Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
Aquamark GeForce 9600 GT 1050/1145 MHz Niuulh 455277 marks 49.7 pts 6   4
XTU Core i7 6700K 5400 MHz mllrkllr88 1894 marks 49.1 pts 2   1
3DMark - Fire Strike Titan X Pascal 2126/1390 MHz paralyzer2005 27518 marks 43.5 pts 2   3
Catzilla - 720p Titan X Pascal 2140/1400 MHz paralyzer2005 65476 marks 35.7 pts 0   1
HWBOT Prime Core i7 6700K 5600 MHz mllrkllr88 7507.04 pps 34.6 pts 0   1
3DMark11 - Performance Titan X Pascal 2126/1390 MHz paralyzer2005 35951 marks 33.8 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 5960X 4750 MHz Guik 2518 marks 31.1 pts 0   1
3DMark Vantage - Performance Titan X Pascal 2140/1400 MHz paralyzer2005 89742 marks 30.1 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 6700K 4690 MHz jimmyyyr 1603 marks 26.1 pts 0   0
GPUPI for CPU - 1B Core i7 6700K 5500 MHz mllrkllr88 4min 45sec 368ms 23.7 pts 0   0


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The quest to find out which country has the best overclockers in the world in 2016 is almost upon us. The HWBOT Country Cup 2016 kicks off in just a matter of days, pitting country against country across six gruelling stages that promise to be the truest test of overclocking pedigree. The contest starts on November 1st and closes the day before Christmas eve with prizes, as well as lots of kudos lined up for the winners.

In previous years we’ve seen wins from Romania (2x), Poland and Greece, but in 2013, 2014 and 2015 the Australians were the top global force to be reckoned with, producing three displays of such dominance that they barely dropped a point. Will they be in the ascendancy once again in 2016, or are their natives of other countries willing to put their OC creedance on the line and go for the win? Could Germany finally flex their OC teamwork muscles, or perhaps the US will find a winning team ethic. And let’s not underestimate the Belgians after their recent Team Cup exploits. An intriguing battle lies ahead, that is the only certainty.

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Hardware news

Throwback Thursday: Hipro5's Golden Glory, Tiborrr's Fastest AMD 3DMark01 and Lab501's MOA 2011 Title Run

It's the last Throwback Thursday of the month and because I'm not able to pick a single story to highlight, I'll just leave a couple here for us to reminisce together.

Back in 2008, Hipro5 was still cracking records and golden cups. On October 19, we found ourselves staring at 6 golden cups and 4 additional top-5 spots. The Greek master of overclocking used a paid of ATI Radeon HD 4870X2 graphics cards and of course a monstrous Core 2 E8600 at 6483 MHz. Legend! For those who wonder, Hipro5 is still around and watching you!

5 years ago, in 2011, Tiborrr from Slovenia attacked the 3DMark01 AMD Record. He took the top spot with a score of 114100 points using an AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE Deneb clocked at 6.5 GHz and a single GeForce GTX 580 at 1200/1150 MHz. In case you're wondering, the current best for AMD in 3DMark01 is Steleras' 116551 with a 6.52 GHz Phenom II. For what it's worth, Bulldozer didn't get past 100,000. Not even at 7311 MHz.

Also in 2011, Lab501 scored the title of Overclocking Masters during the grand final of the MSI MOA 2011 tournament. With a final result of 147.169%, the team formed by Matose and Monstry beat and Team Expandables in the race for the championship title. You can find some additional information on the MSI MOA 2011 Grand Final: "Operation Taipei" here.

Last year, we covered the rAge 2015 NAG OC Workshop hosted by Neo, Pepinorang, Vivi and DrWeez. In an article by titled "Winning at Overclocking". Helping new people join overclocking through workshops has become big in the past couple of years. Aided by a stronger community bond and teachers/leaders sharing experiences on how to get people hooked on overclocking, we see a bright future. Just this year alone, we witness the MSI Tweaking workshop in Johannesburg, HWBOX X San Pedro Sula in Honduras, the OC school in Spain, an Extreme OC workshop in Brazil and of course the World Tour events.

That's it for throwback thursday this month, see you all in November!


