Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX Titan X 1629/2006 MHz jpmboy 18170 marks 96.7 pts 6   1
XTU Core i7 4790K 5215 MHz Nik 1367 marks 44.8 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 4790K 5230 MHz [Wanted] 1365 marks 44.1 pts 0   1
Catzilla - 720p GeForce GTX 980 1638/2231 MHz [Wanted] 40577 marks 36.3 pts 1   1
XTU Core i7 4790K 4920 MHz arhaam 1292 marks 36.1 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX Titan X 1447/2000 MHz NAMEGT 17007 marks 36.0 pts 0   0
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset GeForce GTX Titan X 1389/2000 MHz l0ud_sil3nc3 6007.17 DX11 Marks 33.5 pts 0   1
3DMark05 GeForce GTX 260 216SP 1107/1404 MHz _12_ 52447 marks 33.2 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX 980 1692/4492 MHz Slinky PC 21235 marks 32.2 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX Titan X 1457/2103 MHz NAMEGT 9673 marks 31.9 pts 0   0

Competition Entries

GIGABYTE Wants to Take You to Computex 2015 with the GIGABYTE Z97 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge

Taipei, Taiwan, February 26th, 2015 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced one of its most rewarding overclocking competition as of yet with the GIGABYTE Z97 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge, its latest contest hosted on

The GIGABYTE Z97 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge gives the overclocking community a chance to tweak their systems on for a single benchmark, Intel’s XTU. By submitting scores to hit a secret target, overclockers cumulate points and run the chance to win not only cash prizes and hardware, but also a trip to Taipei, Taiwan to attend the Computex 2015 IT trade show with GIGABYTE. Skills will be on display on both Z97 and X99 platforms to be able to submit as many scores within a limited window. A lot is on the line; a total of USD $4,000 in cash, 4 GIGABYTE motherboards and an EPIC grand prize!

Do you feel up to the challenge? Each of the 4 rounds will have 10 secret target scores which will be revealed only after their submission period. But to guide you, a target range will be announced in advance. Your goal is to submit as many scores within that range during a 3 days period and try to hit the secret score. Participants who hit the secret target score will cumulate a point and have a chance at winning the Grand Prize or cash prize! Good luck to all!!

HWBOT Articles

The release of the new Titan X graphics card from Nvidia has heralded a spate of reinvigorated GPU benching thanks to a maxed out Maxwell architecture that on paper at least, blows all other single GPU cards out of the water. Let’s have a look at the card itself and also what its arrival means to an overclocking community that is already rubbing its thermal paste stained hands at the prospect of what this mammoth GPU can do.

Continue Reading ->

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Hardware news

EK Water Blocks Covers Turrican Memorial Challenge Results

EK Water Blocks posted a news article covering the winners and results of the Turrican Memorial Challenge. The competition was hosted by at HWBOT/OC-ESPORTS to commemorate Turrican after his passing last year. EK Water Blocks as well as Noctua provided prizes for the winning submissions in the competition.

Read the Full Article here

About the competition: Karl’s passing in September came as a shock - Turrican was an incredible force at HWBOT, and a loved member of the community. Together with OC.AT, HWBOT hosted the Turrican Memorial Charity Challenge in memory of Karl-Christian Guggi, also known as Turrican or Hardware Terminator. The purpose of this competition was to raise funds for St. Anna Kinderspital, a children’s hospital in Austria as well as to honor the memory of Karl. Noctua offered to donate EUR €1 for each competitor joining the Turrican Memorial Challenge and together with EKWB arranged a couple of prizes.

The participants were competing for highest GPUPI 1B scores, which were submitted to with some rules enforced limitations to make this competition more appealing to the tech-saavy crowd. This competition was an online event and was open to everyone. One could participate by making a submission during the competition. Participants could compete from all around the world and make submissions online. Each stage was awarded points and was considered a separate competition. The winner of each stage was the competitor who gained most points.

The competition consisted of two main stages (a GPUPI 1B GPU stage and a CPU stage), the latter with a twist as the results were sorted by the release date - the oldest processor with the highest score won. GPUPI 1B stage was a classic all-out battle where we also saw extremely overclocked graphics cards, cooled by liquid nitrogen. For detailed limitation list please see each stage description. The contest, which was co-sponsored by EK Water Blocks, started on Junuary 19th and run until February 28th.


