Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
HWBOT Prime Core i7 6700K 6523 MHz Splave.ROM 7755.47 pps 176.9 pts 8   3
PiFast Core i7 6700K 6714 MHz Splave.ROM 9sec 440ms 132.1 pts 4   3
XTU Core i7 5820K 5500 MHz Bullshooter 2238 marks 68.5 pts 0   0
Catzilla - 720p GeForce GTX 980 Ti 1905/2028 MHz Gunslinger 82735 marks 59.0 pts 3   0
XTU Core i7 6700K 4950 MHz BoTSkill 1712 marks 53.1 pts 0   0
HWBOT Prime Core i7 6700K 6000 MHz Andrix85 7436.74 pps 48.2 pts 3   1
PiFast Core i7 6700K 6553 MHz Vivi 9sec 700ms 47.2 pts 8   1
HWBOT Prime Core i7 5820K 6021 MHz Bullshooter 8379.63 pps 42.0 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 6700K 4840 MHz juanpablo 1523 marks 28.2 pts 0   0
3DMark Vantage - Performance GeForce GTX 980 Ti   MetalRacer 76813 marks 27.8 pts 0   0


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HWBOT Articles

Today the Overclocking in Focus series continues, this time putting the spotlight on one of the most respected overclockers from Europe. We are very happy to bring you an interview with FlanK3r, a leading overclocker from the Czech Republic.

"With overclocking, I started many years ago, in 2008 I think. Before computers was not my hobby because I needed from a computer was only gaming. But I was a student with not much money so I had old PCs, not for hardcore, high-end gaming. And so I started to be interested in my dream… a new PC. So read articles, on websites about hardware, forums and read about everything from the beginning."

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Hardware news

Steponz Shoots for Gold in HWBOT Prime 8xCPU - Contending with #1 Dancop

steponz hwbot prime x99-soc champion

Steponz from the USA and Dancop from Germany are the two top contenders for gold in the 8xCPU HWBOT Prime global ranking. At the moment of writing, Steponz just pulled a 9841 pps from the backup folder leaving Dancop two points behind.

The past couple of weeks Steponz had been busy defending and attacking the top spots in the single GPU benchmark rankings such as 3DMark11 Performance and the two 3DMark Fire Strikes. The HWBOT Prime is a change of terrain as the US-based overclocker isn't too active in 2D benchmarks usually. Dancop on the other hand is well-versed in both 2D and 3D and is the current #1 in the Overclockers League.

Steponz' current Global First Place system consists of an Intel Core i7 5960X at 6260 MHz, 16GB of G.SKILL DDR4 memory clocked at DDR4-3070C11, the GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion and a Corsair 1500W power supply. Cooling-wise, he chooses the Gelid GC-Extreme and a KPC F1 Dark. You can find more information on the submission page.


PC Gamer's How to Overclock your AMD Processor Guide with the A10-7870K CPU

amd overclocking guide

As AMD pushes back the Zen architecture back to end of Q4 next year or even 2017, the owners of AMD processors need to wait a bit longer to get an upgrade. For the AMD users, PC Gamer compiled an easy AMD overclocking guide using the A10-7870K Godavari CPU.

The A10-7870K is a refresh of the Kaveri architecture and is, well, not so popular at HWBOT. With only 51 submissions in the database, it's doing significantly worse than its A10-7850K predecessor. But we digress. In the PC Gamer guide you'll find tips and tricks on how to overclocking the AMD processor using an ASUS A88X Pro motherboard and a couple of G.SKILL TridentX DDR3 sticks. Using a combination of the AMD Overdrive software tool and the motherboard BIOS, you get a brief introduction to everything AMD overclocking. That includes: CPU, Northridge, Memory, and even iGPU tuning!

Fly over to for more information and details on overclocking the AMD A10-7870K!

Up For Some GeForce 8800 Action? is Throwing the 8800 Destruction Contest

The overclocking season 2015 at HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS is running at its end as the last quarter of the year is reserved for live competitions such as the GALAX OC Carnival, HyperX OC TakeOver, and of course the Country Cup. This doesn't mean overclockers are ready to slow down yet, though. At there's a Geforce 8800 DESTRUCTION Competition running, for example.