AIDA64 v5.80 Launched: Support for Radeon RD 400 and NVIDIA GTX 1050s

On October 25 FinalWire released a new stable update to the desktop editions of its popular system information software. AIDA64 v5.80 supports the latest Windows 10 builds and the most recent hardware components, including the AMD RX 400 series and NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 GPUs.

As a new feature, it now allows users to define global hotkeys with which they can enable or disable the AIDA64 hardware monitoring panels or switch between multiple hardware information pages on external displays, even when AIDA64 is running in the background. Using these customized key combinations, PC enthusiasts can also start and stop saving temperature, voltage and power measurements as well as fan RPM readouts to a CSV or HTML log file. The developers have made AIDA64 v5.80 DPI aware so that all elements of its graphical user interface scale properly when the DPI zoom is active in Windows. In practice, this means that users will see no more blurry or incorrectly sized graphics or text on high-resolution screens as AIDA64 now looks crisp even on 4K and 8K LCD and OLED displays.

Read the full press release at Win Novice Nimble #11, Seventh Consecutive Win

The penultimate Novice Nimble contest of the year has just drawn to a close with again pulling out all the stops to deliver a seventh consecutive win. Talk about dominance. You have to go back more than a year ago to Novice Nimble # 4 to find a contest that they didn’t win, and impressively even in #4 they came second. For the third time in the contest’s history they also managed a maximum score of 250 points, taking the win in all five stages of the contest. Let’s take a look at the standings, scores and winning submissions in a little detail.

Just in case you’ve been living under a proverbial rock, the Novice Nimble contest on OC-ESPORTS is a team-based Overclocking contest for Novice, Rookie and Enthusiast league overclockers. In essence the contest uses the same concept as the Country Cup. To move up the leaderboard, you need to improve your team’s best-of-three average for each stage. One crucial factor is that each submission must use different hardware, so a degree of organization is essential with team members working out which member is best suited to work which particular piece of hardware.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS

Open Benchtable Unboxing and PC Build Guide by Trouffman

Yesterday, Trouffman (Isaïe) streamed a PC build guide using the Open Benchtable for over four hours: from Open Benchtable in the box to fully assembled system. Isaïe is a founding member of the Open Benchtable project and regular host of the Web-TV OverClocking-TV. He said it’s been a while since he wanted to do a stream to show how to build a system using the Open Benchtable as a solid foundation. He received three (3!) tables last week and in the excitement of receiving the final product, he scheduled a stream.

Check out the blog post at or go straight to YouTube for the unboxing and build guide footage.

Lucky_n00b Wins “Back to Legacy” at Technofest 2016

The overclocking competition “Back to Legacy” is one of the main events of the Technofest 2016, hosted mid-October 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The competition has different rules than your ordinary competition as you could only overclocking using the BCLK frequency. You can find more information on our HWBOT X event page. This event sponsored by Patriot brand memory.

For Overclocking “Back to Legacy”, the organization made new rules to make this competition become more interesting. Also, the rookie overclockers could feel how we struggled during the “old days” when it was only possible to overclocking using the FSB since the processor multiplier was locked. Overclockers had to bring their own hardware. Any Intel processor allowed from 2nd gen until 6th gen was allowed. Especially for the Rookie overclockers it was a challenge to figure out what to bring to get the best performance.

Even though Alva is 300Mhz slower than Benny’s Core i5 6400t, Alva wins because the right choice of Operating System. the right choices helped Alva surpass Benny much thanks to his competition experience and skills. The great overclocking capabilities of the Core i5 6400T were demonstrated as the processor exceeded 100% overclocking using simply an All-In-One water cooler.

Read the full event report at HWBOT X or in the HWBOT forum thread.

