Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
XTU Core i7 4790K 5836 MHz Dancop 1535 marks 107.2 pts 14   4
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 980 2016/1928 MHz nacho_arroyo 26274 marks 78.6 pts 9   1
XTU Core i7 4770K 5670 MHz coolhandluke41 1485 marks 67.3 pts 0   0
XTU Core i3 4370 4180 MHz nachtfalke 579 marks 56.2 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike GeForce GTX 980 2118/2138 MHz Hideo 16817 marks 42.2 pts 0   1
XTU Core i3 4370 4011 MHz Witchdoctor. 557 marks 40.7 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 4790K 5050 MHz raules009 1281 marks 37.9 pts 1   0
wPrime - 1024m Xeon E5 2699 V3 2300 MHz 3dwallop 34sec 427ms 34.1 pts 1   0
Cinebench R11.5 Pentium G3258 5699 MHz funsoul 4.84 points 30.6 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 4790K 4794.3 MHz lorre128c 1218 marks 29.7 pts 0   0

Competition Entries

DaNE Victorious In Rookie Rumble #10 and Rookie Rumble AMD #7

After the last Rookie Rumble we announced Zwitterion93 to be the first ever to achieve a double victory in the Rookie Rumbles and little did we know DaNE from Switzerland would do exactly the same for this round. Just like Zwitterion93, he dominated in both competitions scoring a near-perfect 141 out of 150 points in the Rookie Rumble #10 and a perfect 150 out of 150 in the Rookie Rumble AMD #7. What an excellent achievement!

HWBOT Articles

The Country Cup is back! Similar to last year, during the last months of 2014 we are hosting the World Cup of overclocking. From November 1 until December 20 we look for a successor to last year’s champions from Australia.

This year’s Country Cup is split up in five stages. Each stage comes with its own hardware, benchmark and user limitations. You can find out the details in the Rules and Guidelines section. One of the stages features a new and interesting 24h challenge for which you’ll have to rely on a cool and time-resistant country men. We also teamed up with G.SKILL, GIGABYTE, Enermax, KINGPINcooling and Gelid Solutions for some awesome prizes. Good luck everyone!

For more information, check out the full press release or the competition page at

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Hardware news

8 Pack Breaks Unigine DX11 World Record with Triple CrossFire MSI Radeon R9 290X Lightning

Not even a week after crushing the 3DMark11 Performance World Record with four MSI GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics cards, 8 Pack from the United Kingdom broke the Unigine Heaven DX11 World Record. For this he uses three MSI Radeon R9 290X graphics cards in CrossFire, a Core i7 4770K and G.SKILL memory. He improved the previous record from Xtreme Addict by 115 points.

The Core i7 4770K processor was cooled by liquid nitrogen and clocked to 6400 MHz. The three graphics cards are also cooled with liquid nitrogen and clocked all the way up to 1485/1685 MHz. The G.SKILL Pi memory was clocked at DDR3-2600C8-12-8.

Congratulations 8 Pack!

More information:

  • Benchmark submission: click
  • Unigine DX11 Hall of Fame: click
  • More World Records: click


G.SKILL Sponsors "HWBOT Country Cup 2014" Overclocking Competition with Extreme DDR4 Memory Prizes

Taipei, Taiwan – 31 October 2014 – G.SKILL International Co. Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and solid-state storage, is extremely excited to sponsor the HWBOT Country Cup 2014 overclocking competition, open to all overclockers worldwide. Country Cup is one of the most popular and longest running annual online OC competition organized by, with hundreds of extreme overclockers from around the world, to compete country versus country across 5 different stages!

To contribute to the international overclocking community, G.SKILL is providing its latest DDR4 memory kits at up to DDR4-3200MHz 16GB extreme kits to the winning team, as well as a series of high performance DDR3 memory designed for extreme overclocking. “This year’s HWBOT Country Cup is shaping up to be the most exciting yet, but who will lead their country to OC glory,” commented Colin Brix, Marketing Director of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. “With prize loot from GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, ENERMAX, GELID, and KINGPINCooling, the pressure is on, and reputations are on the line to prove who is the real OC Country Cup Champion.”

