Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Core i7 6700K 6572.1 MHz Dancop 28435 points 156.0 pts 2   1
HWBOT Prime Core i7 6700K 6400 MHz BarboneNet 8181.38 pps 72.7 pts 2   3
XTU Core i7 6700K 6210 MHz BarboneNet 2051 marks 64.2 pts 0   1
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset GeForce GTX 980 Ti 1251/2003 MHz Bullshooter 9437.59 DX11 Marks 60.6 pts 0   1
3DMark06 GeForce GTX 980 Ti 1301/2053 MHz Bullshooter 62296 marks 60.0 pts 1   2
3DMark06 Radeon HD 5870 1100/1300 MHz BarboneNet 50791 marks 46.8 pts 5   2
XTU Core i7 5820K 4900 MHz HeartOfDarkness 1977 marks 46.2 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 5960X 5130 MHz Sandalo 2672 marks 40.6 pts 0   0
Aquamark GeForce GTX 680 1185/1853 MHz Traktor 519143 marks 29.4 pts 2   1
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Core i7 5820K 5504 MHz P5ych0 32384 points 29.4 pts 2   0


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andi bock overclocking

Today’s Overclocker in Focus interviewee is Coolice, the current No.2 in Malaysia and an overclocker who is now employed in the R&D department of ASUS. We had a chance to chat with him about Overclocking and his involvement with the enthusiast PC industry.

"I would say the best I have done is being involved in the (ASUS) OC Socket. Because usually I work for ASUS as a technical market (officer), and I changed department to R&D. My first project was X79, so the OC Socket was the first thing that we were very proud of on the X99 platform so yeah I would say that was my best one"

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Hardware news

Pro OC and Challenger Divisions: Round 2 Starts on OC-ESPORTS

The second round of this year’s Road to Pro and Challenger Divisions begins in just a few short days from now, comprising a total of seven separate hardware divisions each containing five distinct stages that are unique to each of the three rounds that make up a season. Round 2 of the 2016 season runs from May 1st to June 30th and also includes the second round of this year’s Pro OC Championship.

The concept of the Challenger Divisions is of course to promote inclusiveness within the overclocking community and grow overclocking as an Esport. By having seven very different kinds of hardware types within a season-long competitive contest, all HWBOT members can compete on a level playing field regardless of their ability to purchase high-end hardware, or LN2. The Challenger Divisions provide a space where we can all compete.

Each round involves a unique set of benchmarks and limitations to ensure that combatants are adequately challenged throughout the year. Here’s a breakdown of the challenges involved within each stage of Round 2 in 2016, starting with the Pro OC Championship.

Full announcement at OC-ESPORTS


DrWeez Plays Rookie Rumble – Live Stream today at 8pm GMT+2

DrWeez has been plenty busy of late, competing in the Pro OC Championship while also creating some great video content that shows the endless machinations involved with getting a competitive score on the board. Tonight however he plans to stream a video of a different ilk, putting aside his LN2 and donning the cap of a mere OC rookie. The video stream will be broadcast on Twitch in just a few short hours from now (8pm GMT+2) with the title ‘DrWeez Plays Rookie Rumble’. The idea is that he basically takes on the role of a Rookie overclocker competing in the Rookie Rumble on OC-ESPORTS.

Tonight’s stream should be a really insightful experience for Rookie’s out there who want to glean all the knowledge that a seasoned Elite player can offer. DrWeez will join the Rookie Rumble #30 contest currently being played out on OC-ESPORTS as a rookie (don’t worry, his scores will be removed later) and take on the three stages with the keen eye of a pro. Starting from a regular Z170 system at stock, DrWeez will do his utmost in the three competition benchmarks that are XTU, HWBOT Prime and GPUPi 100M using nothing but ambient cooling and his OC wits.

Watch the live stream on Twitch here on the DrWeez channel.

Read this story in full on OC-ESPORTS here.

Old School is Best School: Round 5 Begins - Socket 754 & Radeon X800, Plus Windows 98 / 3DMark01 Bonus Round

The Old School is Best School contest on OC-ESPORTS enters its fifth round of the year in just a few days time inviting all old timers to bench on AMD’s classic K8 Socket 754 platform coupled with a VGA trip down memory lane with ATi Radeon X800 series graphics cards. Round 5 of the contest runs throughout the month of May and is coupled by a special bonus round that involves running 3DMark01 on Windows 98 (see below).

The key retro flavor in Round 5 is of course AMD’s Socket 754 platform, an affordable option for many of us DIY builders and enthusiasts back in late 2003 and 2004. Eventually superseded by Socket 939 and AM2, Socket 754 was marketed by AMD at the time as a cheaper alternative to it’s socket 939 offerings combining single core processors with single channel memory capabilities.