Most Valuable Submission of Week 43, 2016: Gold for K|ngp|n (US), Bullant (AU) and Luumi (FI)

In Week 43 of 2016, we received 3642 benchmark results from 951 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 62% of the active community. They were responsible for 37% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

Week 43 was again filled with golden cups. First up is K|ngp|n (US) beating his own World Record in 3DMark Fire Strike. With four NVIDIA Titan X Pascal GPUs clocked at 2200/2900 MHz and combined with a Core i7 6950X at 5250 MHz (23 MHz higher than last week), he's almost 1200 points ahead of 2nd place Elmor. Bullant from Australia also scores a golden cup. He takes first place in the 3DMark06 2x GeForce GTX 580 category. His two cards are clocked at a relatively relax 949/1192 but paired with a 6.2 GHz Core i7 6700K he outscores fellow countrymen TeamAU. In the hardware rankings we find Luumi from Finland for the second week in a row on the leaderboard. This time the Finnish overclocker scored a golden cup for setting the highest frequency with a Core 2 Quad Q6600. With 5183.22 MHz he does exactly 0.09 MHz better than runner up Sale_quiche from France!

The overclocking results submitted during Week 43 generated in total 130 World Record Points, 4298.6 Global Points, and 7271 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 10% for Elite, 35% for Extreme, 7% for Apprentice, 23% for Enthusiast, 6% for Novice, and 26% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 3% Elite, 6% Extreme, 4% Apprentice, 14% Enthusiast, 11% Novice, and 62% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 43, 2016

League CPU Benchmark GPU Benchmark Hardware Points
Elite Alex@ro 199.6 pts K|ngp|n 135.6 pts (WR!) Bullant 42.2 pts
Extreme GtiJason 199.8 pts Strong Island 85.9 pts Luumi 49.9 pts
Apprentice Henkenator68NL 38.9 pts Shar00750 23 pts Shar00750 23 pts
Enthusiast Darkgregor 199.8 pts Oscar.pezzaldi 53.2 pts Darkgregor 33.4 pts
Novice Afaccord 31.4 pts Johnd0e 20.7 pts Glocki 24.1 pts
Rookie A.a.z 49.8 pts Guik 20.4 pts A.a.z 49.8 pts

ASUS ROG RealBench Challenge III: Begins October 28th

Heads up guys. The ASUS RealBench Challenge kicks off once more on OC-ESPORTS in exactly one week from today with the arrival of Challenge III. Just to remind you about the contest’s structure, it is divided into four separate rounds, or Challenges, each with specific rules and limitations. A few weeks ago we saw conclusion of Challenge II with French overclocker Wizerty clocking up his second win of the contest. It will be interesting to see if he can keep his winning streak going in Challenge III.

Kicking off on October 28th, Challenge III will run until November 7th and offers a slightly different challenge from the first and second challenges as processors are in fact limited to two cores only. Combatants can still use any CPU, but they must ensure that only two cores are active when running the benchmark. As with the previous challenges, no Socket 2011-3 processors (X99 platforms) are allowed and hardware cooling is restricted to non-extreme methods i.e. CPUs must be shown to be over 20 degrees Celsius.

Don’t forget that the contest is open to HWBOT members from all leagues. Combatants must use the custom HWBOT version of the RealBench app. A more complete listing of all the rules, limitations and scoring can be found here. Remember, prizes are awarded to the winners at the end of each Challenge, but don’t forget that the main prizes on offer includes next-generation ROG motherboards for the top three finishers. Challenge III prizes include an ROG Sheath gaming mouse pad, plus an ROG Spatha gaming mouse.

Check out the ASUS ROG RealBench Challenge III contest page here on OC-ESPORTS. . As well as more details about the contest here on the ROG website.

K|ngp|n Breaks 3DMark Fire Strike Word Record, Pushes Past 48K

It’s been literally a week since k|ngp|n took down the World Record for 3DMark Fire Strike. Today he’s gone and broken it again, putting even more light between himself and the rest of the world’s mere mortals. Last week he claimed top spot with a score of 47,621 marks. Today he has pushed that out to nudge just past the 48K barrier, scoring 48,070 marks.

The rig used to break the World Record was of course almost identical to the monster he had running last week. The machine is based around an Intel Core 6950X mounted on an EVGA X99 FTW-K motherboard. The LN2 chip was pushed just a little further than in last week's session, hitting 5,250MHz, a massive +75.00% beyond stock settings (and 0.77% faster than last week). The graphics array used remains the same too, with four Nvidia Titan X Pascal cards.

