Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
3DMark2001 SE Radeon HD 5870 1320/1280 MHz StrategosSan 162179 marks 49.7 pts 4   4
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 980 1529/1900 MHz Menthol 40686 marks 47.1 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike GeForce GTX 980 1564/2018 MHz Johnksss 34098 marks 46.1 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike GeForce GTX 980 1915/1952 MHz nacho_arroyo 16753 marks 45.7 pts 2   1
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX 980 1915/1929 MHz nacho_arroyo 8241 marks 36.1 pts 0   0
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 980 1480/1930 MHz Mydog 33011 marks 35.2 pts 0   0
XTU Core i3 4330 3670 MHz Bruno 512 marks 33.1 pts 0   0
Catzilla - 1440p GeForce GTX 980 1534/2001 MHz Johnksss 27520 marks 31.8 pts 0   0
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 780 Ti 1435/1997 MHz jpmboy 31193 marks 31.0 pts 0   0
HWBOT Prime Core i5 4690K 5955 MHz delly 6803.1 pps 30.0 pts 0   1

Competition Entries

DaNE Victorious In Rookie Rumble #10 and Rookie Rumble AMD #7

After the last Rookie Rumble we announced Zwitterion93 to be the first ever to achieve a double victory in the Rookie Rumbles and little did we know DaNE from Switzerland would do exactly the same for this round. Just like Zwitterion93, he dominated in both competitions scoring a near-perfect 141 out of 150 points in the Rookie Rumble #10 and a perfect 150 out of 150 in the Rookie Rumble AMD #7. What an excellent achievement!

HWBOT Articles

The staff at HWBOT is proud to announce that as of today, ASUS Republic Of Gamers will be joining the HWBOT force as a partner. ASUS Republic Of Gamers was founded in 2006 for the sole purpose of delivering the most innovative hardcore hardware for truly dedicated gamers, performance enthusiasts and overclockers. Since then, the efforts of the ROG team have led to a constant flow of PC gaming and overclocking technologies that have become legendary among enthusiasts for its performance. ROG is more than just hardware as they take an active part in global PC and gaming communities, helping develop the industry by sponsoring events such as QuakeCon, BlizzCon,Dreamhack and AOOC. Worldwide media have recognized ROG as a leader in PC hardware, with many of our products winning awards and gaining very positive feedback from hardware pros. Learn more at and follow on Facebook at

We would like to express our gratitude to ASUS Republic Of Gamers for the support and trust in HWBOT and its community, and enabling us to continue promoting overclocking and the overclocking community. With ASUS' support, we have found extra motivation to make the platform and all its functionality as pleasant as possible for the overclocking community!

Thank you ASUS Republic Of Gamers!

(Note: stay tuned for live coverage from the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final and expect more competitions like the ROG OC Showdown | Z97 in the near future)

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Hardware news

8 Pack Breaks 3DMark Fire Strike World Record With 4x MSI GeForce GTX 980, MSI X99S XPower AC and G.SKILL Ripjaws 4

Admittedly we published this news article yesterday, but as it turns out 8 Pack's previous score did not have the right screenshot verification so the article was pulled. In the meantime, the record was taken by Smoke from Russia, who pulled out a plus-four-point back-up score. But as 8 Pack hit solid ground coming back from Taiwan after MSI MOA, he uploaded his own backup to counter Smoke's. That was quite the rollercoaster-ride!

8 Pack, the current leader in the combined Overclockers League, attended the MSI MOA 2014 Grand Finals as one of the judges. After the event, he teamed up with Pepinorang from MSI and attacked the 3DMark Fire Strike record. With 4x MSI GeForce GTX 980 Gaming graphics cards, the MSI X99S XPower AC and a set of G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 memory, he set a new milestone for the benchmark: the first (and third) 40K in 3DMark Fire Strike!

The setup was of course cooled with Liquid Nitrogen. The Core i7 5960X was clocked to a relatively low 5625 MHz, below what the CPU is presumably capable of. This may be a sign of backup results! The four graphics cards are clocked at 1950 / 2025 MHz - the core clock 25 MHz higher than in his previous score. This is quite a bit below the frequencies the cards can achieve in single card mode, but that is to be expected when running four cards in SLI.

Congratulations to 8 Pack, Pepinorang and Der8auer (who prepared the cards) for achieving the milstone. Let's wait for more!


TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.8.0 Released

TechPowerUp released a new version of their popular GPU-Z software. As usual, the new version includes a bunch of fixes and support for the new graphics cards. You can find a complete changelog below.

