Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
3DMark - Fire Strike GeForce GTX 1080 2151/1300 MHz Menthol 21585 marks 28.7 pts 0   1
XTU Core i3 6100 3800 MHz zeropluszero 697 marks 28.0 pts 0   1
Cinebench - R15 Core i7 4790K 5753.8 MHz buildzoid 1164 cb 27.9 pts 0   2
Cinebench - R11.5 Core i7 4790K 5753.8 MHz buildzoid 12.61 points 26.4 pts 2   2
HWBOT Prime Core i7 4790K 5753.8 MHz buildzoid 6745.58 pps 26.0 pts 0   2
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX 1080 2151/1300 MHz Menthol 11250 marks 24.8 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 6700K 4690 MHz steve.collins527 1590 marks 24.8 pts 0   0
HWBOT Prime Pentium G3258 5700 MHz mllrkllr88 4709.86 pps 23.8 pts 0   0
XTU Pentium G3258 5660 MHz mllrkllr88 419 marks 23.6 pts 2   0
3DMark Vantage - Performance Radeon HD 5970 1000/1200 MHz OLDcomer 44764 marks 23.1 pts 0   0


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Revision 7 is designed in response to community feedback with the intent of awarding points more accurately as a reflection of overclocking result quality. The new revision re-balances the weight of benchmark applications and awards points based on result quality relative to the top result.

At the core of the HWBoints concept, invented by Mtzki from Finland, lie two distinct parameters: the weight of a ranking as determined by the amount of participants, and the quality of the result as determined by its position within the ranking. This concept is now being stretched to the end of its scaling capabilities due to two primary reasons: 1) the increase of global and hardware rankings, and 2) the direct submission capability of benchmark applications via our Open API. [...] This conflicts with the overclocking community’s desire to have the Overclockers League and submission points reflect the skill and effort required to achieve the position. Revision 7 addresses these concerns.

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Hardware news

Xtreme Addict Re-Takes World No.1 Spot with Unigine Heaven Xtreme World Record

The fight at the top of the HWBOT World rankings continues this week with Dancop first regaining his position as number one thanks to a pair of Global 1st Place rankings, followed by a very strong return to action from Xtreme Addict who retook 1st place with a World Record submission worth 171 points. As of this moment in time XA is world No.1 by a margin of 121 points.

The new World Record Unigine Heaven (Xtreme) score of 10,669.65 was made with a pair of Galax GTX 1080 Hall of Fame cards with the Pascal GPUs tuned to 2,300MHz (+43.12%) and GDDR5 memory boosted to 1,350MHz. In terms of CPU XA used a Core i7 6700K running at 6.6HGz (+65%) – also not too shabby. Other hardware included 2x 8GB Galaxy B Die (4000C19), an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard and CoolerMaster 1,500 watt Silent Pro PSU M2 and a whole load of Thermal Grizzly.

In terms of hardware points Xtreme Addict currently has 996.5 out a possible 1,000 which means that World Records (and to a lesser extent Global 1st Places) are the only way to push the boat out further. From Dancop’s point of view, a few World Records would also put him back at the top. Looks like we have a rare battle going on at the top of the league, not something that happens very often. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

Check out the new World Record Unigine Heaven Xtreme submission from Xtreme Addict here. Plus all the HWBOT World Rankings here.


ASUS Integrate Intel XTU Benchmark into TPU Tweaking Utility

ASUS have just updated their Dual Intelligent Processors 5 software suite, and one of the major changes is the integration of the Intel XTU benchmark within the suite’s TPU utility. This means that anyone who installs the bundles ASUS software suite now has the chance to not only tweak their system, but also run the XTU benchmark find out how much their performance has improved.

The Intel XTU API is open, meaning that it can in fact be integrated into any 3rd party app. ASUS is the first company to integrate it into their software utility suite, but in fact this is something that any of the motherboard vendors could implement. And as we have argued before, it kind of makes sense.

