Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
XTU Core i3 4370 4208 MHz l0ud_sil3nc3 588 marks 161.3 pts 11   12
XTU Core i5 4690K 5400 MHz Farjam 1283 marks 49.7 pts 2   2
3DMark Vantage - Performance Radeon HD 7970 1265/1800 MHz Eeky NoX 72284 marks 41.5 pts 0   0
XTU Core i5 4690K MHz Billy-The-Kid 1280 marks 39.5 pts 2   1
3DMark11 - Performance Radeon R9 290X 1450/1650 MHz Sn@ke 20819 marks 39.2 pts 0   1
3DMark06 Radeon R9 290X 1450/1650 MHz Sn@ke 51372 marks 39.0 pts 0   2
3DMark05 Radeon R9 290X 1550/1700 MHz Sn@ke 68030 marks 38.3 pts 1   1
3DMark - Fire Strike Radeon R9 290X 1450/1650 MHz Sn@ke 14387 marks 37.4 pts 0   1
3DMark03 Radeon R9 290X 1450/1650 MHz Sn@ke 245564 marks 36.6 pts 0   1
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme Radeon R9 290X 1450/1650 MHz Sn@ke 7324 marks 34.7 pts 0   1

Competition Entries

HWBOT Articles

In an article published last month we explained our point of view on the way the overclocking community and related industry communicates about benchmark results. The term ‘World Record’ is used so often that it has lost its meaning and the over-usage devaluates the real world record. To address this problem we want to revise how we communicate about overclocking achievements.

After taking the time to consult partners, media, the staff and of course members of the overclocking community, we have finalized the terminology and definitions of overclocking achievements at HWBOT. From now on, the official communication for benchmark results submitted at HWBOT is defined as follows.

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Hardware news and PC Games Hardware Most Friendly Rookie Teams

It's been exactly one month since our last news article about the Rookie recruitment activity of the overclocking teams. So today we have a look what changed in the top-10 most rookie-friendly overclocking teams. is still the main supplier of Rookies with 24 newcomers. That is eleven less than a month ago, but still very impressive. The German community at PC Games Hardware are increasingly more Rookie friendly, closing in on Further on the list we find two French teams. Without spilling the beans too much, we can say that we have something really exciting coming up for the French Rookie community next year.

We like seeing this evolution and hope many other Rookies find their way to active and vibrant overclocking teams!

Team Rookies # since Aug 17
Canada 24 -11
Germany PC Games Hardware 20 =
France Cowcotland 15 +3
France Republic of Clocker 9 +2
USA 8 =
Ukraine Overclockers.UA 7 /
Australia Australia OC 7 /
Indonesia BNCC Overclocking 6 N/A
Brazil 7 -1
GB Team MLG 5 =


Update On Site Translation Progress: Dutch and French Near Completion

//UPDATE// Updated the translation progress.

The volunteers who are working on the translation of the website are putting in over time, it seems. Their incredible effort has lead to a near-complete translation for both Dutch and French. Once the final translations are done, we will upload the translations to our test environment so other community members can check if the translation was done correctly and improve where necessary.

Once again, a big thanks goes out to everyone involved in the translation work. You're awesome!

New 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra Preset Added To Benchmark Suite

Yesterday Futuremark made claim to releasing the world's first 4K benchmark with their new Fire Strike Ultra preset of the 3DMark benchmark. Fire Strike Ultra is preset number eight for the 3DMark benchmark, which features presets for pretty much any device now ranging from the very low-end mobile devices to the ultra high-end 4K rigs.

We have included the Fire Strike Ultra preset in our benchmark suite database and it is now possible to submit your benchmark results. For now no points are awarded to the benchmark, but this may change in the future as the benchmark becomes more accepted amongst the overclocking community.


  • Link to benchmark page: click
  • Link to download page:

PS: right before I was going to push the publish button, I checked the benchmark overview page and found out NeCrOmAnCiN from Canada made the first submission. That's within minutes of adding the benchmark to the database and before the news announcement. Well, I guess congratulations with the record! :-)

Newlife Improves Vishera/Richland SuperPI 32M 5GHz Challenge Top Score: 14min 14.625sec

Last week we already reported about the interesting back-and-forth going on in the Vishera/Richland SuperPI 5GHz challenge thread. In a turn of events, Newlife from Australia has restored his number one position in the ranking with a score of 14min 14.625sec. He is using an AMD A8-6600K Richland, a G.SKILL 2x 4GB 2600C10 kit, the Sniper A88X motherboard and of course a lot of software tweaks.

Nice result! We are eagerly awaiting the response from the other overclockers.

ShockG, Drweez and Tweak Venetica Overclocking at RAge 2014 Expo in South Africa on October 12-14

RAge is a gaming, computer and technology expo in South Africa. In the weekend of October 12-14 the 2014 is held in the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg. There is plenty of overclocking action going that weekend as ShockG, better known as Neo from TheOverclocker, are showing off their skills at the venue.

"Titan-Ice will be hosting the overclocking events and the man doing all the fun stuff with finger-freezing LN2 is Warren Kramer, better known as "Tweak Venetica". Warren is part of the Below0 overclocking group along with Andrew "dRweEZ" Roberts, DeatMeat and SystemTech. There are a number of overclocking groups based in South Africa, but very few with the same caliber of enthusiasts as these guys."

For more information, check out the news post at NAG. Enjoy the expo, everyone!

Windows 10 Affected By Same Downclock Bug Like Windows 8/8.1, Disallowed For Now

Microsoft recently released a Technical Preview of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system. We had a quick look at the operating system to find out it still has the same underclocking bug as their previous two operating systems. The benchmark veracity is in other words still compromised and there is currently no other option than to disallow Windows (10) Technical Preview for submissions at HWBOT.

