Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
XTU Core i7 4790K 5616 MHz Dancop 1458 marks 91.3 pts 9   3
XTU Pentium G3258 6070 MHz littleboy 450 marks 50.8 pts 4   0
XTU Core i7 4790K 5000 MHz giorgioprimo 1328 marks 48.2 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 4790K 5004 MHz phil 1318 marks 46.3 pts 0   1
HWBOT Prime Core i7 4790K 5957 MHz Doc.Brown 6890.26 pps 41.3 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme GeForce GTX 780 Ti 1700/1900 MHz giorgioprimo 7632 marks 39.0 pts 1   1
XTU Core i7 4790K 4900 MHz KaRtA 1244 marks 38.6 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 4790K 4900 MHz Bruno 1227 marks 35.0 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 4790K 4800 MHz henkenator68NL 1226 marks 34.3 pts 0   0
Cinebench R15 Core i7 4790K 5704 MHz Doc.Brown 1170 cb 34.2 pts 0   0

Competition Entries

HWBOT Articles

At OverClocking-TV, our mission is this: Promote the practice of overclocking worldwide. No matter Pro, extreme or enthusiast – all sorts of OC deserve to be broadcasted. This is our only goal and nothing has changed since we started back in 2009.

Back then things were still very archaic. We used SD handy-cams to cover events, and our streams were merely music and a 360p hell sometimes only 240p video feeds. But over time, we improved and technology backed us up. Covering each year more events slowly got us access to better gear; dramatically developed our skills and this lead us to the point where we are today.

We shoot event coverages all over the world; OCTV is owner of the largest archive of Live OC video footage & picutures in the world (we have stuff dating back to the early shamino/hipro era). We stream now only in HD/FHD and even sometimes go wild with 4K video projects.

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Hardware news

HardwareAsylum Podcast #43 - Computex 2014 Wrap Up and MSI MOA Americas Qualifier

Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren Mccain

Time: 38:56

Listen NOW

Show Notes

Computex 2014 Wrap up and MSI MOA Americas Qualifier

It has been two months since the last Hardware Asylum Podcast and while we strive to have regular episodes posted for our listeners there are times when life gets in the way and schedules clash. Dennis and Darren had difficulty being in the same state over the past two months and sadly, the podcast suffered. Well, the duo is back and starts the podcast off with a brief introduction as to what has been happening.

We should also mention that two months can wreck havoc on remembering mundane details like the warranty length on the new Gigabyte Black Edition motherboards which is 5 years and not the 3 that was mentioned in the podcast.

More information: click


Updated Haswell SuperPI 32M Low Clock Challenge: Splave Tops Charts

Once every month we take a look at the SuperPI 32M low clock challenge in our forums. The goal of the challenge is simple: achieve the lowest SuperPI time at 5 GHz clock frequency. In other words, the task is to be as efficient as possible. Long before HWBOT came around, overclockers were already comparing their SuperPI times and tried to out'clock and tweak each other to achieve the best efficiency. In general, most overclockers focus on a light operating system, the perfect copy-waza and of course fully optimized memory subsystem. With Haswell, especially the latter has become an interesting challenge as overclockers "train" their kits to insane frequencies.

SuperPI efficiency is an art in itself. Below you can find the top score from the Haswell SuperPI 32M 5G Challenge thread. Congratulations are in place for the scores below; impressive stuff!

Category Time Overclocker CPU Memory Motherboard
Overall 5 min 54.578 sec Splave.ROM Core i7 4770K @ 5001.95 MHz G.SKILL PI 1410 MHz C6-10-6-21 ASRock Z97 OC Formula
Core i7 4790K 5 min 55.953 sec SHIMUZU Core i7 4790K @ 5001.59 MHz G.SKILL TridentX 1497 C8-12-11-16 ASRock Z97 OC Formula
Core i7 4770K 5 min 54.578 sec Splave.ROM Core i7 4770K @ 5001.95 MHz G.SKILL Flare 1410 MHz C6-10-6-21 ASRock Z97 OC Formula
Core i5 4690K 6 min 25.446 sec Minos Core i5 4690K @ 4898.9 MHz G.SKILL Flare 1200 MHz C8-12-8-26 Asus Maximus VII Hero
Core i5 4670K 6 min 0.890 sec L0ud_sil3nc3 Core i5 4670K @ 5001.53 MHz G.SKILL TridentX 1400 MHz C9-12-12-21 Asus Maximus VI Extreme
Pentium G3258 5 min 56.782 sec L0ud_sil3nc3 Pentium G3258 @ 5001.34 MHz G.SKILL PI 1375 MHz C6-10-6-21 ASRock Z97 OC Formula
Non K SKU 6 min 41.403 sec Barti27 Core i7 4790 @ 5000.00 MHz Corsair Vengeance 1200 MHz C10-11-10-27 MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming

OCTV's Road to MOA Live Show Episode #3 (Topic: EMEA Class A) Now Available On Replay

Last weekend the boys from OCTV aired the third episode of the Road to MOA Live Show. The show streamed on TwitchTV and had as main topic the MOA 2014 EMEA Class A Qualifier results. As guest appearance in this episode is yours truly, Massman.