Leeghoofd Joins HWBOT Staff - Primary Point of Contact for Rookies!

In this brief news item we introduce Leeghoofd as a new member of the HWBOT Staff. Under the lead of Christian Ney, Leeghoofd will primarily focus on guiding the Rookies who enter the world of (competitive) overclocking through the Rookie Rumble. This involves taking care of the faulty submissions in the Rumbles as well as helping the Rookies understand how to create valid benchmark submissions.

If you are a Rookie overclocking looking for more information or support on overclocking, feel free to get in touch with Leeghoofd at Welcome to the staff!

Translation Update: French and German Available, Spanish at 92%, Subaruwrc Starts Hungarian Translation

Glorious news from our translation team! The French and German translation of HWBOT went live over the weekend. That means French and German speaking overclockers will now find HWBOT to have an interface in their native language, which should help them navigate around the site. The language will automatically switched if you are not logged in based on your browser's locale. If you are logged in, you can change the interface language in your Profile Settings under Country & Language Settings. You can also click on the country flags in the top navigation bar. In addition to this great news, we can also announce that Spanish is closing in on completion with 92% of the strings translated.

Also, we would like to spare a couple of words on the initiative of Subaruwrc. He recently started with the translation of HWBOT in his native language: Hungarian. So far, the translation has reached 14%, which is a remarkable achievement in such a short period of time. Together with the other translators, he is now the proud owner of the HWBOT Project Contributor and HWBOT Translator achievements. Thank you very much for your efforts, Adam!

Below you can find an overview of the ongoing translation projects.

The OC Show Episode S02E05: World Tour North America and Europe, ROG Camp in Germany, Old School is Best School competition, and more

The OC Show is back with it's fifth episode. Join this episode and find Pieter and Tim who just returned from the World Tour event in North America as they go through the following topics:

  • Their take on the HWBOT World Tour 2015 North America
  • Latest news about the World Tour stop for Europe
  • Upcoming live event in Europe: the ASUS ROG Camp
  • The legacy hardware competition organized by the community
  • Translation of HWBOT

You can find the episode embedded below. Participate and react to the show here. Enjoy!

Enthusiast Jpmboy (USA) scores Fire Strike Extreme Global First Place with 2x GeForce GTX Titan X

That the GeForce GTX Titan X is a fantastically powerful card is something we already know. The card is in fact so powerful it's possible with stock (!) cooling to set new top scores. Jpmboy from the United States - a normal Enthusiast overclocker - managed to score a Global First Place in the 2x GPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme category with two of those Titan X graphics cards.

For the GFP, Jpmboy makes use of a Core i7 5960X clocked at 4750 MHz with custom water cooling. The dual GeForce GTX Titan X graphics cards are clocked at 1541/2000 MHz, resulting in a score of 17512 points. That's almost 300 points higher than 8 Pack's GeForce GTX 980 on liquid nitrogen!

Nice work Jpmboy, and it looks like we'll see a lot more from the Titan X in the future!

The Stilt Adds Steamroller Support in BDC V1.03B Update

Way back when AMD launched their Bulldozer architecture, AMD overclockers were disappointed by BD's performance in the old yet competitive X87 benchmark. The architecture was slow - much slower than its predecessor architectures - and it was frustrating to see >7GHz results ending up slower than the fastest Phenom II results.

The Stilt, a long-standing Finnish overclocker/hacker/tweaker, figure out some of the performance issues and released a small piece of software he named Bulldozer Conditioner. To not frustrate you with the technical details, in practice the conditioner gives your AMD hardware a nice boost primarily for SuperPI but also other X87 applications.

Five days ago, The Stilt released a new version of the Bulldozer Conditioner: V1.03B. The new version adds support for Steamroller, Kaveri, and Drago.

You can find the forum post here, the download here, and a mirror of the download on the HWBOT servers here.

