Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
Catzilla - 720p GeForce GTX 780 Ti 1930/1900 MHz Rbuass 40079 marks 90.1 pts 15   3
HWBOT Prime Xeon L3014 5254.4 MHz l0ud_sil3nc3 3042.04 pps 87.4 pts 3   1
HWBOT Prime Xeon L3014 5261 MHz Mikecdm 3039.14 pps 65.6 pts 2   3
XTU Core i7 4770K 5100 MHz pipejarcore 1241 marks 40.5 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 4770K 4750.5 MHz Paulie_AU 1228 marks 39.9 pts 0   0
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 780 Ti 1620/2000 MHz jones965 20327 marks 37.1 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX 780 Ti   littleboy 7416 marks 36.2 pts 0   0
Aquamark GeForce GTX 780   Sn@ke 531489 marks 35.2 pts 3   2
3DMark06 GeForce GTX 580   V2-V3 44704 marks 33.4 pts 1   0
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 780 Ti   Doug2507 29431 marks 33.4 pts 0   0

Competition Entries

Competition Winners of March: Morper, and HwBox Hellas O/C Team!

During March we had three competitions running: Rookie Rumble Cup #3, March's Z77 Team Fire Strike and March Team Cup Warm-up Contest Part2. The competitions were very different in set up and required very different hardware to compete. The Rookie Rumble we all know as the step-in competition for beginning overclockers and features three simple benchmarks (XTU, HWBOT Prime and SuperPI 1M). The two other competitions were team-based, so it was necessary to rile up your fellow team members to compete. The Z77 competition obviously focused on the Intel Z77 platform (think Ivy Bridge), whereas the Team Cup Warm-up was more about legacy hardware.

All competitions were interesting to follow and it was exciting to see the final results. Before we continue, let's congratulate Morper from Sweden for winning the Rookie Rumble, for winning the Z77 Fire Strike and HwBox Hellas O/C Team for winning the March Team Cup Warm-up. Well done! --> Read more -->

HWBOT Articles

In light of the recent news leak by VR-Zone from which we learned the Haswell Refresh is seeing the daylight on June 2nd at Computex 2014, we reviewed the initial information from Intel regarding their upcoming enthusiast releases. In this article I would like to go deeper in on Intel’s approach to the enthusiast market and make an additional case for the USD $100 Pentium K edition.

"... Combining the clear interest of the community to have an overclockable and affordable processor with the historical evidence of the Entry level overclocker group the likes of Pentium E2160, I believe there is demand and room for this type of product. The Entry level overclockers of today are the big spenders of tomorrow and therefore it is important to cater to their wish for the overclocking experience within their budget range. The almost completely wiped out group of Entry level overclockers usually feature the most enthusiastic people, as they are “in it” for the passion rather than financial gain or grand media exposure. We should treasure that group and make them feel welcome in the world of overclocking again ..." -> READ MORE ->

Hardware news

Enermax Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Cooling Section and Gives Away EUR €1500 PC!

Hamburg, 22nd of April 2014. For many years now, Enermax belongs to the most popular manufacturers of quality power supplies worldwide. But also in other segments, the company has become one of the market leaders by now: Since the official launch in 2004, the cooling section has grown continuously and is today one of Enermax' main pillars. The manufacturer engages own research and development teams who have engineered numerous innovations and patents. Unique performance-capable technologies like the durable Twister bearing, the spectacular circular LED light or the air stream techniques of the CPU coolers are the reasons why end users around the globe trust in "Cooling by Enermax". In 2014, the "Cooling by Enermax" product range exists since 10 years. In order to thank customers for their support and trust, Enermax arranges a Europe-wide contest and provides lucrative price discounts on particular cooling products.

Full Press Release: click


Winners of MSI Precision Master OC Contest Announced!

The MSI Precision Master OC Contest ran from March 24th until April 14th. In three different stages, overclockers were challenged to hit specific benchmark targets to win an MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX or MSI R7970 TF 3GD5/OC BE. The targets were as follows

  • Stage 1: 3DMark 06 (Mar 24 11:00 GMT+8 - Mar 30 10:00 GMT+8), Target: 12345 marks
  • Stage 2: Heaven DX11 (Mar 30 11:00 GMT+8 - Apr 7 10:00 GMT+8), Target: 2828.28 marks
  • Stage 3: 3DMark Fire Strike (Apr 7 11:00 GMT+8 - Apr 14 10:00 GMT+8), Target: 15431 marks

The winners of the competition are,

MSI will contact the winners shortly. Congratulations to the winners!