ASUS are selling high-end hardware to a group of enthusiasts that includes DIY PC builders, modders, gamers and of course overclockers. This kind of consumer is willing to pay premium prices to have hardware that they customize and tweak to their heart’s content. Once you have made adjustments to your CPU configuration in the Turbo Processing Unit(TPU) utility, it makes sense to have an easy way to assess how much added performance you have gained. XTU is the perfect way to introduce the concepts of tweaking and testing. Plus it also allows you to submit your score and then compare it to thousands of others.

Intel XTU was developed as a gateway to overclocking. Adding it to the ASUS TPU utility is a smart move, one that could bring more people to the OC fold. For a quick look at the XTU in action with the TPU app, click here for a quick video from OverClocking-TV. Click here to download the latest version of Dual Intelligent Processors 5 and try it for yourself.

RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b: An Easy Software Tool from tiborrr & tomi.e

The AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card is proving to be a popular card right now – in terms of performance per dollar, it’s not a bad deal for anyone putting together a mid-range gaming PC. From a strictly overclocking perspective however, one major drawback is its limitations regarding voltage. Thankfully there are ways around these limitations, the easiest of which has just caught our attention today.

The aptly named RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b app is in fact a simple add-on for the MSI Afterburner. Developed by tiborrr (from EKWB) and tomi.e nce, it’s very easy to use and once installed, you’ll have the chance to up the voltage of your RX 480 +500mv.

“It is an add-on execute for MSI Afterburner. Save it in the root folder of your MSI Afterburner installation, place the shorcut to your desktop and run it as administrator. Works with any GPU that utilizes IR3567B voltage controller. Up to +150mV in 'normal' operation. Tick the checkbox to unlock up to +500mV."

The RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b app is currently one of three ways you can gain access to extra volts. Don’t forget there is the EVC (Elmor Voltage Controller) developed by Elmor and Der8auer, plus the VRMtool 0.04 from deeper-blue, both of which give you access to the IR3567B VRM controller.

You can download the RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b app here on the HWBOT forum.

MSI Godlike OC Season 2 2D Battle Kicks Off July 30th

MSI, world leading manufacturer in motherboard and graphic cards is pleased to announce the MSI GODLIKE OC Season 2! This new overclocking competition held at HWBOT in partnership with G.SKILL, give a chance to all MSI motherboard users to return to the battlefield and win an incredible MSI X99 Setup, including the latest MSI X99 GAMING gear, Intel Core i7 Broadwell-E, and G.SKILL memory

Competition starts on July 30th, 00:00 GMT+0 and runs until August 31st, 00:00 GMT+0. To give everyone a chance to win, both Ambient and Extreme cooling are allowed but separated in two categories. Ambient cooling users will have to compete in three different benchmarks stages which are XTU, HWBOT Prime and Geekbench3 Multi Core. As for Extreme cooling users they will have to compete in 3 benchmark stages with different CPU frequency cap which are XTU - 5G, SuperPI 32M 5G and Geekbench3 Multi Core No Limit.

Full Announcement at OC-ESPORTS

[HWBOT X] Summer OC Party Pennsylvania, U.S.

Sometimes it seems that like-minded people are simply drawn together to unite in a single purpose or calling. That’s the impression that springs to mind when you consider the Summer OC Party that took place over the weekend of July 23rd and 24th of this year. The event was organized in a way that produced very relaxed, social environment were overclockers spent the weekend benching with LN2, trading experiences and stories and generally having a good time collectively enjoying their hobby.

First a little backstory as to how the event came about. Remarkably it was put together by just two HWBOT members who simply rallied the troops, found a sponsor and went ahead and organised the whole thing from scratch. Stefan (Funsoul) and Joe (Steponz) managed to get Corsair involved, booked the hotel suite, organized copious amounts of LN2 and invited HWBOT members to join in the fun.