  • Added full support for GeForce GTX 970/980
  • Fixed BIOS saving on NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs
  • Fixed GPU memory usage sensor on Windows 8/8.1
  • Fixed system hang when playing video on systems with Hawaii GPU
  • Fixed system stuttering on CrossFire with ULPS active
  • Added support for AMD Radeon R5 M240, R5 M255, FirePro W2100, W4100, W8100, FireStream 9270, FirePro 2450
  • Added support for NVIDIA Quadro K420, K620, K2000D, K2200, K4200, K5200
  • Added support for missing Haswell Mobile GPU variant
  • Added preliminary support for AMD Topaz GPU
  • AMD Tonga: Fix ROP count, shader count, die size, transistors, product name
  • Fixed broken HD 7990 detection
  • Fixed OpenCL detection on some ATI/AMD cards
  • Added support for PerfCap sensor reason: SLI GPUBoost Synchronization

You can download the new version here

Learn How To Overclock GIGABYTE X99 With Sofos1990 and Sin0822's GIGABYTE X99 OC Guides!

The article has been on the web for a while so we assume every GIGABYTE X99 overclocker has already studied this long guide. The Greek top overclocker Sofos1990 joined the OC Lab this year and he made quite a detailed write-up of everything you need to know to overclock the GIGABYTE X99 motherboards. From OC Ignition over OC Gear to OC Trigger Switch, it's all in there. There's also a quick-guide on how to use the GTL Tweaker software for those that don't already know how to operate the easy-to-understand GUI. Have a look at it here and enjoy the read!

PS: over at TweakTown, Sin0822 posted a Core i7 5960X overclocking guide with the SOC Force as well. Just in case you need a second tutor. You can find it here.

G.SKILL Releases Extreme Performance Phoenix Blade Series 480GB PCIe SSD

A Beast of Blazing Speed and Massive Capacity

Taipei, Taiwan – 22 October 2014 – G.SKILL International Co., Ltd., the leading high performance memory and SSD designer and manufacturer, is excited to announce the Phoenix Blade Series PCIe SSD, the next generation of high-speed, high-capacity storage device. The Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD is the perfect storage solution for extreme gaming, professional graphic design, industrial design, and HD video & audio content creation.

By introducing extreme read and write performance, the potential of today’s multi-core processors can be unleashed, resulting in higher productivity and performance, whether you are in extreme gaming or professional design.

  • x4 SSD Controllers in RAID0 Setup, Built with x4 SF-2281 SSD controllers in a RAID0 setup and integrated with a massive 480GB array of MLC flash, G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD increases the bandwidth performance up to 4 times over typical SATA3 based SSDs!

  • PCIe Gen 2.0 x8 Interface, G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD is designed with a PCIe Gen 2.0 x8 high-speed interface, allowing the system to effortlessly send massive amounts of data to and from the SSD and drastically improves performance for professional and industrial graphic applications.

  • Up to 2,000MB/s Extreme Read and Write Performance, With 480 gigabytes of storage capacity, the G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD is pushing the maximum limit of read and write speeds at up to 2,000MB per second, so large data transfers are faster than ever!

  • Up to 245K IOPS 4KB Random Write, G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD delivers an incredibly fast 245K IOPS! Experience the performance boost in data intensive processing, such as professional graphic/industrial design and HD multimedia content creation software applications.

  • TRIM & SMART Support, TRIM and SCSI UNMAP support with major Windows OS versions help maintain consistent write performance, reduce flash deterioration, and most importantly, extend drive life expectancy. Not to mention an extensive set of S.M.A.R.T. attributes allow users to monitor the drive’s health, allowing users to take preventative measures against possible data loss.

  • Enhanced Data Protection, CRC data protection prevents data corruption during data transfers. By implementing BCH ECC of up to 55 bits per sector and RAID-5-like data protection, flash cell errors and page/block failures are yesterday’s news.

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty, The G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD includes a 3-year limited warranty and full technical support from our tech support team.

For more information, please visit:

SuperPI Low-Clock Challenge Overview Table Update

The most hardcore overclockers are without a doubt familiar with the SuperPI low-clock challenges. The challenges limit the CPU frequency to a fixed MHz and allows for software and memory tuners to show their optimization skill. In our forums we have a couple of low-clock challenge threads running and we've just updated all the rankings. For those who don't want to locate all the threads and top scores in the forums, we've compiled an easy overview with links to the threads and the scores in the table below.

Congratulations to all the leaders in their specific category. Top stuff!