Revised Moderation Guidelines Concerning 3DMark Verification Link (New Rules From December 1, 2014!)

Members of our community brought to our attention our benchmark validation regulations lack the specific requirements for validating Futuremark benchmarks with verification links for Global Top-20 results. In particular, there is no specific instruction for the SystemInfo component of said benchmark results. Previously we accepted benchmark submissions with SystemInfo disabled.

From December 1, 2014 it is no longer allowed to disable SystemInfo for the validation of Global Top-20 benchmark results. Benchmark submissions lacking this information will be invalidated by our Moderators and tagged as insufficient validation.

The main motivation is that we rely on the information provided by SystemInfo to verify the benchmark submission information. For example, we need the SystemInfo for benchmark submissions on Windows 8/8.1/10 operating systems. When SystemInfo is disabled we cannot verify this information.

The amendment to the rules only affects the Global Top-20 scores and competition submissions which require a verification link. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The HWBOT Staff

(PS: download systeminfo here)

Sofos1990 Grabs Global First Place in 3DMark11 Performance 1xGPU With GIGABYTE X99-SOC Force and GTX 980

Long before Sofos1990 joined HiCookie at the GIGABYTE OC Lab in Taipei, Taiwan, he was already a seasoned overclocker topping the ranks of the Overclockers League. The man from Greece is well-capable of setting top scores and joining GIGABYTE obviously didn't stop this. Sporting the X99-SOC Force with a Core i7 5960X at 5536 MHz, he takes the GeForce GTX 980 to 2100/2100 MHz which results in a Global First Place in the 3DMark11 Performance 1xGPU category. He outscores Smoke from Russia by a couple of hundred points. But from what we have seen in the past couple of weeks, Smoke is planning a comeback without any doubt. Let's hope for a great battle!

Congratulations Sofos1990 on the Global First Place!

Zzolio Achieves Catzilla 1440P 1xGPU Global First Place With MSI GTX 780 Ti Lightning and Z97 Mpower

Zzolio was one of the contestants of the MSI MOA 2014 Grand Final last week in Taipei, Taiwan. Finishing 12th out of 18 the Danish overclocker scored below his rank and reputation. After all, he is currently 7th in the Overclockers League. To prove that he had an off-day at the finals, Zzolio re-tested the GeForce GTX 780 Ti Lightning MOA Edition at home and set a new Global First Place in the Catzilla 1440P 1xGPU category with a score of 14274 points.

For this he used a combination of the Core i7 4790K clocked at 5500 MHz using cascade cooling, the aforementioned GTX 780 Ti at 1923/2050 MHz, a pair of G.SKILL TridentX memory at DDR3-2800 C9-12-12 and the MSI Z97 MPower motherboard. For those who don't know, this is in fact the same system as used on the MSI MOA 2014 Classic Battle final. Earlier today Zzolio also showed his best Fire Strike result with this system: 17166 points. This results in a 8th poistion in the global ranking and more importantly it's by far the best Haswell + GTX 780 Ti Fire Strike result in the database.

For those interested, this result would have put Zzolio at 56.05% in the third stage of the MOA 2014 Classic Battle and he would have moved up to second place with 152.9 points! But of course, this is talk after the facts. In any case, those are some impressive results. Well done, Zzolio!

Translation Update: Beta-testing French, 15 Languages In Progress

The translation effort of our most dedicated community members is progressing nicely. In total there are now 15 languages in progress, including French, Spanish and Chinese. We are also pleased to announced that the French language is now in beta-testing on our UAT test environment. We hope to iron out the bugs and find the text strings that have not been translated yet. The French team has done a fantastic effort so far and we'd like to thank them for their effort and support.

Thanks everyone!

Four Different Intel CPU Architectures in Q2'15: Broadwell, Skylake, Haswell Refresh and Haswell-E

According to a report on, "Intel will have a total of four CPU product lines for the desktop market in the second quarter of 2015: the new 14nm Broadwell series and Skylake-S series which are both set to launch in the quarter; the existing 22nm Haswell Refresh series and the overclockable Haswell-E series". For motherboard manufacturers that means not only overtime, but also careful inventory and production line planning. After all, we'll be seeing Z87, Z97, X99 and the new "Z170" chipsets being used on the different motherboard.