Devil's Canyon Haswell Refresh To Be Released At Computex! Overclocking Party Ahoy!

We are a bit too late with the news - VR-Zone published this yesterday - but at least as excited as twenty-four hours ago. Based on a leaked internal document, it seems Intel will be releasing the K-sku Haswell Refresh on June 2nd. For those unfamiliar with the IT tradeshow calendar: that's right at Computex time. So similar to last year, we will see a major release for overclocking during the hot Taipei summer. That is great news for the overclockers attending this year's tradeshow!

For those who don't know, Devil's Canyon is the codename for the overclocking SKUs of the upcoming Haswell Refresh processors. Intel has promised improved overclocking capabilities by optimizing the Thermal Interface Material, although sources suggest the optimizations might be related to the Haswell silicon revision. In any case, Intel seems very committed to improving the overclocking capabilities. I guess they might have seen the "Sandy Bridge" light"?

We look forward to the first OC result leaks. C'mon China!

G.SKILL Ripjaws Releases DDR3L 32GB 2133MHz SO-DIMM Memory

G.SKILL International Co. Ltd., the leading high performance memory designer and manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of an even higher performance, higher capacity DDR3L SO-DIMM memory kit at 2133MHz! This time with a massive 32GB (4x8GB) capacity! Operating at a low voltage of 1.35V and at a timing of 11-11-11-31, this new Ripjaws SO-DIMM memory kit will elevate the performance of your extreme performance gaming laptop to new heights. Desktop performance and capacity on a laptop is now a reality!

The following is a test screenshot completed on the MSI GT70 2OC gaming laptop, exhibiting stability under extreme load. "As a world leading gaming brand, MSI Notebook's goal is to become the most trusted name in gaming and e-sport. We stand by our principles of breakthroughs in design, the pursuit of excellence, and technological innovation as we have continued to raise the bar for ourselves and have accomplished a great deal of pioneering work in the industry," commented Sam Chern, marketing director at MSI.

"This time, G.SKILL's F3-2133C11Q-32GRSL DDR3L memory kit clearly raises the bar for high performance gaming laptops and proves to be unbelievably stable on the MSI GT70 2OC gaming laptop, one of the best performance gaming laptops from MSI."

Moderator Ranking 2014 - Current Standings

Last December we posted the moderator rankings for 2013, and related to an internal battle to become 2014's most disliked active Result Moderator between El Genieben (defending champion) and Christian Ney, we can post the current standings for 2014.

In the first 111 days of the year, almost 1500 moderator actions were taken. That is, yes, 13 and a half per day. If you ever thought the moderator staff isn't active, well here's the proof of the opposite. In the current standings, El Genieben is still the most active moderator but Christian Ney is closing in.

Great work everyone! Without you HWBOT would be such a messy, messy place!

Moderations Moderator
449Christian Ney
11Olesius -Matrix R&D

L0ud_sil3nc3 one-ups W1zerty and sets new 2xCPU XTU record with Core i3 4340 at 4070 Mhz

In the everlasting overclocking rankings at HWBOT, records fall pretty much every day. Sometimes they are shattered, sometimes see only a slight improvement. But not very often the improvement is literally the size of a one-up; a single point increase over the previous record. Well, that's happened last weekend.

Using a Core i3 4340 at 4070 MHz, L0ud_sil3nc3 from the USA scored 551 points in XTU. In the 2xCPU category, that is exactly 1 point more than the 550 points by W1zerty and his Core i3 4340 at 3930MHz. A small score increase for a fairly large jump in CPU frequency, it seems. L0ud_sil3nc3 already stated he "will rerun this with memory on cold", so expect another top score incoming soon.

Well done!

HWBOT Prime for Android Update #6! StrategosSan brings HWBOT Prime for Android record to France: 3404 PPS with Transformer Pad Infinity 2

It's been a little less than a week since we officially published HWBOT Prime on the Google Play Store and so far it seems the benchmark is doing quite well. Of course we are still ironing out the bugs - this is our first Android application after all. The most interesting aspect of the Android benchmark is of course going to surface once we have our dedicated Android rankings up and running. In the mean time, I've quickly pulled some numbers from the database and build the very first HWBOT Prime for Android Top-10 table.