SuperPI 32M Low-Clock Challenge

Category Time Overclocker CPU Memory Motherboard
Haswell-E 4G 7 min 20.594 sec Dancop Core i7 5960X G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 1509 MHz C11-13-15-13 ASUS Rampage V Extreme
Haswell 5G 5 min 54.578 sec Splave.ROM Core i7 4770K G.SKILL PI 1410 MHz C6-10-6-21 ASRock Z97 OC Formula
Ivy Bridge 5G 6 min 16.094 sec Bullant Core i7 3770K G.SKILL PI 1327 MHz C6-10-6-27 GIGABYTE Z77X-UP5 TH
Sandy Bridge 5G 6 min 31.031 sec Bullant Core i7 2600K Patriot 2000EL 1112 MHz C6-8-6-18 ASRock Z77 OC Formula
Kaveri 5G 13 min 23.411 sec Delly A10-7850K 1256 MHz C9-11-11-31 MSI A88X-G45 Gaming
Vishera 5G 14 min 13.312 sec I.nfraR.ed FX-9370 G.SKILL PI 1300 MHz C8-12-8-28 GIGABYTE 970A-UD3
Richland 5G 14 min 14.625 sec Newlife A8-6600K G.SKILL TridentX 1196 MHz C8-9-9-8 GIGABYTE G1.Sniper A88X
Trinity 5G 14 min 20.156 sec Calathea Athlon X4 750K Corsair Dominator 1333 MHz C9-12-12-24 GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4
Kabini 2.5G 21 min 31.433 sec Woomack Athlon 5150 1013 MHz C9-10-10-28

Christian Ney First To Hit Target in Stage 1 of GIGABYTE Target OC Competition

Busy with the coverage of live events, the news of the GIGABYTE Target OC competition slipped our mind. But now that we're back in office on full throttle, we can relay the news of Christian Ney being the first to hit the target in Stage 1 of the competition. Submitting a lightning fast 1 second after opening of the stage, Christian Ney out-submitted MarineOC, VVojtas and A. Coppens.

To help out the contestants for the next stages, Christian advises to have several tabs open to submit the result as fast as possible. His strategy consisted of submitting three different results: one at 8 seconds before the deadline, one at 6 seconds and then another one 3 seconds before the deadline. The first one was submitted too early and the submission engine refused the score. The second submission passed through and eventually resulted in winning the prizes of USD $400.

Note that "spamming" the server may cause additional latency for all your submissions. In other words, it is essential to plan out a limited amount of submissions.

The competition background for the next stage is now available for download. The target is 2967.55 points in HWBOT Prime. If you want to be eligible for the lucky draw prize give-away, you must participate in this stage (even if you don't hit the target). Good luck everyone!

More information on the competition page. Also check out the competition on our new competition platform!

Overclocking-TV Interviews the MSI MOA 2014 Classic Battle Winners: Vivi, T0lsty and OC_Windforce

You can find all information on the MSI MOA 2014 Classic Battle on our dedicated competition page (click), but for the interviews you have to be at Overclocking-TV. Xyala had a post-competition chat with Vivi, T0lsty and OC_Windforce to find out their thoughts on the competition and check how happy they were with the placing in the contest. Must watch! and PC Games Hardware Most Friendly Rookie Teams

It's been exactly one month since our last news article about the Rookie recruitment activity of the overclocking teams. So today we have a look what changed in the top-10 most rookie-friendly overclocking teams. is still the main supplier of Rookies with 24 newcomers. That is eleven less than a month ago, but still very impressive. The German community at PC Games Hardware are increasingly more Rookie friendly, closing in on Further on the list we find two French teams. Without spilling the beans too much, we can say that we have something really exciting coming up for the French Rookie community next year.

We like seeing this evolution and hope many other Rookies find their way to active and vibrant overclocking teams!

Team Rookies # since Aug 17
Canada 24 -11
Germany PC Games Hardware 20 =
France Cowcotland 15 +3
France Republic of Clocker 9 +2
USA 8 =
Ukraine Overclockers.UA 7 /
Australia Australia OC 7 /
Indonesia BNCC Overclocking 6 N/A
Brazil 7 -1
GB Team MLG 5 =

Update On Site Translation Progress: Dutch and French Near Completion

//UPDATE// Updated the translation progress.

The volunteers who are working on the translation of the website are putting in over time, it seems. Their incredible effort has lead to a near-complete translation for both Dutch and French. Once the final translations are done, we will upload the translations to our test environment so other community members can check if the translation was done correctly and improve where necessary.

Once again, a big thanks goes out to everyone involved in the translation work. You're awesome!

New 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra Preset Added To Benchmark Suite

Yesterday Futuremark made claim to releasing the world's first 4K benchmark with their new Fire Strike Ultra preset of the 3DMark benchmark. Fire Strike Ultra is preset number eight for the 3DMark benchmark, which features presets for pretty much any device now ranging from the very low-end mobile devices to the ultra high-end 4K rigs.

We have included the Fire Strike Ultra preset in our benchmark suite database and it is now possible to submit your benchmark results. For now no points are awarded to the benchmark, but this may change in the future as the benchmark becomes more accepted amongst the overclocking community.


  • Link to benchmark page: click
  • Link to download page:

PS: right before I was going to push the publish button, I checked the benchmark overview page and found out NeCrOmAnCiN from Canada made the first submission. That's within minutes of adding the benchmark to the database and before the news announcement. Well, I guess congratulations with the record! :-)