For overclockers, that means we will have at lot more to play with. At least, that's what we can hope for since an overclockable version of Broadwell has not officially been confirmed yet. In any case it looks like we'll be having heaps of fun at next year's HWBOT OC Gathering at Computex 2015!

Original news article: Investigates Scaling of Most Important Benchmarks of HWBOT Suite

For those who don't know, is a well-respected mainly Dutch portal which writes (and talks) about pretty much everything technology related. They are also the home of the Pro OC which is currently ranked 6th in the Pro OC League. Very recently published an interesting scaling article investigating the effect of CPU, GPU and Memory overclock on the most relevant benchmarks included in our benchmark suite.

For most overclockers familiar with the benchmarks the results will not be very surprising, although sometimes there are a couple of interesting findings. For example, 3DMark Ice Storm scales 3x better with CPU overclocking than XTU. 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 scale very similar with CPU frequency as for example Wprime and Cinebench, despite being a 3D benchmark.

For memory overclockers there's not that much to gain in terms of raw performance. Apart from XTU, which scales up to 14% going from DDR3-1600C9 to DDR3-2400C9, only SuperPI 32M and 3DMark11 scale a bit. The differences are even smaller when considering tuning the memory timings. The difference is not larger than 2%. That may seem insignificant, but note that an increase of 1.2% in 3DMark05 would push Steponz (#3 - 73835) over TeamAU (#2 - 74192) with about 74700 points. In other words, just like in any other sport that last little bit matters.

As for GPU overclocking it comes to no surprise that Fire Strike Extreme is one of the most intensive 3D benchmarks. The new Fire Strike Ultra is probably even more intensive, but was not included in the tests. Possibly because it was only released last week.

For more information, check out the article at

8 Pack First To Acquire Over 3000 Points In Overclockers League

The HWBOT Overclockers League has a long-standing tradition of the world's best overclockers featuring at the top of the leaderboard. From K|ngp|n to Hipro5, AndreYang to HiCookie, NickShih and many other legendary overclockers feature at with their flag next to that big Number One. 8 Pack from United Kingdom has joined this exclusive club a while ago, but just before the weekend he managed something none of the other overclockers managed. He is the first overclocker to pass the mark of 3000 points in the Overclockers League!

Admittedly, back in the early days there were simply less points to earn as through the various revisions and point algorithm adjustments the League points changed over time. The HWBOT Leagues and their points structure are currently in its fourth revision. Points can be earned across the Global and Hardware categories and depend on the amount of competition in the category as well as your position. The sum of your best 15 Global and 20 Hardware scores contribute towards your League total.

Even though there are many aspects to take in to consideration, it does not make 8 Pack's achievement any less impressive. With a current lead of 600 points over #2 Smoke from Russia and 700 points over #3 TeamAU, he is dominating the League. Speaking of Smoke, it would be careless of 8 Pack to rest on his laurels. Smoke grew his points from 1620 to over 2400 in less than a month and may challenge 8 Pack sooner than later ... to be continued!

(PS: 8 Pack currently has 3 World Records, 12x Global First Place and 47x Hardware First Place - not too shabby either!)

Event Brief for ASUS Open Overclocking 2014 Finals Released

From August 15 until September 15, European and CIS based overclockers could qualify for the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final in Moscow, Russia. The finals are taken place in Moscow Cyber Stadium, a special venue for Esports. On November 22 and 23, in ice-cold temperatures, 8 teams of 2 overclockers will be competing in four benchmarks using the X99 platform. Amongst the participants we see the current #1 and #2 from the Overclockers League, 8 Pack and Smoke. The quality of the field is very high as we find Wizerty (winner of the MSI MOA 2014 No Limits Battle) as well as Xtreme Addict and Perica_barii who also participated in the MSI MOA 2014 Grand Finals.

The competition system consists of the following components: Intel Core i7 5960X, ASUS Rampage V Extreme, ASUS Strix GTX 980, Corsair Vengeance LPX 2800C16, Corsair AX1200i and of course loads of liquid nitrogen!

Below you can find the event brief. You will be able to follow the competition live at HWBOT, with livestream provided by Overclocking-TV. See you soon!