Held at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Harrisburg P.A., interestingly one of the major challenges was the humidity of the location, something which was not helped by the fact that there was a nearby swimming pool which also seemed to contribute to the challenging, humid conditions. But hey, overclockers love a challenge. As well as organisers Stephonz and Funsoul, several other well known faces were in attendance including World Series winner marc0053, the guys from OverClock-TV – Trouffman and Xyala. Plus there were a few upcoming Rookies including Lochekey who was actually benching on LN2 for the first time.

Read the full blog post here on HWBOT X.

The OC Show – S03E09: Road to Pro S02R3, US OC Summer Party plus HWBOT X Hits Spain

The latest edition of the OC Show from OverClocking-TV has just landed and as always, hosts Xyala and Massman give us a vivid and detailed overview of pretty much everything that has happened in the world of Overclocking in the last few weeks.

The show kicks off with a look at contests hosted on OC-ESPORTS such as the Rookie Rookie (a contest that is proving to be very popular with Indonesian and Indian rookies) and the Novice Nimble (where for once the OCN are not at the top of the table). The guys also introduce the Cheapaz Chips contest, a new contest organized by the Community Competition Task Force (CCTF), which is all about pushing voltmodded GT710 cards. Massman also brings us an overview of the HWBOT Team Cup 2016, a massive team contest that covers Current, Modern, Legacy and Vintage sub categories, plus a Dogpile category (I’ll let them explain that one).

Other major topics include the forthcoming Road to Pro series which enters the third and final round in just a few days time and includes all seven Challenger Divisions, plus the Pro OC Championship. The show gives us an overview of the standings in each of the Divisions as we approach Round 3, plus a look at a few things that combatants can expect in the final round.

The HWBOT World Tour again becomes a topic of conversation as the second Asian leg of the tour draws closer. The next stop of the tour will in fact take place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The event is organized in partnership with Jagat Review and Jagat OC and should be one of the highlights of the OC calendar. As well as the World Tour, Xyala also provides a breakdown of what he encountered at the OC Summer Party in the US where several Overclockers enjoyed a relaxed get together where, among other things, some interesting contest formats got tested and tweaked.

Finally, there is also a look at what has been happening recently in Spain where local overclocker ChentinoX has been very busy organizing overclocking events. Events in Valencia and Bibao have been organized in conjunction with HWBOT X, offering OC presentations and workshops plus competitive OC contests that are hosted on OC-ESPORTS.

Catch the full OC Show from OverClocking-TV here on their YouTube Channel.

Throwback Thursday: 10 Year Old GIGABYTE Board Still Kickin’

Welcome again to Throwback Thursday, our weekly spot where we revive a notable moment from history. This week we drift our minds back to a day in 2012 when the marketing department at GIGABYTE HQ ran a contest called the ‘Hidden Gems’ competition on their Facebook page inviting all their fans to upload either photos or videos of their old GIGABYTE motherboard. The idea was to enjoy a nostalgic look at the company’s boards with prizes awarded for the most popular.

The winning submission was in fact a video from Victoria Chudinova from the Ukraine. Her video submission contained a GIGABYTE GA-586T2 board that originates from 1998. The board supports Cyrix MII, IBM/6x86MX and AMD K6-2/400 processors. What’s even more remarkable (and let’s be honest the cinematography and presentation of the video itself is pretty damn remarkable) is that the video features Victoria entering BIOS, installing Windows 98 and then cranking up a game of Need for Speed II. Back in 2012, this is what a besotted Massman had to say:

“One of the videos that caught the eye of GIGABYTE's Tim Handley is this one. Just have a look at it, very good video! It kind of makes me want to buy the GA-586T2 mainboard.”

You can find the original post from July 20th 2012 here. If you haven’t checked out the video, do yourself a favor and click here.