Also, don’t forget that we’ve also included a special bonus round to accompany Round 5 where the old timers get to revisit 3DMark01 benchmarking on Windows 98 SE. Seeing as the round actually stipulates no hardware limitations, the challenge largely revolves around getting older Win 98 drivers to work with more modern hardware. The bonus stage will not open until the final week of the OSiBS Round 5, giving participants plenty of time to see what they can come up with.

Full Announcement at

Challenger Division Prize Draw Winners Receive HyperX Savage DDR4 Kits and SSDs

The first Round of Challenger Divisions on OC-ESPORTS closed just a little while ago with a winners list that includes stephonz, marco0053, Rauf, Toolius, Johan45, nexus 35 and Rasparthe. Let’s not forget that Challenger Division series partners HyperX are also offering some pretty tasty prizes via a lucky draw giveaway. To be eligible for the draw overclockers had to make a submission in each of stage of the Division they were competing in. Here are the prize draw winners in full:

The following overclockers will each receive a HyperX Savage DDR4 2666 8GB kit (HX426C13SBK2/8):

  • Division I - LucikMucik
  • Division II - PKBO
  • Division III - kimandsally
  • Division IV - SkaL
  • Division V - TX-OC
  • Division VI - siouxx
  • Division VII - macsbeach98
  • The following overclockers will also be sent a HyperX Savage 120GB SSD (SHSS37A/120G):

  • Division I - bigpoppasmooth
  • Division II - Sgt Bilko
  • Division III - Sweet
  • Division IV - MaddMutt
  • Division V - Snegovick
  • Division VI - kristjan.krusic
  • Division VII - Alpi
  • Congrats to all the winners in Round 1 of this season’s Challenger Divisions. Remember that you can find more information about scores, submissions and prizes here on OC-ESPORTS.

    [Pro OC Video] DrWeez Goes All Out on Heaven Extreme w/980Ti and 6700k

    DrWeez is one of five overclockers that have been selected to join the Pro OC Program, and man, has this guy been pumping out some solid video content during the Pro OC contest. The video we bring you today features our talented South African in the midst of Stage 3 of the contest where it’s all about pushing Skylake with a single GPU on the Heaven Extreme benchmark.

    This year’s Pro OC Championship on OC-ESPORTS is a little different from what we have seen in previous years. As before, Elite and Extreme overclockers compete for prizes and the right to be Pro OC Champion of 2016. This year however, HWBOT in conjunction with HyperX have also introduced a new Pro OC 2016 cooperative platform. The idea is designed to promote and support the overclocking eco-system with five extreme overclockers creating paid content based on their experiences during the contest. It’s a good reward for the efforts of competing overclockers while also helping to create some truly valuable content for the community to enjoy.

    If you have any inclining at all as to what these Pro OC guys have to deal with to get competitive scores, you are going to love this video. DrWeez starts at beginning with board preparation and a laying out of his overall strategy in this stage. In the end he manages to hit a score of 7628.04 DX11 marks which got him a solid third place finish in the stage. This was done with an i7 6700K pushed to 5.8GHz (+45.00%) and his 980Ti card hitting 1900MHz (+76.58%) on the GPU, and 2100MHz (+19.79%) on the memory.

    Check out the full video here on the DrWeez YouTube channel where you get a unique look over the shoulder of an Elite competitive overclocker deep in the OC trenches.

    Old Timers Rejoice! CPU-Z 1.76 Now Available for Windows 98

    Back in February of 2011 CPU-Z released version 1.57. It was the last version of CPU-Z to offer support for Windows 98. It is very possible that the event came and went without fanfare or fond farewells; in fact I’m sure almost nobody noticed, not least of all because the OS is almost twenty years old and has been squarely consigned to the dust-bin of history.

    A revival in retrograde overclocking however has triggered a renaissance that has now resurrected Windows 98 from the grave. Consider the emergence the Old School is Best School contest and also the Challenger Division VII contests on OC-ESPORTS, two OC contests that have proven to be popular with many overclockers who enjoy dusting off old hardware and reliving thrills of the past, often using tools and skills honed in the present. The result is that the guys at CPUID have now released a new version of CPU-Z that is now once again compatible with the Windows 98 operating system, a handy tool when making any submissions on ancient hardware.

    The Windows 98 version does seem to be an isolated updated, but it certainly has arrived in timely fashion. Without saying too much, the next edition of the Old School is Best School will see a special bonus round introduced which may indeed benefit from having a fully working and compatible CPU-Z for Win 98. More details will be revealed very shortly. Watch this space old timers.

    Download the latest Windows 98 compatible version of CPU-Z here.

    Photo Editing Studio Compares $4k iMac vs $4k Overclocked PC

    Here’s a fascinating article that caught our eye this week involving a performance comparison of two $4,000 photo editing rigs using Adobe Lightroom. One is the professional creative’s favorite, an iMac, the other is a customized and overclocked PC that costs around the same price. The results are presented within the context of the technical needs of a commercial photography studio… Spoiler alert. The overclocked PC wins!

