HWBOT Exclusive: GIGABYTE H77N-WiFi spotted - mini-ITX meets Intel Wi-Di and Dual LAN

Do you guys remember that small H55N-USB3 mainboard Gigabyte launched a while back? That little piece of magic that got heavily abused in the GIGABYTE H55 miniITX contest? Well, over at Gigabyte they have been working on a new version for the extremely small-minded, ehr, I mean for those who like it small. Ehr, well, you know what I mean ...

Anyway, this little board comes features the H77 chipset, which means overclocking is fairly limited, but packed with a whole bunch of features including Intel Wi-Di and dual LAN. There's been rumours about this little one, but here are the (as I was told) "world's first pictures". Enjoy!

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