Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
XTU Core i7 5930K 5430 MHz sofos1990 2121 marks 118.0 pts 1   3
HWBOT Prime Core i7 5960X 5966 MHz sofos1990 9622.77 pps 85.0 pts 0   2
wPrime - 32m Core i7 5960X 5945 MHz sofos1990 2sec 0ms 73.7 pts 1   3
wPrime - 1024m Core i7 5960X 5945 MHz sofos1990 59sec 593ms 69.8 pts 0   3
wPrime - 32m Sempron 150 6568 MHz Doc.Brown 21sec 938ms 67.0 pts 5   2
wPrime - 1024m Sempron 150 6452 MHz Doc.Brown 11min 58sec 937ms 60.5 pts 1   2
XTU Core i3 4370 4160 MHz True Monkey 572 marks 60.4 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme Radeon R9 290X 1330/1645 MHz lautajo 17791 marks 55.9 pts 0   1
CPU Frequency FX-8350 8348.4 MHz Ananerbe 8348.43 mhz 55.5 pts 4   3
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX 780 Ti 1780/2126 MHz mortisboy 8258 marks 52.1 pts 0   1

Competition Entries

JunkDogg (Australia) and Nvidiaforever2 (France) Extend Rookie Rumble Titles!

For the first time in the history of the Rookie Rumble both Rumble Kings extended their title. Nvidiaforever2, now a Novice, dominated the Rookie Rumble #8 scoring once more the maximum of the points. JunkDogg from Australia, still a Rookie, won the Rookie Rumble AMD #5 scoring 122 out of 150 points. Congratulations!

HWBOT Articles

The newest generation of Intel CPUs finally sports an 8-core SKU for the performance enthusiasts. The arguably widely anticipated launch took place on August 29 and not entirely unexpected we saw quite a lot of overclocking records broken. In this short editorial we want to provide an overview of the Haswell-E overclocking results as well as some statistics.

"... Let’s begin with the most important part for the enthusiasts: what benchmark records have been broken. A quick query in our database learns us that 8 overall records and 29 global records are currently in the hands of desktop X99 users. The large majority of the results originate from the pre-launch overclocking event at the ASUS Headquarters as the overclockers are using a combination of Rampage V Extreme and G.SKILL DDR4 memory ..."

"... From the looks of it, Haswell-E seems to have a fairly good start. Of course we have to take in to account that the amount of marketing effort on the side of overclocking is a lot higher now than it was in 2008 (Bloomfield) or 2010 (Gulftown) and that for the Nehalem platform the locked (and not included in the table) Core i7 920 was extremely popular thus eating away market share from the Extreme line-up ..."

Continue reading

Hardware news

Updated X99 Information Threads: New GIGABYTE BIOSes, CL3P20 Top SuperPI 32M 4G

Just a quick news flash to inform you we have updated the Haswell-E information threads in the forum. We updated the basic statistics on the Haswell-E overclocking hardware and updated the SuperPI 32M 4G Challenge.

On the statistics side of things, we see very little change apart from the GIGBAYTE X99-SOC Force moving up in the popularity charts. Interestingly we also see that the Core i7 5960X, the most expensive of all Haswell-E processors, is the most popular SKU for this X-series platform. This is in contrary to what we saw with Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge-E.

In the 4G low clock challenge two people entered a first score: Sskmercer from Australia and CL3P2O from the United States. The latter currently has the fastest result scoring 7 min 34.266 ms with the DDR4 memory clocked at DDR4-3000 CL12-13-14-15 2T in combination with the X99-SOC Force. Looking forward to the upcoming results!

On the BIOS side of things we updated each GIGABYTE X99 motherboard with two new BIOSes. One is the final stable version, the other a new beta. For more information you can check the threads below.

Haswell-E Threads

  • X99 BIOS, facts, stats and list of mainboards: click
  • Haswell-E SuperPI 32M 4G Challenge: click


HWBOT Family Expands: Ann-Sofie Joins As Graphical Designer

HWBOT expanded to Taipei two years ago and set up shop in the overclocking capital of the world. With Timothée joining the office in December last year, we could focus on external projects the result of which you'll see in the coming months and year.

Ann-Sofie, also known as Mink, is now joining the family and will be filling the position of graphical designer. With her background in overclocking (she competed in the MSI MOA competition!), her creative artwork will streamline the site and project's purpose and vision. We're really excited to have Ann-Sofie on board and look forward to the first artwork, banners, competition pages and other visual stimuli to feature on- and off-site.

Welcome to the family, Ann-Sofie!

Timelapse of OCTV's 4K Extreme Cooling Video Shoot by TechALook

A while back Xyala wrote an editorial about the "Frozen PC Project", a 4K video shoot with extreme cooling as main subject. The video editing is still in progress as 4K has proven to impose a lot of new but interesting problems, but today TechALook who provided the video shoot environment posted a very cool timelapse video of the project.

In the timelapse you can see Xyala work the camera's, system and lighting for the 4K video shoot. Agreed, this is not the high-quality footage yet but gives you enough energy to patiently wait for the release of the 4K footage. Enjoy!