To recap the problem, here's an excerpt from our Windows 8 article:

“The concept of ‘time’ on a PC configuration is, if not synced via network or internet, an arbitrarily defined constant designed to ensure that the configuration is running in sync with the real world. In other words: hardware and software engineers ensure that ‘one second’ on your PC equals ‘one second’ in real time. One of the reasons why it’s so important to have the PC’s timer line up with the real world time is to ensure that your PC can produce accurate measurements and predictions.” The points we brought up in that editorial are relevant again. To ensure that the arbitrarily defined constant of ‘time’ is the same on everyone’s benchmark system, we rely on the OS and hardware. This worked quite well, until Windows8 came around.

The problem builds on the problems we faced with Heaven. When downclocking the system under Windows8, the Windows RTC is affected as well. The biggest difference between Windows7 and Windows8 is that now all benchmarks (no exception) are affected.

Let us make this more practical. On our Haswell test system we downclocked the BCLK frequency by about 6% from 130 MHz to 122MHz. Using a CPU ratio of respectively 32x and 34x, the resulting CPU frequency remains 4160MHz. Then we ran comparison benchmarks.

We ran a quick test to verify the problems using SuperPI 1M. Below you can find a table with the information.

BCLK frequencyCPU RatioOperating FrequencyBenchmark score
100 MHz40x4000 MHz9.079 sec (reference)
102.5 MHz39x4000 MHz9.282 sec
97.56 MHz41x4000 MHz8.870 sec

As you can see from the above table, lowering the BCLK frequency while maintain the same operating frequency results in a "faster" benchmark time. Increasing the BCLK frequency while maintaining the same operating frequency results in a "slower" benchmark time. This is identical to the behavior we are seeing in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

For reference we also made a video showing that the system timer is running out of sync. For this video we underclocked the base clock frequency from 100 MHz to 98 MHz. After 8 minutes and 50 seconds, the system is lagging behind about 8 seconds.

Update: Elmor Takes First Place 1xGPU Fire Strike Extreme from K|ngp|n With GeForce GTX 980 at 2208/2098 MHz

Update: Elmor from Sweden took down K|ngp|n's score with a GeForce GTX 980 at 2208/2098 MHz and a score of 9568 marks. Congratulations! We might be in for an epic battle.

Original News flash: With a new generation of Nvidia graphics card, there is of course a new series of overclocking madness from K|ngp|n. Demoing the first results live at GAME24, Nvidia's 24 hour gaming event for the Maxwell launch, he now shows an even better, tougher and bigger score of 9415 points.

Of course K|ngp|n is using liquid nitrogen to clock the card to 2120/2150 MHz. The frequency is quite similar to what we see Smoke do with his card and (scoop!) we've heard this score is not quite unbeatable according to inside sources at another company. That means we might see a couple of point increases on this score in the near future. There still is some performance left in the setup, that's for sure. After all, the Xeon E5 1660 V3 'Haswell-E' is only clocked at 5.2 GHz.

Congratulations on the Global First Place!

Moderator Ranking 2014 Updated: Christian Ney Close to 3000 Actions This Year

The operations of HWBOT have been expanding significantly over the past years. From a forum bot collecting overclocking results around the internet we moved to our own website with leagues and competitions and are now looking at organizing our own live events. The size of this community is fairly small compared to for example the gaming community, but that doesn't make the management a lot easier. In fact due to the technical nature of our hobby and passion, HWBOT can simply not exist without the great effort from our largely volunteer staff.

Under the lead of Head of Moderating Christian Ney, the moderating team is on track to a record-breaking 2014 in terms of result moderating. The year is now 275 days old and Christian Ney has executed 2863 moderator actions. That's up from 1880 32 days ago! That's an average of 10.4 moderated scores per day! El Genieben is earning his stripes as well, following at 2081 moderator actions.

Of course moderating is only a part of the work our complete moderator staff takes care of. This does not include the discussions, conference calls, contact with benchmark developers, taking care of the hardware database, developing software tools and so much more. Thank you very much for your hard work and effort, Staff! Without you HWBOT would not be what it is today!

Moderations Moderator
2863Christian Ney

Updating the AMD Piledriver Super PI 32M 5GHz Challenge: Radi and Newlife Take Top Spots

Once in a while overclockers like to do other things than only hunt for golden cups and competition wins. The low-clock challenges for SuperPI are a great way to reduce stress and learn the platform better. In the Piledriver challenge, newlife from Australia and Radi from France managed to outscore Calathea who had the most efficient run for a while.

In the just-now updated leaderboard we see Radi in first place with a time of 14min 19sec 468ms, Newlife in second with a time of 14min 19sec 578ms and Calathea in third with a time of 14min 20sec 156ms. A close battle for sure!

Result Overclocker CPU Memory
14min 19sec 468msFranceRadiA10-6800K @ 5000.00 MHz1184 MHz 7-10-7-20
14min 19sec 578msAustralianewlifeA8-6600K @ 4996.70 MHz1185 MHz CL8 10-9-8 1T
14min 20sec 156msSwedenCalatheaAthlon X4 750K @ 5000.00 MHz1333 MHz 9-12-12-24 2T
14min 23sec 375msBulgariaI.nfraR.edFX-8320 @ 4996.00 MHz1060 MHz CL7.0 7-6-20 1T
14min 29sec 672msUSABonesFX-4300 @ 4993.00 MHz1079 MHz CL6.0 10-8-27

From the looks of it, Newlife is trying to get the upper hand on Radi again. The challenge in particular is to clock the NB as high as possible and of course to focus on the memory frequency and timings. We look forward to seeing the next batch of results! More information: