DFI Information.

DFI is an international IT expert based in Taiwan locating our Headquarters in Hsi-Chih City. DFI was established in 1981 under Mr. Y.C. Lu's principal. Dedicating to servicing customer with high technology, DFI has been earning a worldwide reputation for quality owing much to the continuing support from our customers, suppliers and affiliates as well as our own efforts over the past twenty years. With more than 20 years of computer product developing and manufacturing, our team of highly skilled engineers helps DFI position ourselves as the standard setter of price-performance solution in the manufacturing and marketing of computer products. DFI offers a complete line-up of advanced motherboards as well as graphics solutions and Applied Computing Platforms to meet the expanding needs of the IT market. DFI also co-develops with IntelR and 3rd party developers for the latest technology on IT solution. These relationships lead customers to adopt DFI products with confidence. With our Headquarter in Taiwan and Regional Offices in the States, the Europe, China and Japan, DFI has been stably growing from its start 20 years ago into a leader in the IT field today. Close relationships with Intel, AMD, VIA and SiS ensure that DFI products reach the market with leading timing. DFI products are built with Quality as the rock base. When developing new products, the engineers are instructed with important post to ensure flawless stability and quality as well as the competition ability with our competitors. By accomplishing these goals, DFI has been fueling our strong growth and reputation in the industry. We are making a global impact because our products offer increasing power, more utility, and value over the competition.