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A week after Intel's 10th Gen Comet Lake launch and the records continue to get broken

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We are just more than one week after Comet Lake launch and most teams kept on working hard to get their names back on the launch chart. Allen Golibersuch aka Splave managed to beat six of Team ROG's launch records and thus claims a few more for the USA. Italian OC star Roberto aka Rsannino shattered the 3DMark06 World Record. Greek OC lord OGS reclaiming the 3DMark11 RTX 2080 ti record with a mere 23 points. HiCookie from Gigabyte closing in nicely on some top scores too. Surprisingly still nothing from Team MSI... To be continued

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Intel's 10th gen Comet Lake is here!!

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The 20th of May 2020, the official LGA1200 Comet Lake launch day! In the table below you can find the 8 new World Records and 16 Global First Places achieved on Intel's brand new 10th Gen Comet Lake platform.

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HWBot forum is experiencing some technical difficulties

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It has been reported that the HWBot forum is not properly functioning. Adding new threads or commenting on existing threads, even private messaging is not possible at the moment. The bugs have been passed to the programmers, who will try to fix it asap. Sorry for any created inconveniences.

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HWBOT Country Cup 2019 Kicks Off November 1

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The quest to find out which country has the best overclockers in the world in 2019 is upon us. The HWBOT Country Cup 2019 kicks off today, pitting country against country across fourteen gruelling stages that promise to be the truest test of overclocking pedigree. The contest starts on November 1st and closes on the 31st of December. For its 10th anniversary, the stages are a mix of previous Country Cups in a blend with more modern hardware and benchmarks.

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AMD AM4 Submissions Cleanup

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Due to the numerous submissions still being done on Windows 8/8.1 and 10, the time has come to remove these subs. Just a quick recap: thanks to the timer skew or RTC bug still being present when benching the AMD platform in combination with the aforementioned Microsoft OSses, scores can become bugged or even tricked by the end-user. Therefore the previous HWBot staff only allowed to bench AMD on Win8/8.1/10 and alike Server versions IF the end-user disabled their points.

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The GPU Flashback Archive: NVIDIA GeForce 500 Series and the GeForce GTX 580


This week the GPU Flashback Archive sets its sights on the GeForce 500 series from NVIDIA. Arriving in late 2010, the 500 Series was the second round of graphics cards based on the Fermi architecture which had limped over the line in the previous generation, ostensibly due to fabrication and yield issues. The new flagship GTX 580 arrived with a more polished take on the Fermi design that help NVIDIA combat the threat from AMD and their popular Radeon 5000 and 6000 series cards. As ever, let’s take a look at the new GPU, the new flagship card and a few of the outstanding scores that have been submitted to HWBOT.

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The GPU Flashback Archive: NVIDIA GeForce and the GeForce 8800 GTX Card


This week’s trip down GPU memory lane is all about the NVIDIA 8 series of graphics cards, a series that marks the arrival of DirectX 10 and a wholly new GPU architecture. Arriving in late 2006, the NVIDIA 8 series remains a fondly remembered era for many enthusiasts and of course overclockers, especially the GeForce 8800 GTX a card that is still a topic of conversation with some retro-minded HWBOT members today. Let’s take a look at the hardware associated with the GeForce 8 series era, the technology and features that arrived at that time, and some of the scores and submissions that were made using popular GeForce 8800 GTX card.

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The GPU Flashback Archive: NVIDIA GeForce 7 and the GeForce 7600 GT Card


Today’s trip down GPU memory lane is all about the NVIDIA 7 series that arrived on the scene in June 2005. Where previous GPU designs had heralded major innovations and the introduction of entirely new technologies, the 7 series was more of an update by comparison. The new GPU arrived with a change in nomenclature and notably a change in the way that NVIDIA graphics cards were actually launched - NVIDIA and AIB partners had products shelves on the very same day that the press embargo was lifted. Let’s look at the GPUs and cards that arrived as part of the new 7 series launch, the cards that have since proved to be popular with overclockers on HWBOT and of course, the notable scores that grace our database to this day.