From the looks of it, the Xperia Z1 LTE is a prime (pun intended) choice for HWBOT Prime. Tequilaomega from Austria is the current number one on Android, followed by Hiwa from Switerland and FqqTBawL from Australia. Cool!

// UPDATE 14-04 // Hiwa from Switzerland tops the charts with new record!

// UPDATE 15-04 // We spend the day at the Mobilegeeks offices in Taipei, Taiwan playing with a whole bunch of smartphones. The most interesting devices are without any doubt the ones of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Their Mi-3 features the Snapdragon 800 and is the only device of its kind hitting consistently over 2800 PPS. But the most impressive score of the day came from the Hongmi Note. With 8 cores clocked at 1.4GHz, the smartphone/tablet scores nearly 3000 PPS! That's the highest we've seen for an Android device so far. The most interesting part: this device costs not even EUR €100!

// UPDATE 16-04 // Looks like the competition is sparking up! There are a couple of Note3 scores in, but the top score goes to the Tegra Note P1640 featuring the Tegra4 SoC.

// UPDATE 17-04 // CMDR_Sol from Russia took the lead with a Snapdragon 800 D920 Nexus 5 at an amazing frequency of 2.8GHz. Looks like the battle is on for HWBOT Prime on Android!

// UPDATE 18-04 // In the ever so fast changing world of mobile devices, the HWBOT Prime for Android ranking is updated ever day. This morning I found FTLAUDMAN's Nvidia Shield topping the rankings with a quad-core Tegra4 at 1.9GHz. Who will be the first to OC the Shield and push the record even higher?

// UPDATE 21-04 // The top score keeps going up! StrategosSan - yes, the extreme overclocker - pulled out his Transformer Pad Infinity 2 and set a new top score of 3404 PPS. Interesting is that the hardware is fairly similar to that of the Shield, but the score is about 10% higher. Optimizations? Or perhaps just a less bloated operating system. Who can challenge this score? Good luck!

StrategosSanTransformer Pad Infinity 2 TF701T 32GB (Asus Taurus)34041912
cramerstationSM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 LTE 32GB31012726
CMDR_SolD820 Nexus 5 NA TD-LTE 16GB31002726
MobilegeeksTegra Note P164030171810
LazycamelTegra Note P164030161810
MintarSM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 LTE 32GB29542803
MobilegeeksHongmi / Red Rice29481365
MobilegeeksMi3 WCDMA 64GB28812265
HiwaG2 D802 4G LTE 16GB28772496

MSI to Support G.SKILL OC World Cup Live Qualifier Event with Re-Modeled GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G VGA Cards

MSI, leader in Graphics Card Technology, is pleased to announce this re-modeled GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G made for OC. After launch, MSI’s GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G quickly became very popular on the market, winning numerous awards, and proving itself as a leader in performance, power consumption, temperature, and noise benchmarks. Now, MSI is ready to take things to the extreme, with a new model engineered for participation in G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014!

With an updated power layout, a 6-pin PCI Express power connector, the new MSI GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G allows you to juice it up. But this is not the only thing that has been changed. Exclusive use of Samsung GDDR5 memory and a specially optimized Extreme OC BIOS will make this little rocket go to unprecedented heights.

The G.SKILL OC world Cup live qualifier contest will be held during Computex 2014. Six of the world’s top extreme overclockers will compete for 4 different benchmark challenges aiming for the ultimate 10K USD cash prize. The Remodeled MSI GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G is the MUST-USE VGA card solution for the Catzilla 720P stage, and also is allowed to be used for 3 other stages, including Superpi 32M 5G, Aquamark3, and Memory Clock.

“Many thanks to MSI’s generous support on providing these re-modeled GTX 750Ti GAMING 2G VGA cards that are optimized for extreme overclocking. It will allow the contestants to display their finest skill on tweaking the VGA and push overclocking performance to its absolute boundaries!” commented Frank Hung, Product Marketing at G.SKILL.