    Let’s be honest, probably the biggest technology grudge match of all time is the one between Apple fans and Windows PC users. You could argue that there is a little Apple fanboy in all of us – how many overclockers have I seen clutching an iPhone 6 Plus or an iPad mid-bench session. And quite rightfully so. Apple makes such nice wee devices and remains largely imperious in the mobile device segment. But if we turn our attention to high-performance computing, video and image editing you might need, for want of a better term, a real man’s computer.

    The article focuses on the business reality for a high-volume photo studio processing thousands of high quality images per month. Author Pye Jirsa employs a testing methodology based on budget, comparing two machines that use different hardware, but retail at similar price points. The $4K Windows 10 rig uses a Core i7-5960X processor, 64GB of RAM and an GTX 980 Ti. Note that the CPU was cooled using a Corsair Hydro H110 and pushed to a stable 4.5GHz. The iMac was configured with a quad core Core i7 at 4GHz plus 32GB of DDR3 and an AMD Radeon R9 M395X GPU.

    Tests were based on Adobe Lightroom (the main meat and potatoes of what the studio uses on a daily basis) and included file import times, smart previewing times, develop module image to image times and panoramic merging times. Testing found that the PC was between 26% and 114% faster in these tasks, a reality that has serious ramifications when you’re shooting something like 400+ weddings a year. In fact Pye estimates using the $4K PC would save his studio around 20 weeks of productivity per annum.

    Make sure you check out the article in full on, if only so you can enjoy the flame wars that inevitably ensue in the comments section.

    How to Video: UFDisciple Explores AMD A-10 Series APU Performance

    UFDisciple is a quickly rising Rookie overclocker from South Africa. Having just won the Amateur World Series 2016 in his home country a few weeks ago, he has already started sharing his OC knowledge with the community, publishing a very polished video on his YouTube channel that covers the art of overclocking AMD APUs.

    In the video UFDisciple gets hands on with an AMD A-10 7850K APU plus an ASUS A88XM-E motherboard and 16GB of G.SKILL Trident X 2400 DDR3 memory. The basic idea behind the video is to show OC newbies what performance gains are possible by tuning the APU and RAM. Gamers will appreciate the use of in-game benchmarks with UFDisciple using Tomb Raider and Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, both solid ways to asses performance and stability when overclocking the AMD Accelerated Processing Units. UFDisciple compares single and dual channel memory configurations, plus overclocked 2400MHz DDR3 with standard settings. He also goes into some detail around overclocking the GPU and CPU parts, using AMD’s OverDrive software to achieve a nice boost in overall FPS.

    The video is a really good intro to any Rookies and Novices looking to get more bang for their buck from their AMD APU rigs. It’s also very encouraging to see a PC component reviewer take a leap in the world Overclocking, having just dipped a toe in the OC waters a few weeks ago. Finally, check out the t-shirt that UFDisciple is wearing in the video – just happens be an exclusive HWBOT World Tour shirt! Has this guy got class or what?

    YouTube Link

    [PRO OC] Splave’s How to Bench Memory for Frequency, Featuring HyperX Fury Black

    Extreme overclocker Allen "Splave" Golibersuch helps you reach new memory frequency heights using the HyperX Fury Black.

    Benching memory for frequency is kind of interesting. Some love it, some think it’s useless. Manufacturers like it in general I believe because it is a simple case of a single number meaning everything. 4,000MHz is better than 3,000MHz. Our company can run at 4,000MHz, their company can only run at 3,800MHz. This is highly relatable to anyone, even someone with no knowledge of computers. They can relate to the fact that 4,000MHz is better than 3800MHz. They are less impressed by the tight timings that you worked so hard on, than they are of a simple 4,000MHz frequency. – Sorry, but it’s true.

    The key to getting nice high frequency results is patience, flexibility, voltage, and timings. If you don’t have the first two then you will struggle here. The world record by John Lam took a single session of more than six hours to achieve. Some CPUs like to be very cold, some like to be -80c and some like high SA won’t budge over a certain point.

    Full article at

    Join the LIVE Event at Good Game Con, Toronto, May 21st

    It’s only been a few days since the dust settled on the HWBOT World Tour stop at Montreal Canada, but it looks like those lucky Canucks will not have to wait too long to enjoy another OC benching event as have announced their substantial presence at Good Game Con in Toronto next month, the largest LAN party in the city. is of course probably the largest community of PC enthusiasts, gamers and of course overclockers on the web, catering for folks based around the globe, but with a distinct presence on the North American continent. As well as casual gaming contests with thousands of dollars of prize money at stake, OCN have prepared to have pressurized 230 liter LN2 dewars for some serious extreme benching. The event will run from may 21st to 22nd and will be held at the Exhibition Place, on Princes Boulevard, Queen Elizabeth Building, Toronto, Ontario.

    You can find more information about the event on the discussion page on here. You can also skip ahead and event purchase your ticket for the event at this Eventbrite page.