Summer OC Party: Meet the Participants, a Fly-on-the-Wall OC Event Video

As you may or may not know last weekend a bunch of (mostly) US, and Canadian overclockers got together for an Overclocking party in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Dubbed the Northeast Summer OC Party the event was notable for a) the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and b) the amount of LN2 made available to all in attendance. One of the cooler moments came about when Trouffman and Xyala did a tour of the room to check out who was in attendance and have a brief chat about what each bencher was doing in terms of platform and benchmark focus.

One thing that was pretty notable about the Summer OC Party was that it was organized, pretty much top to bottom, by two overclockers who pitched the idea to the HWBOT community and got sponsors Corsair involved. Stefan (Funsoul) and Joe (Steponz) did all the heavy lifting in terms of logistics and organizing, making it on of the most enjoyable OC events in the US so far this year. Great work guys!

As you can see from the video (click the image on the left), around fifteen overclockers made it to Harrisburg, including prominent members of the HWBOT community such as Stephonz, Splave, marc0053 plus several lesser known overclockers, some of whom were actually benching on LN2 for the first time.

Make sure you check out the ‘Meet the Participants’ video which was in fact originally broadcast as part of the live stream on the last day. It’s a real fly-on-the-wall view of a very relaxed, social and fun OC event. Something I know the community in the US would like to make happen much more often.

Dancop Re-Gains World No1. Spot with GPUPI for CPU 1B 4x CPU Global 1st Place

The battle royale at the top of the overclocking world rankings keeps simmering away with Dancop today taking back first place with a pair of tasty submissions - a Global 1st Place for the fastest quad-core CPU in GPUPI for CPU 1B, plus a second place ranked score in HWBOT Prime. The result of this action is that Dancop now sits just in front of Xtreme Addict by a super slim margin of just 12.5 points.

The new Global 1st Place score of 3mins 55 sec 674ms was made using an Intel Core i7 6700K pushed to 6,654.78MHz (+66.37%), joined by a G.SKILL Trident DDR4 kit pushed to 1,816MHz (12-12-12-28-1T), all mounted on an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard. The score actually jumps ahead of the previous best held by Greek OC master Sofos1990 who managed a score of 3mins 55sec 760ms almost exactly a week ago.

In HWBOT Prime Dancop (also known as Dany apparently) was actually in possession of a 1st place ranking with a score of 8320.76pps until Alex@ro step in with an improved score of 8341.69 pps (possibly a back up score me thinks, such was the speed of the reply from Romania’s No.1). Alex@ro actually managed to squeeze a little more from his 0Skylake 6700K pushing it to 6,700MHz (+65.5%) compared to Dany’s chip which was clocked at 6,680.37MHz (+67.01%).

The upshot of course is that Dancop now sits at the top of the HWBOT world rankings thanks to these two scores which managed to earn him enough points to keep the prolific Pole Xtreme Addict at bay for now. XA has not been active for a day or two, but I suspect he may well reply soon enough.

Check out the new Global 1st Place scores from Dancop here, and Alex@ro here.

[HWBOT X] OC School at Dreamhack Valencia

Spain recently saw its first ever Overclocking event ever held at a major LAN party, in this case we’re talking about Dreamhack in Valencia. The event was organised by local overclocker ChentinoX, the current Spanish No.3, with support from sponsors GIGABYTE, Antec and HWBOT X. The OC School featured presentations, workshops and most importantly, a competitive OC contest hosted on OC-ESPORTS.

Running from Thursday July 14th to Saturday 16th, the first day involved getting up to speed with what Overclocking actually is, with presentations on the main stage and workshops to teach attendees the basics of overclocking. Topics included how to use the system’s BIOS, adjust CPU frequencies, multipliers, the processors uncore, how to improve memory latencies and above all how to control things like MHz, voltages and heat.

An overview of various benchmarks was also covered as well as more advanced areas such as volt modding and CPU delidding. Let’s just say that attendees were treated to a full-on, comprehensive introduction to the world of overclocking.

Continue reading this blog post here on HWBOT X.