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8199.5 MHz with Intel Celeron D 347 at 8199.5MHz

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50th out of 14231


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50th out of 14231


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Cup Bronze 3rd out of 222

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TiN commented on his own score: powa :D IHS-less CPU under MAGNUM LE, -186°C, 2.15V , fully modded motherboard. Had photos on 8.23GHz but valid only 8.19 :(, Thanks for Enermax & Revolution85+ 1250W

Ukraine says:

Yeah its i call true benching. Nice dude!!!!!

Greece sofos1990 says:

amazing O_o

unknown 149 says:


Turkey erdemolkun says:

Great benching :)


can you say more about MAGNUM LE ??

Ukraine cyclone says:

>>can you say more about MAGNUM LE ??

It is called MAGNUM Xtreme Legends Edition -)

Heh, I"ll have to post some pics and detailes of our team pot. 'll live the link here tomorrow

Belgium Massman says:


Germany der8auer says:

Amazing work :)

Ukraine cyclone says:

P.S. some detailes & much more pics -)

Ukraine Yannn says:


United Kingdom scooter.jay says:

Crazy mhz well done. I wonder how far this can go!


Good job ;)

France mac87 says:

impressive !!!

Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

Just.... Wow!!


Iran siavash_shojaee says:


GreenKiller says:


Greece zen3 says:



Nice wr.

Iran ViViD says:

Just Some MHZ Higher But It's Great Work



Dreadlockyx says:

F-cking nice frequency !

Iran PUMAOC says:


GreenKiller says:

On the first pic you can see a freq of 8203.9Mhz :P

Russian Federation Lex_ says:

It's s great result! My congratulations!

Argentina zabit says:

WHALA!!! GREAT Number guy ..this is Celeron is Hand Picked!!

Cogratulations :)

Russian Federation NeoForce says:


TiN says:

Thanks, people. But how can I edit result? :D No edit button :( Wanna change Stock cooling to LN2, rofl. Forgot to put in a hurry.

GreenKiller says:

click on more, then should be under options a icon for editing your submission

Belgium Massman says:

Thanks, people. But how can I edit result? :D No edit button :( Wanna change Stock cooling to LN2, rofl. Forgot to put in a hurry.


Fixed it for ya :)

kikicoco1334 says:

very nice my friend!

on die ln2 benching with dfi lanparty lol

South Africa Deviancexx says:


Belgium c3tuning says:

Good job ^^

Germany Don_Dan says:

Great work!

Serbia Oki says:

MOAAAAAR : )) congrats

Argentina Bu$7eR says:


New Zealand packet says:

good effort :)

Mexico Solid Snake - XS says:

Good job dude !!!

Chile Wisetree says:

¡Crazy! congrats

Argentina Kmax says:

Dude!! that's incredible!!!O_o

Italy Bob80 says:

absolutely phenomenal !!!

dexterdude says:

a pitty CPU-Z dit not Validate the 8205 Mhz ass you kan see on the picture =) but still verry nice World record Concrats ^^

NoMS says:

Awesome, great work! =D

Indonesia Ishimaru says:

AWESOME!!!!!!'m so sorry for tormented Celeron D 347..ROFL..

Netherlands diezel says:

Crazy mhz



It's great result. Congratulations!

Russian Federation Dimdirol says:

Heh, crazy result, like all your former experiments at TM :)

Russian Federation SV1SH says:

very nice....

United States [UC OC] Karmakazi says:

Totally SICK result!! congrats!!!

Portugal viper5000 says:

very nice

United Kingdom Bustah says:

very nice indeed!

France subalex says:

I'm the 100th person who like this :D


But I really like it ^^

TiN says:

Lol, 100 likes awesomo :D Thanks you all guys.

Belgium richba5tard says:

101! You keep breaking records, TiN. ;)

Israel dj-electric says:

wow, u can even play call of duty with that...

good job guys, amazing :)

Poland xardas97 says:

Wow, You are amazing

Finland joopajoo111 says:

Nice job mate :D

Indonesia -Uni|Code- says:

amazing! speechless !!

Indonesia -Uni|Code- says:

amazing! speechless @_@

Indonesia -Uni|Code- says:

amazing! speechless @_@

Indonesia -Uni|Code- says:

amazing! speechless !!

Indonesia -Uni|Code- says:

amazing! speechless @_@

Indonesia -Uni|Code- says:

amazing! speechless !!

Hong Kong lccc37 says:


Crazy Celeron

Germany x_x_viper_x_x says:


France halo-roro says:

good job !

United States Splave says:

epic, how much did taking the ihs off net you?

Romania overclock1366 says:

Why TiN does not participate in the HWBOT rankings ?

Bulgaria Mario1 says:

DFI made the best boards EVER, I'm verry sad knowing that they're not putting out anymore boards on the market, but still - old chip + old p35 chipset mobo eats EVGA, Asus, Gigabyte and Foxconn when it comes to overclocking...

We all know that Foxconn makes almost all of the parts for Asus tho.


Spain FrAnDeoX says:

maaa ke vestia

Iran Saeid.aZm says:


Israel orondf says:


Iran SSA says:

Bravo ! Bravo . really this is the skill . with a normal mobo . congrats ...

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

204 people like this!!! It`s WR:p


Very nice score, very nice chip ; ) What was the batch?

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