repetitions of a barbell with four pancakes on each side (about 185 kg, including the bar), squat with five pancakes on each side, with a bar it is about 220 kg , did about 6 of these reps. Press from the shoulders - 60 kg with each hand, and so on...

    Thanks for another in-depth article Maxim !

    G.Skill Tweakers Contest Stage 2 less than 9 days to go !

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    The G.Skill Tweakers Contest is entering the final leg for Stage2 with less than 9 days to go.

    While most of the Extreme overclockers still seem to in hibernation mode, the ambient clockers are battling it out for the top spots, with already over 23 entries. Pushing their air or watercooled rigs in the memory sensitive PYPrime benchmark.

    Current leader from Norway: Arni90, followed closely by Kansai from France and by a wider margin Midnight703 from the United States.

    Don't forget, at the end of the year we will have an overal G.Skill Tweakers Contest Winner for an additional prize.

    These are the current Ambient and Extreme leaderboards:

    G.SKILL Announces New High-End Trident Z Royal Elite Series DDR4 Memory

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    G.SKILL Announces New High-End Trident Z Royal Elite Series DDR4 Memory



    (14 April 2021) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is announcing a new addition of high-performance DDR4 memory kit series to the renowned Trident Z family – the Trident Z Royal Elite series. Featuring a meticulously sculpted crystalline pattern across the polished surface of the aluminum heatspreader, the Trident Z Royal Elite also retains the patented full-length crystalline light bar and 8-zone RGB lighting of the Trident Z Royal to enhance the aesthetics of any high-end PC system build. Representing the upper echelon of DDR4 performance, the G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Elite will be available at speeds of DDR4-3600 to DDR4-5333 at launch.




    Crafted for Magnificence

    Evolved from the luxury-class design elements of the Trident Z Royal, G.SKILL is introducing the all-new Trident Z Royal Elite series that features a magnificent multi-faceted crystalline design across the reflective aluminum heatspreader. After more than a year of development in crafting the perfectly-sized crystalline pattern and sculpting the 3D structure onto a solid piece of aluminum, each Trident Z Royal Elite heatspreader is painstakingly chiseled with 76 total facets to bestow the ultimate luxury aesthetic to any PC build. Available in gold or silver colors, Trident Z Royal Elite modules also inherited the iconic full-length crystalline light bar for a dazzling refractive display of RGB lighting.




    Enduring Legacy of High Performance

    Continuing the ongoing G.SKILL legacy for fast DDR4 memory performance, the Trident Z Royal Elite offers high-class memory specifications that range from DDR4-3600 to DDR4-5333 and offers 16GB (8GBx2) to 64GB (32GBx2) in kit capacity at launch. Each memory kit is constructed from hand-screened memory IC chips and tested for compatibility across a wide range of motherboards to ensure stability and high-frequency overclocked performance. For a list of specifications available at launch, please refer to the chart below:





    Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4 memory kits will be available via G.SKILL worldwide distribution partners in May 2021.



    Stage 2 of the G.Skill Tweakers Contest kicking off the 1st of May !!

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    Stage 2  of the G.Skill Tweakers Contest kicking off the 1st of May !!

    Thanks to the great turn up last time, we continue the G.Skill Tweakers Contest with Stage 2, featuring PYPrime 2B. This memory benchmark is developed by overclocker Monabuntur and integrated by Mat in his BenchMate benchmarking tool.

    Stage 2 will run from the 1st of May till the 31st of May 2021 in 2 seperate classes: one for ambient overclockers and another dedicated one to the subzero overclockers.

    Below you can find the specific competition pages and forum threads for each class:

    The official competition background by DaQuteness can be downloaded here (click). A small installation guide and tutorial how to submit can be found in each of the above mentioned forum threads.

    Prizes for both the Ambient as the Extreme category Stage 2 winners are a G.Skill TridentZ Royal 32GB 4000C16 Dual Channel memory kit.

    Good luck and have fun!!

    Powercolor AMD 6900XT reaches GPU World Frequency Record: 3225MHz on LN2

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    Who else than Roman Hartung aka Der8auer would break the highest graphic card frequency ?

    Previous records were achieved all on nVIDIA graphics cards and reached frequencies just above the 3GHz mark. While testing the "unlocked" AMD 6900XT Powercolor Liquid Devil Ultimate he reached, without any modifications on the card, an insane 3225MHz while looping Test 1 of UL Benchmarks TimeSpy.

    Roman shared this "unlocked" bios for the 6900XT card series, but use at your own risk!

    G.Skill releases Extreme Speed DDR4 memory for Intel's Z590 Platform

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    G.SKILL Announces New Extreme Speed Memory Kits Up to DDR4-5333 for Intel Z590 Platform



    G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is elated to announce new extreme-speed DDR4 memory kits that push memory speed to the extreme limits on the latest Intel Z590 platform, including DDR4-5333 CL22 16GB (8GBx2)DDR4-4800 CL17 16GB (8GBx2)DDR4-4800 CL20 32GB (16GBx2), and DDR4-4600 CL20 64GB (32GBx2) under the Trident Z Royal, Trident Z RGB, and Ripjaws V series. These new DDR4 memory specifications offer a perfect choice for those pursuing extreme memory overclocking performance, building a powerful workstation, or for the ultimate gaming experience.