Interestingly the GPUs were configured at identical clock speeds as last week’s run, buzzing along at 2,200MHz (+55.26%), but in terms of memory today’s score has a frequency of 1,450MHz, which is a snip slower than what we saw last week when it was set at 1,470MHz. Other components of note include a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 kit and SuperNOVA NEX 1,600 Watt power supply.

The score puts k|ngp|n way ahead of the pack. The nearest competitor is Sweden’s Elmor who managed a score of 46,873 using four GTX 980 Ti cards. How much performance can be squeezed out of the Titan XP cards? Only time will tell. I have a feeling I may be writing something similar to this story a week from now. Be sure to watch this space.

You can check out the new World record score from k|ngp|n here, as well as the full 3DMark Fire Strike rankings here.

TechPowerUp Release GPU-Z 1.12.0 Adds GTX 1050 Series Support and More

TechPowerUp have just released an update to the GPU-Z graphics utility app, adding among several other things support for a bunch of newer GPUs including the recently launched GTX 1050, GTX 1050 Ti cards. Version 1.12.0 also adds support for a bunch of mobile GPUs, server GPUs and AMD chips. The full list includes the GTX 1070 Mobile, GTX 1060 Mobile, Quadro P6000, 920 MX, and 940 MX, AMD Radeon R9 M385X, and R5 315; Intel HD Graphics 620 and 515. The last two on the list are iGPUs from the new Kaby Lake series.

There are also a few new features to mention. According to btarunr:

“GPU-Z now displays NVIDIA "Fermi" DirectX feature-level support as "11.0" and SLI status for GTX 1060 and GTX 1050 series is displayed as "not supported by GPU." New AMD socket AM4 APU platforms will correctly show memory type as DDR4 on motherboards with DDR4 memory. The BIOS Database uploader is made more functional, letting you open the Database page for the uploaded BIOS (or if your BIOS is already uploaded.) The PCI-Express warm-up stress test window now spawns to the left of the GPU-Z window, if the main window is too much toward the right of your screen.”

Here's the full change-log:

  • - BIOS upload dialog will now let you browse to the uploaded or duplicate BIOS
  • - NVIDIA Fermi DirectX support is now listed as 11.0
  • - GTX 1050 & 1060: SLI support field now shows "Not supported by GPU"
  • - Sensor window will now scroll by larger distance when clicking outside the thumbtrack
  • - When GPU-Z window is at the right edge of screen, render test will open to the left of the GPU-Z window
  • - Added DDR4 detection support for AMD Kaveri
  • - Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile, GTX 1070 Mobile, GTX 1060 Mobile, GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1050, 920 MX (GM108), 940 MX, Quadro P6000
  • - Added support for AMD R9 M385X, R5 M315
  • - Added support for Intel HD Graphics 620, HD Graphics 515

You can find the latest GPU-Z version 1.12.0 here at TechPowerUp.

GIGABYTE Updates the BRIX with Intel Kaby Lake Processors

[Press Release] GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards is proud to announce today, the launch of the newly revamped BRIX updated with the latest Intel® 7th Generation Core™ Processor. This compact PC will support the newest in multimedia standards as well as a 10% increase in graphics performance relative to its predecessor.

7th Generation Core Processors

The new BRIX barebones raises the bar once again with the new Intel® 7th Gen Core™ processor family—delivering more responsive performance than ever before. This 7th Gen Core processor utilizes a power efficient microarchitecture, advanced process technology and silicon optimizations to deliver faster performance than previous generation processors. By leveraging Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology, performance and power is dynamically controlled—for cores and graphics—boosting performance precisely when it is needed, and saving energy when it counts.

New Standards and Support for Graphics and Multimedia

With the new Intel® HD Graphics users can experience more with the increase in graphics performance, 10% greater than the previous generation BRIX. This new media engine offers HEVC 10-bit hardware acceleration that significantly improves upon 4K content playback as well as content creation when compared to previous generation processors.

GIGABYTE has also gone to ensure that users won’t be limited by the standards or connections on the BRIX, by including HDMI2.0 and support for HDCP 2.2, users can rest assured that their device will be able to display content to its full potential. With multiple display outputs, the BRIX can be configured as both a high productivity PC and an entertainment center. Other use case scenarios may include industrial and commercial multi-display applications.