The show replay is now available on YouTube. Also check out for more information about this week's giveaway. Enjoy! Remains Most Rookie-Friendly Overclocking Team

In the Recruit a Rookie! news article we advocated for overclocking teams to invite Rookie overclockers to integrate in the social fabric of an overclocking team. In the article we compiled a list of the most Rookie-friendly overclocking teams at HWBOT. By popular demand we provide you an update of the list. still is the most Rookie-friendly team at HWBOT, followed by PC Games Hardware and Team MLG. Of course the amount of Rookies can decrease over time as they get more experienced over time and move to the Novice category. Great stuff,!

Team Rookies # since Aug 17 32 -2
PC Games Hardware 22 +4
Team MLG 13 =
Cowcotland 13 +4
Republic of Clocker 8 N/A 6 +1
Team Russia 6 +2 5 +1
Middle Earth 4 N/A
Hellas Overclocking Team 4 N/A

Rookie IFeelYou Shows Off Lucky Draw Prize (and it's an awesome picture!)

A couple of weeks ago we announced the winners of the previous Rookie Rumble competitions: Rookie Rumble #7 and Rookie Rumble AMD #4. In that article we also gave away two Cooler Master Nepton Seidon 120V Plus CPU coolers to one lucky Rookie in each competition. One of the two winners, IFeelYou from Lithuania, sent us back an email showing off his prize. We were pleasantly surprised ... the picture is awesome!

Thanks again for participating in the Rookie Rumble and good luck in your future overclocking endeavors, IFeelYou. And if you have more of these awesome pictures, feel free to drop another mail!

Sharing the Presentation of HWBOT at Caseking Gamescom 2014 Booth

HWBOT attended Gamescom 2014 and gave an overclocking presentation at the Caseking booth. Roman "Der8auer" Hartung, Timothée "Xyala" Pineau and Pieter-Jan "Massman" Plaisier entertained the crowd with this presentation (includes videos!).

You can also find some pictures on our Facebook page here, download the high-quality PDF here or watch the introduction video on YouTube here.

Poll: Allow Combined Accounts in Overclockers League?

Following a series of discussions over email and other communication channels, we propound disallowing combined user accounts in the Overclocker Leagues. Several users have complained that competing in against combined/team accounts in the individual rankings "don't make sense" and "is very demotivational". After listing to the argumentation we find sense in this feeling and thus this poll.

The Poll question is simple: "Should we allow combined/team accounts in the (individual) Overclocker Leagues?". The poll options are Yes, No and No Opinion. As always you can find the Poll on the right-hand side in the sidebar.

In case the community votes No, team accounts will no longer be allowed in the Overclockers League. Specifically, accounts carrying the word Team (eg: "TeamBE") or in plural form (eg: "The Belgians") will be requested to merge to a user account.

Happy Voting!

Enthusiast and Global Silver: Menthol from ROG Supreme OC Grabs Second Place in Catzilla 720P 2xGPU

For a while now, the HWBOT overclocking community comes in five different flavors: Elite, Extreme, Enthusiast, Novice and Rookie. The Elite and Extreme overclockers are the folks who use sub-ambient cooling techniques to set their personal best benchmark scores and evidently we expect them to score top positions in the global benchmark rankings. But once in a while, a non-Elite or Extreme manages to tweak himself to the top of the leaderboard.

Menthol, a US-based overclocker from the ROG Supreme OC team, scored an impressive 52189 marks with 2x GeForce GTX 780 Ti at 1518/1900 MHz in Catzilla 720P 2xGPU. This score places Menthol on second place global and in between two LN2 overclockers. Very impressive, particularly because Menthol is a 100% Enthusiast-grade overclocker. No LN2 for this man, just tweaking and top scores.

Well done!

Madshrimps Report: GIGABYTE Extreme Overclocking Competition 2014

Leeghoofd from Madshrimps just published his reported on the GIGABYTE EOC 2014 competition. Must read!

Each year Gigabyte Germany organizes the Extreme Overclocking Competition. At the EOC the best overclocking teams of Germany have a chance to prove who is still king. The main organizer behind each event is Germany’s finest Roman Hartung also known as der8auer at This year besides Gigabyte also G.Skill, Intel, Seasonic and Gelid solutions provided the required hardware and fundings to allow this clash of the titans to take place at the Know Cube at the Heilbronn Tech University.


What more can we add than to hope to see a similar event next year. Congratz to the winners and the rest of the participants. Overclocking for the win!