    Ultimate Performance DDR4-5333 on the Intel® Z590 Platform

    Dedicated to developing ever-faster extreme overclocking memory, G.SKILL is pushing the 16GB (8GBx2) kit capacity to a blistering speed of DDR4-5333. This demonstrates the remarkable memory overclocking support on the latest Intel Z590 platform, which has been validated on the ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING WIFIASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII APEX, and MSI MEG Z590I UNIFY motherboards with the latest Intel® Core™ i9-11900K processor, as shown in the screenshots below:




    Maximizing Performance with Extreme Latency

    In the pursuit of the tightest CL timing available at high memory frequencies, G.SKILL is launching a new specification running at DDR4-4800 with an extremely efficient CL17-19-19-39 timing in 16GB (8GBx2), built with high performance Samsung B-die ICs. Below is a screenshot showing the memory kit running on the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII APEX motherboard with the latest Intel® Core™ i7-11700KF processor.




    Go Beyond with High Capacity 32GB (16GBx2) at DDR4-5066

    For a more spacious 32GB (16GBx2) kit capacity, G.SKILL is also launching a high-speed memory kit at DDR4-5066 CL20 for the Intel Z590 platform. This high-speed memory kit is also validated on the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII APEX motherboard with the Intel® Core™ i9-11900K processor in the screenshot below.




    64GB Ultra-High Kit Capacity at DDR4-4600

    Completing this list of high performance memory kit releases for the latest Intel Z590 platform, is a ultra-high capacity memory kit of 64GB (32GBx2) at a speedy DDR4-4600 CL20. In the screenshot below, this colossal memory kit is validated on the ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING WIFI motherboard with the Intel® Core™ i7-11700KF processor.




    Availability & Specifications

    These extreme high-speed memory specifications will be available via G.SKILL worldwide distribution partners in Q2 2021. For a list of specifications, please see the table below.





    About G.SKILL

    Established in 1989 by PC hardware enthusiasts, G.SKILL specializes in high performance memory, SSD products, and gaming peripherals designed for PC gamers and enthusiasts around the world. Combining technical innovation and rock solid quality through our in-house testing lab and talented R&D team, G.SKILL continues to create record-breaking memory for each generation of hardware and hold the no.1 brand title in overclocking memory.

    Obijuan83 grabs first spot in the Apprentice League

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    Obijuan83 from Greece dethrones Romenian legend Poparamiro in the Apprentice League.

    For those unaware about the Apprentice league it ranks all the subzero overclockers using chilled water up to dry ice (-78°C). Compare it with the F3000 versus Formula 1, the latter could be best be compared with the Extreme league.

    Obijuan83's real name is Nikiforos, born in Greece in 1983. In his daily job he's a General Surgeon,  but at nite he tortures hardware to the limits on his self made Single stage cooling units.

    The Obijuan83 nick name was derived from his own personal spelling of the Star Wars character Obi-Wan. The number 83 was related to his birth year. Do we need to mention Nikiforos is a huge Star Wars fan.

    Nikiforos performed his first overclock way back in 1997 on a Pentium II 400@497. In 2005 when studying for Doctor in Thessaloniki, he joined the Greek Team of Outofspecs.gr. A small team not only with a cool name but also with members like Unseen, Eleven, Hadji and Doom. Nikiforos is the one in the middle just below Vincent Lucido. He left the scene 2 years later. However in 2019 Obijuan83 made a return to the OC scene at HWBOT now with Hellas Overclocking Team. He especially wishes to thank Kostasandr, Tasos, Varachio and George O/C for the support to get him back up and running. Now I myself still remember pulling dozen of his scores as they were indeed done with the old school way of verification. 

    This come back was his biggest challenge, as he no longer had a fan or even a spare memory stick, thus starting totally from scratch. After a lot of hardware hoarding and studying over the years, he now even makes his own Single Stage units. The HWBOT Discord users are for sure aquainted with the build logs of his little cooling beauties.

    We asked him of his most rewarding score at HWBOT and he picked the 3DMark03 GeForce 7800 GTX score.

    To get to the top of the Apprentice ranking, Obijuan83 focussed mainly on benching 2D for years. However lately he's popping up at the front page too with some strong 3D submissions.

    He's a big fan of Intel's LGA775 & LGA1155 socket. He likes modern hardware too, but finds it less challenging to get HWBOT Boints with the latest expensive hardware.

    Not only his Single Stage units are neatly build, also his daily setup received lots of attention.

    He would love to see more people join the OC scene and make more people get hooked to this hobby. He appreciates the makeover HWBOT is going through this year and hope it will host more competitions amongst the different leagues. Well I can't tell everything yet , but there will be a lot of fun compos ahead in the upcoming months to keep you busy Nikiforos!

    CHALLENGER 2021 ROUND1 Starting today

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    The HWBOT Challengers for 2021 are back.

    Again 9 Divisions, though we opted to remove one of the older Intel legacies to host a Classic division with hardware dating from a few decades ago instead.

    The Challengers are again split in three Rounds. Round 1 as previous year focussing on 2D only. Round 2 will be with focus on 3D Benchmarks

    Round 3 will be the mix of both 2D and 3D. To make the competition more accessible, processor  speed limitations have been imposed. 

    Competition Schedule is from 15th of February till the 15th of March.

    Links to the 9 classes:

    Division 1 Challengers 2021 Round 1

    Division 2 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - 8 Cores

    Division 3 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - 6 Cores

    Division 4 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - 4 Cores

    Division 5 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - 2 Cores

    Division 6 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - AMD Legacy

    Division 7 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - Intel Legacy

    Division 8 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - LGA771/775

    Division 9 Challengers 2021 Round 1 - Classic Platforms

    Check out the specific hardware, benchmark and verification requirements at the competition pages.

    Grab the Competition background here, awesome job DaQuteness!(click)