Reading the competition introduction: The Geforce 8800 series are among the most iconic video cards ever produced by Nvidia. Now they lay forgotten in closets and drawers and garages. wants you to take them out, dust them off, solder them and ultimately destroy them. But, of course, not before laying down a few runs of 3DMark '01, '03 and Aquamark. If your thinking to yourself, "Why does OCN just like to give prizes to Dhenzjhen?" Do not worry. This contest is limited to Geforce 8800 of the GS, GT, and GTS varieties only. All GTX and ULTRA cards are banned from this competition, real overclockers use G92 Core."

Next to eternal OCN fame, there are also a couple of small cash prizes up for grabs: 1ST - $100, 2ND - $75, 3RD - $50, and $25 for the top submission without using subzero cooling.

For more information, check out the thread at!

We Need You! Get Involved with the Community Competition Task Force Initiative

hwbot community competition task force

With the introduction of the OC-ESPORTS platform for online and offline overclocking competitions, there are much more possibilities to host competition series. Series can focus on specific types of overclocking that certain people find more interesting. For example the Old School is Best School competitions focuses on legacy hardware and the Skylake Low-Clock Challenge focuses on tweaking the Skylake platform.

Organizing, maintaining, and supporting overclocking competitions is quite time-intensive. It requires good knowledge on the competition subject to choose the right stage duration, hardware limitations, and benchmarks. In case the competition is very popular, it also takes a lot of time to moderate the incoming submissions.

That’s where the Community Competition Task Force ("CCTF") Initiative comes in. Under the supervision of the senior moderator staff, members of the community can volunteer to help manage the community competitions from inception to moderation and announcing the results.

For more information, check out Christian's thread in the forum.

Get Ready for rAge 2015 (Oct 9-11) - Join the NAG OC Workshop with dRweEZ, Vivi, and ShockG!

nag overclocking workshop at rAge

For the South African overclockers out there, an exciting weekend is coming up! It's rAge time from October 9 to 11 in Johannesburg. If you're looking to break into the overclocking scene, check this out!

In collaboration with MSI, NAG is hosting an Overclocking Workshop. With teachers as prominent as ndrew "dRweEZ" Roberts, Goddy "ViVi" Roodt, and Neo "ShockG" Sibeko by your side, you're sure to have a solid introduction in the world of overclocking. And if that's not enough incentive, there's also a R$15,000 for the winners of the amateur tournament. Here's a summary of the event:

For the first time in South Africa, novice and amateur enthusiasts will get a chance to learn from some of the best overclockers in the world and compete for the latest hardware prizes. Throughout the weekend competitors will not only learn about Intel’s latest Z170 platform, but overclocking using the latest components from MSI, Corsair, G.SKILL and Intel.

There will be three sessions per day, with competitors selected from a pool of online entries. There will be three sessions on Friday and the winner of each of those sessions is entered into the final on Sunday. On Saturday the winners for each session again make it to the final on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday morning, a final session will determine the last two competitors for the weekend, who have to finish in 1st and 2nd place. On Sunday afternoon, there will be a total of 8 competitors for the final.

For more information on how to register, check out!

September 2015 World Record & Global First Place Report: 5 World Records and 59 Global First Places

During the month September 2015 a total of 5 World Records and 59 Global First Places were achieved by the overclockers listed below. The most successful overclocker is Xtreme Addict with 5 World Records. The most used components for the record-breaking achievements are: Core i7 5960X processor, ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard, ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti Strix graphics card, HyperX Predator DDR4 memory, Corsair AX1500i Power Supply, and Samsung 840 Pro SSD.

Congratulations to all the overclockers involved: Dancop, der8auer, dRweEz, Gunslinger, k|ngp|n, l0ud_sil3nc3, nacho_arroyo, ObscureParadox, Rbuass, S14, SHIMIZU, Slinky PC, Sn0wMe, Splave.ROM, steponz, Strat, Wizerty, and Xtreme Addict.

September 2015 WR and GFP - 5 World Records!