Joa3d43 from Canada sets new top score in Catzilla 2xGPU using water cooling only

It's not so common for a world record to be broken using water cooling, but Joa3d43 from Canada managed to do it. Admittedly, Catzilla is the perfect benchmark for this as it's very tweakable (even more so than 3DMark05!). So powered by a Core i7 4960X at 4.8GHz and two GeForce GTX 780 Ti cards at 1467/2050, the Canuck outscored Pro OC 8 Pack by 317 points. Note that 8 Pack is running everything cooled by liquid nitrogen.

Catzilla is a tweakable benchmark, so it takes some time to study its behavior. Do your homework and you might end up being the next Joa3d43. Congratulations and good luck to all contenders!

Via Springboard Blog: "Benching the mark, step one"

The Via Springboard is a tiny little computing/DIY board similar to the Raspberry Pi. It features a single core Cortex-A9 800 MHz SoC and is mainly targeted at the DIY community. Gergely Imreh, one of the people behind the Taipei Hackerspace (remember?), recently joined Via and has been playing around with the Springboard. In his first blog post, he uses HWBOT Prime for Android to test the performance of the little Springboard.

As you could have expected, the results are not that impressive. The little Springboard scores a mere 354 PPS and is far behind the most powerful Android smartphone devices. Considering the performance per core per clock, the device isn't doing that bad though. As Gergely mentions in his blog post, one of the problems with HWBOT Prime currently is the hardware detection. We are working hard on adding the missing devices and hope to have a complete database up and running soon. Feel free to drop us a message in the forums in case we're missing data!

The Via Springboard is now added to the database. So if you have one of these little things to play with, good luck!

Full blog post: click

Hammer Time! Moonman Sets New 1xGPU Heaven DX11 Record With Radeon R9 290X At 1540/1800 MHz

Although AMD's latest Radeon R9 290X is an interesting card to bench and overclock, it seems the bitcoin frenzy is affecting the amount of overclockers putting this card through its paces. In addition, the cards seem quite flaky under cold which make them difficult to handle. Nevertheless, the top of the crop is benching these cards hard and with AMDs Tessellation "optimization" features, Heaven DX11 is the primary choice for many overclockers.

Especially Moonman and Pro OC Phil have been going at it lately, topping each other record twice now. Just this morning -Taipei time- Moonman hammered (pun intended) Phil's record and is now the first to achieve over 5500 points with a single GPU graphics card. Awesome! We look forward to Phil's response to this great score!

For those who enjoy a bit of background information, we have included a list of the last 10 Unigine Heaven DX11 1xGPU records.

Heaven DX11 1xGPU Records

2014-04-14Moonman5504.903Radeon R9 290X1540/1800 MHz
2014-04-11phil5444.085Radeon R9 290X1530/1825 MHz
2014-04-04Moonman5336.430Radeon R9 290X1440/1800 MHz
2014-03-19phil5215.048Radeon R9 290X1460/1800 MHz
2014-03-17Wizerty5064.615Radeon R9 290X1370/1775 MHz
2014-02-10Xtreme Addict5051.811Radeon R9 290X1367/1812 MHz
2014-01-25sofos19905008.652Radeon R9 290X1330/1775 MHz
2013-12-07sofos19904848.873Radeon R9 290X1310/1700 MHz
2013-11-01T0lsty4820.421GeForce GTX Titan1700/1900 MHz
2013-10-19Rbuass4697.821GeForce GTX Titan1700/1930 MHz

TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.7.8 Available For Download!

New version of GPU-Z available!

TechPowerUp released the latest version of GPU-Z, the popular PC graphics diagnostic and monitoring utility, which gives you up to date information of the GPUs installed in your system, and lets you monitor their clock speeds, temperatures, fan-speeds, voltages, dedicated memory usage, among other things. Version 0.7.8 introduces a few handy user-interface features, beginning with the ability to resize the app's window, when the "Sensors" tab is being viewed. With modern graphics cards giving us dozens of sensors to track, throwing in a scroll-bar is making the tab cluttered, and so we decided to give it resizing. The window returns to the normal size when other tabs, such as the main "Graphics Card" tabs are clicked, and remembers your window size preference when you select the "Sensors" tab again. At this time, this feature is available only on our main (non-skinned) version.