HWBOT V5.16.4 Released: 27 Improvements, Fixes, and Updates

Last night we released a new version of the HWBOT core. The engine is now running V5.16.4, a version which includes a lot of bug-fixes and minor feature updates. For more information, refer to the change-log below.


  • [HWBOT-1634] - StackOverflowError on Submission
  • [HWBOT-1639] - Contest ranked by cpu release date label incorrect
  • [HWBOT-1661] - User points and achievements not updating anymore
  • [HWBOT-1664] - OC-ESPORTS contest_benchmark_type 10/27 not showing points in overall ranking
  • [HWBOT-1665] - Points not updating


  • [HWBOT-1628] - HCE: contest_benchmark.ranking_type for new Novice competition
  • [HWBOT-1650] - Contest ranking by date, also show day
  • [HWBOT-1655] - Prepare ASUS premium move
  • [HWBOT-1660] - Fix contest_benchmark.type=19 for upcoming competition
  • [HWBOT-1666] - Rank Turrican challenge by release_date then score, then
  • [HWBOT-1678] - Move "never show this popup" to below on competition suggestion popup


  • [HWBOT-881] - API: update document the generic benchmark API
  • [HWBOT-1625] - Stop sending instant email notification of reported scores
  • [HWBOT-1637] - Rookie Rumble 13 Page Not Working
  • [HWBOT-1638] - HyperX HOT Scoreboard for HWBOT
  • [HWBOT-1646] - Add Our Stories link at homepage footer
  • [HWBOT-1648] - HCE: allow grouping of CPU_model
  • [HWBOT-1649] - HCE: videocard exclusion
  • [HWBOT-1656] - Database migration Amazon to faster server and MySQL 5.6
  • [HWBOT-1658] - Deleting incorrect submission has no impact on esports official world ranking points
  • [HWBOT-1659] - HWBOT Points incorrect after esports worldwide oc points installed
  • [HWBOT-1667] - Commenting on front page articles is broken
  • [HWBOT-1668] - HCE Contest Type: 3 best stages contribute to contest ranking
  • [HWBOT-1670] - release work

  • Sub Task

    • [HWBOT-1629] - Average of 3 scores using unique CPU model divided by core count
    • [HWBOT-1630] - Average of 3 scores using unique memory
    • [HWBOT-1631] - Average of 3 scores using unique GPU model divided by effective_cores

    A lot of the items listed we pushed to production already, but is now also officially released. We continue to work on improving the HWBOT experience, so if you have any suggestions or find any problems when navigating the site, feel free to drop us a message in the forum!

MSI MOA 2015 - Extreme Master Series kick off! Join and win the Grand Prize of COMPUTEX Trip

There are three benching stages for participants, the highest score wins points the most. Top 2 winners can win the Grand Prize, the COMPUTEX trip, which is your chance to stand in front of the flash light and to be a part of worldwide skillful overclockers. The winners in 3rd to 5th places will be awarded MSI hero products. Furthermore, if the participants submit in all 3 stages, they will be qualified to enter the lucky draw. Don’t miss out this event!

Grand Prize Champion & Runner-up: flight and accommodations to COMPUTEX 2015 trip

The competition starts from April 1st to April 30th, and open for all HWBOT members. Details please refer to the contest webpage:!/round/msi_moa2015_extrememaster.

G.SKILL Announces Rules and Benchmarks to OC World Cup 2015 Live Qualifier and Grand Final

G.SKILL International Enterprises Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and solid state storage, is excited to announce the finalized rules for the G.SKILL OC World Cup 2015 Live Qualifier and Grand Final, to be held at Computex 2015 from June 2 to June 5, 2015!

OC World Cup 2015 Live Qualifier is held the first three days from June 2 to June 4, open to the top 6 overclockers from the Online Qualifier. Each Live Qualifier participant will have two time slots to complete all four required benchmarks: MaxxMem Read Bandwidth 5G, SuperPI 32M 5G, 3DMark Fire Strike Physics 5G, and DDR4 Memory Clock. Competition hardware is restricted to the X99 platform and DDR4 memory, and all contestants need to bring their own hardware. Each time slot includes 1 hour for preparation and 2.5 hours for competition to run and submit benchmark results.

Full Article at OC-ESPORTS (click)