Haswell-E Spikes XTU Usage Charts To New Heights: Almost 600 Weekly XTU Overclockers

In our "Early Findings" article published two days ago, we already covered the Haswell-E adoption trend briefly. Haswell-E, Intel's latest high-end platform, only launched two weeks ago and retail availability is still a factor in the popularity of the platform. Yesterday we had a peek at the XTU activity rating including last week's data and to our pleasant surprise found that we reached a new top peak. Last week almost 600 overclockers analyzed, shared or joined the rankings with their XTU score. We received over 2,500 results which is an increase of over 250% compared to last year.

We are happy to see XTU doing so well and in particular we are excited about the surge of new Rookie overclockers. Hopefully the new overclocking community that is forming will one day lead overclocking to new heights as well. 'Clock on!

G.SKILL Live Demo Extreme DDR4-3333 32GB (4GBx8) and DDR4-3200 32GB (8GBx4) at IDF 2014

Taipei, Taiwan – 10 September 2014 – G.SKILL International Co., Ltd., the leading extreme performance memory manufacturer and designer, is excited to feature two extremely high end DDR4 memory at 3333MHz 32GB (4GBx8) and 3200MHz 32GB (8GBx4) during Intel Developer Forum 2014 (IDF 2014).

Driven by the newest Intel i7-5960X CPU on the newest ASUS Rampage V Extreme X99 and X99-Deluxe motherboards, the Ripjaws 4 series DDR4 3333MHz 4GBx8 and 3200MHz 8GBx4 memory demonstrates the highest DDR4 speed available in 4GB and 8GB modules, respectively.

“It’s very exciting to show the world what we can do with the new DDR4 memory standard for the latest Intel X99 platform. There is no doubt that breaking the 3000MHz memory barrier with ease is the next big thing in desktop performance, effectively doubling bandwidth throughput compared to the previous DDR3 memory standard,” says Frank Hung, Product Marketing at G.SKILL.

Established in 1989 by PC hardware enthusiasts, G.SKILL specializes in high performance memory and SSD products, designed for PC gamers and enthusiasts around the world. Combining technical innovation and rock solid quality through our in-house testing lab and talented R&D team, G.SKILL continues to create record-breaking memory for each generation of hardware and hold the no. 1 brand title in overclocking memory.

Some Haswell-E USA Engineering Samples Show Up As Retail

The news has been floating for a while now, but we want to re-iterate to ensure as much people as possible are aware of the situation. As you know, for many years we could distinguish engineering samples from retail by using CPU-Z. The engineering sample CPUs are marked with "(ES)", as identified by a flag in the processor register. With the launch of Haswell-E, this is no longer the case and some engineering samples are showing up as retail.

In particular the engineering samples from the USA factory present themselves as retail when using CPU-Z. A lot of the USA CPUs have found their way to the review media and, because they overclock well, also in the hands of extreme overclockers.

Why the engineering sample CPUs are no longer showing up as ES in CPU-Z is a question we don't have an answer to. Either CPU-Z is not detecting the right flag, or the flag is simply not enable on those CPUs. The consequence of this situation is that the moderating staff can not detect if a CPU was retail or engineering sample anymore. However, note that this has always been the case with AMD CPUs. With this news post we would like to stress the following items:

  • If you are using an ES Haswell-E that shows up as retail, please inform your fellow community members and don't enable points if you're not in the Elite League

  • Beware of reports of highly overclockable Haswell-E configurations by general media and in reviews

We hope we can rely on the community to maintain the fair playing field we try to provide at HWBOT. If you are using engineering samples, please move to the Elite League. Thanks!!

Lucky_n00b Teaching Newbies How To Use XTU

Xtreme Addict Posts Guide For Maximus VII Impact LN2 Overclocking

Xtreme Addict posted a nice guide for those who want to overclock the Maximus VII Impact with liquid nitrogen. The guide mostly deals with memory overclocking and shows you how to get the most efficient memory configuration, targeted specifically at XTU. It will also help you with your insulation and general PSC tweaking.

Enjoy this nice guide in the forum!

Some of XA's tips:

  • 1. Always boot with 100.1 MHz baseclock, Asus boards have bug and 1 per 3 boots will start with lower baseclock (99.8 MHz), even when matching frequency in OS via OC Panel/TurboV Lite), efficiency won't be good.

  • 2. Sometimes when settings are very tight and good, frequency is okay, but still board has very bad efficiency, just ClearMOS and put everything again. I got few times "slow mode boot". Origins from Maximus VI Impact, I haven't found other fix than ClearMOS. Important: don't use saved profile when you had this issue.

  • 3. If you get 03 code, just warm up memories and when board starts training, start pouring LN2.

  • 4. Sometimes you have to wait 4-6 minutes until board "trains" very high or tight settins. If it trains but shutdowns at some point of traning, just let her go for few more minutes. It gives some magic.

  • 5. For Haswell refresh use Fully Manual mode, for old Haswell, I don't recommend it.