Apart from the resizeable window for "Sensors" tab, GPU-Z 0.7.8 adds tested support for AMD Radeon R9 295X2 "Vesuvius," R9 M275, HD 7500G, and FirePro W9000. It also adds support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN-Z, GTX 745, GTX 880M, GTX 870M, GTX 860M, GTX 850M, GTX 775M, and Quadro NVS 510. Release dates have been fixed for GTX 780 Ti, and GTX TITAN Black.

DOWNLOAD: TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.7.8

  • GPU-Z window can be resized while sensor tab is active
  • Fixed incorrect readings on GeForce Tesla cards
  • Added support for AMD Radeon R9 295X2, R9 M275, HD 7500G, FirePro W9000
  • Added support for NVIDIA GeForce Titan Z, GTX 745, GTX 880M, 870M, 860M, 850M, 775M, NVS 510
  • Fixed release date for GTX Titan Black, GTX 780 Ti

I.nfraR.ed's Crazy Sempron 145 Hits 6600 MHz Cinebench R15 Stable!

The overclock of the day is without any doubt this crazy little single core CPU. I.nfraR.ed from Bulgaria, who also has that crazy Athlon XP, just submitted the fastest AMD single core we've ever seen. Setting new 1xCPU benchmark records, the Sempron 145 'from hell' clocks all the way up to 6.6GHz stable through Cinebench R15 and even to 6.72GHz through WPrime 32M. Sick, sick CPU! Well done!

Find all the Sempron 145 records here.

HWBOT Servers Patched For Heartbleed Bug

As the HWBOT servers are running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS they were vulnerable to the OpenSSL heartbleed bug. OpenSSL has been patched.

The HWBOT servers running the affected version of OpenSSL did not contain user sensitive data (just the app engine), so a password change is not required.

The HWBOT Staff.

Update for G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014 Live Competition: USD $12,500 Cash, Memory Kits and DDR4!

Last night we posted a news update in the official G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014 Qualifier discussion thread concerning the rules and competition structure of the live competition finals of the G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014 in June at Computex. The live qualifier competition starts on the first day of Computex on June 3 at 9.30AM and ends on June 5 at 5.30PM. The contestants each get two 4-hour time slots to compete in four different benchmarks. The best two proceed to the final, where two of the three benchmarks are chosen by the finalists themselves.

Additional note: the time-slots can be picked by the competition participants. The winner of the online competition has first pick, then the runner-up, then the second runner-up, and so on.

Ultimately, everyone is aiming for the big USD $10,000 cash prize for the winner. Luckily there is also a cash prize for the first and second runner-up, respectively USD $1,500 and USD $1,000. The two runner-ups also receive memory kits and for each of the six qualified overclockers there is a G.SKILL DDR4 sponsorship. That is an awesome set of prizes!

The stages for the live qualifier are,

  • SuperPI 32M 5G
  • Aquamark3 Full Out
  • Memory Clock
  • Catzilla 720P (with GTX 750 Ti)

In order to qualify for the competition, check out the G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014 Qualifier competition page. Remember that if you qualify, you need to cover your own hotel and flight costs. Good luck everyone!

Detailed PDF: click | Discussion thread: click.

Tomorrow Pro OC GIGABYTE OC Workshop in Breda, Netherlands (Dutch)

On the Dutch hardware website we found this cool announcement of a GIGABYTE OC Workshop by the Pro OC Team. The team is ranked 8th in Round 1 of the 2014 Season and 7th overall. Tomorrow the team is again at the CD-Rom-lan computer store in Breda, Netherlands to show off their overclocking skills on liquid nitrogen. But there will also be workshop sessions on regular air and water cooling.

Have fun everyone!

More information: original source, Google Translate

8 Pack Takes 1xGPU 3DMark11 Performance Record with GTX 780 Ti at 1925/1850 and 6.2 GHz Core i7 4930K

Just this morning - well, morning in Taipei - 8 Pack from the United Kingdom submitted a new world record score in 3DMark11 Performance for single GPU configurations. With a Core i7 4930K clocked at 6200 MHz and a GeForce GTX 780 Ti Matrix clocked at 1925/1850 MHz, 8 Pack scores 24155 points. This is 150 points higher than the previous record holder SniperOZ.

Sources tell us it's quite likely that SniperOZ is planning to strike back next week. We are looking forward to seeing the battle unfold. Congratulations 8 Pack!