Major HWBOT upgrade planned on the 16th of September

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Major HWBOT upgrade planned on the 16th of September

What changes: 

  • Our programmer Tim has fixed several issues with the submission API.

  • An end of the year datafile will be stored of current competition standings/rankings. 

  • Intel and future AMD Performance and Efficient Cores fields are selectable for the supported processors, also supporting datafiles from BenchMate and XTU 2.x

  • Competition points are being simplified (read more at the forum) and will also be accredited for Team and Country Cup 2023

  • Support for the new BenchMate 11, new addition of benchmarks, Tweaks for GPUPI and Y-Cruncher, Performance and E core datafile support,...

  • Support for the improved Y-Cruncher 0..8.2, on community request, the new submissions will be merged with the older version.

  • Support for new improved XTU releases.

  • Faster Profile loading

  • Faster Hardware Master page loading

Why the 16th of September and not now has been questioned already many times as e.g. the new Y-Cruncher was released over a week ago?

First reason is that Team Cup 2023 is still ongoing and we don't want to update the current production code. As with each new code there will be bugs or unexpected issues popping up. Something that needs to be avoided while a big compo is reaching its final stages.

Secondly due to the merging with the existing Y-Cruncher ranking some security HEX KEYS need to be changed, meaning that older Y-Cruncher benchmarks would stop working from the moment we updated the code. Again having a possible impact on current ranking and idem ditto competition.

Fingers crossed all goes well, the plan is to do it in small steps thus to ensure that the downtime of HWBOT is minimized.

Czech Republic radovanslav says:

damn near the fastest ivy bridge.

Australia unityofsaints says:

Wow where do you find all these monsters

Russian Federation TerraRaptor says:

Platinum cpu

United States SparkysAdventure says:

The fuck?

Canada exaberries says:

crazy good result on a crazy good cpu

klopcha says:

I can't sumbit result - Error 403. I can't enter the Community Forums again.

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