Category First Second Third
Overclocker Xtreme Addict (5 WR / 0 GFP) Splave.ROM (0 WR / 10 GFP) Steponz (0 WR / 9 GFP)
Country Poland (5 WR / 0 GFP) United States (0 WR / 29 GFP) Brazil (0 WR / 9 GFP)
Team PURE (5 WR / 6 GFP) XtremeSystems (0 WR / 13 GFP) TecLab OC Team (0 WR / 9 GFP)
Processor Intel Core i7 5960X (5 WR / 31 GFP) Intel Core i7 6700K (0 WR / 22 GFP) Intel Xeon E5 2699 V3 (0 WR / 5 GFP)
Motherboard ASUS Rampage V Extreme (5 WR / 8 GFP) ASRock Z170 OC Formula (0 WR / 15 GFP) GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion (0 WR / 9 GFP)
Graphics Card ASUS GTX 980 Ti Strix (5 WR / 2 GFP) GeForce GTX 980 Ti (0 WR / 19 GFP) EVGA GTX 980 Ti K|ngp|n Edition (0 WR / 9 GFP)
Memory HyperX Predator (5 WR / 6 GFP) G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 (0 WR / 10 GFP) G.SKILL Ripjaws Z (0 WR / 3 GFP)
Power Supply Corsair Professional Gold Series 1500W (5 WR / 9 GFP) Antec High Current 1300W (0 WR / 10 GFP) Seasonic Platinum 1200W (0 WR / 4 GFP)
Storage Samsung 840 Pro Series (5 WR / 1 GFP) HyperX Predator (0 WR / 2 GFP)

Cowcotland win Novice Nimble #4 - Four Wins in a Row!

Novice Nimble #4 won by Cowcotland

The fourth edition of the Novice Nimble came a close a few days ago resulting in another dominant display from French overclockers Cowcotland who fended off and HWReady OC Official Team to retain the novice team OC crown. The Novice Nimble #4 also saw the largest ever field with 29 teams competing head to head across five unique stages based on a blend of Intel and AMD processors plus GPU benching. Let’s take a look at how it panned out in a little detail.

Congrats to all the team members who played a vital part on making the fourth ever Novice Nimble a success. Cowcotland once again proved to be the masters of group organisation with a real team effort that keeps them securely at the top of the Novice table. came a little closer to becoming Novice Nimble champions thanks to two solid wins in Stages 3 and 4 and will feel that the gap between themselves and the French champs has been closed to some extent. Don’t forget that the fifth installment of the Novice Nimble has just gotten under way. Check the link below to get involved, join a team and start pushing!

Full article at

Georgia Tech Cools FPGA by Pumping Water Through Chip Silicon

water cooling inside silicon

Custom water cooling is the most popular cooling technique for overclockers at HWBOT nowadays. Based on numbers from August and September, 50% of the overclocking results on Haswell-E and 22% of the results on Skylake are with the processor cooled by water cooling. Usually you would build a custom cooling setup from water blocks, pumps, and radiators, but at the Georgia Tech university, that's not good enough.

Georgia Tech graduate student Tom Sarvey is using microfluidic passages cut directly into the backsides of FPGA devices, a few hundred microns away from where the transistors are operating. He achieves 60% lower temperatures compared to air cooling, going from 60°C to 24°C with 20°C liquid. The technology is quite disruptive as the research is believed to be the first example of liquid cooling directly on an operating high-performance CMOS chip.

The cooling research was funded by DARPA’s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Microsystems Technology Office, through the ICECOOL program. For more information, check out the article at

Translation Update: Danish Translations Progresses 20% Thanks to Schjeldaldk

translations HWBOT progress

The last time we checked the progress on the translations was almost two months ago. On August 20th, we reported about the upgraded status of "Beta" for the Ukrainian language and the significant improvements for Portuguese/Brazilian.

Today we want to highlight the Danish translation. Schjeldaldk from OcTeamDenmark has started the translation work and this weekend completed nearly 20% of the entire translation work. That's great progress and we're happy to see it move forward!

Note that every overclocker participating in the translation project automatically becomes the owner of the HWBOT Project Contributor and HWBOT Translator achievements. We are humbled by the efforts of the overclocking community to make HWBOT more accessible and more available for the international community. Thank you very much!

Blast From The Past: Breaking 3DMark World Record is Priceless!

For the overclockers joining the overclocking community these days it will maybe sound strange, but overclocking was pretty important already 10 years ago. Back in the day when Hipro5, Kinc, Kingpin, and Shamino were crushing the 3DMark ORB, times were a bit simpler. With two graphics cards in SLI, you could already break records.

One of the funniest/coolest videos from back then is K|ngp|n's very first Nvidia commercial. The video is linked on the left hand side, or you can click here. In the brief MasterCard-style video, you'll find K|ngp|n show off his USD $1,000 Core 2 Quad QX6700, an Nvidia 680i based motherboard, and two USD $600 GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards. Adding up the hardware to the "liquid nitrogen truck on stand-by", you end up with a priceless 3DMark World Record.

Good times!