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The GPU Flashback Archive: NVIDIA GeForce 6 and the GeForce 6600 GT Card


Welcome back to another episode in our GPU Flashback Archive series. Following on from last week’s look at the GeForce FX series, we turn our attention to its successor, the NVIDIA GeForce 6 series. After rising to a position of relative dominance in the early years of GPU design, the GeForce 4 and subsequent FX series had seen NVIDIA lose ground to ATI who had stolen a march with their highly popular Radeon 9000 series. The stage was set for a return with the launch of a new GPU design and a series of cards that required more space in your rig and additional power to deliver a truly next generation gaming experience. Let turn our minds back to 2004 and check out the technologies and features that debuted with the GeForce 6 series, plus the most popular cards of the era and the most notable scores that have been submitted here on HWBOT.

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The GPU Flashback Archive: Nvidia GeForce 3 and the GeForce 3 Ti 200 64MB Card


This week’s GPU Flashback Archive article is all about the GeForce 3 series of graphics cards from NVIDIA, a company that by this stage in history was recognized as industry leader in GPU development and innovation. The third iteration of its GeForce brand launched with a hiccup or two in early 2001 and enjoyed status as the company’s top tier offering for around a year before it was usurped by its successor, the mighty GeForce 4 series. Let’s take a peek at the new technologies and innovations that arrived with GeForce 3, the cards that proved to be most popular with overclockers on HWBOT and of course, the notable scores and benchmarks that it spawned.

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The GPU Flashback Archive: NVIDIA GeForce2 and the GeForce2 MX Card


We return for our next episode of the GPU Flashback Archive with another classic graphics platform from NVIDIA, the GeForce2 series. It was unleashed on the scene in early 2000 and proved conclusively that NVIDIA had become the number one graphics company on the planet. Let’s take a look at the GeForce2 series as a whole, the cards that were popular at the time and of course a few of the scores that have been submitted to the HWBOT database using GeForce2 cards.

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The GPU Flashback Archive: Nvidia RIVA Series and the Riva TNT2 M64 AGP Card


The Nvidia RIVA 128 graphics chip (codenamed the NV3) was the first version of the RIVA GPU series. It arrived on the scene in April of 1997 and was arguably the company’s first ever commercially successful graphics processing unit. The RIVA 128 was actually a departure from the very first Nvidia GPU series, the ST-G-2000 (NV1) being the first GPU on the market from Nvidia that could manage both 2D and 3D video acceleration. Unlike its predecessor the Nvidia RIVA was designed specifically to accelerate rendering of Direct3D 5.0 and OpenGL 1.0 API workloads.

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Motherboard Memory Lane: AMD Socket FM2+, ASUS Crossblade Ranger and AMD A10-7850K


We continue our Motherboard Memory Lane series today with a look at the AMD FM2+ platform, the follow up to the FM2 Socket and its Trinity-based APUs that we considered in last week’s article. Socket FM2+ represents AMD’s third attempt to trying to gain traction in the budget to mid-range desktop PC segment, arriving with a refreshed series of Kaveri-based APUs and an updated FCH (or chipset if you prefer). Let’s push on and take a look at the new platform, the motherboards that were popular in this era and some of the more impressive scores that were submitted to HWBOT.

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Motherboard Memory Lane: AMD Socket AM3+, ASUS Crosshair V Formula and AMD FX-8350


This week’s trip down Motherboard Memory Lane brings us to the AMD AM3+ platform. Arriving in 2011 with a new enthusiast chipset and new range of FX branded CPUs, the new platform was AMD’s reinvigorated drive into the high performance PC space where Intel had long ago stolen a march. Let’s take a look at the most popular motherboards and processors of that era, the technologies involved and some of the more impressive scores submitted on HWBOT.

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