Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 780 Ti 2038/3900 MHz k|ngp|n 25037 marks 158.0 pts 16   12
HWBOT Prime Pentium G3258 6000 MHz michel90 4895.96 pps 47.9 pts 0   0
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset Radeon R9 290X 1525/1650 MHz Redmax 5221.4 DX11 Marks 44.6 pts 7   0
HWBOT Prime Core i7 4770K 6000 MHz Mikecdm 6896.26 pps 44.4 pts 2   3
3DMark - Fire Strike GeForce GTX 780 Ti   Joa3d43 30742 marks 38.8 pts 0   0
XTU Core i5 4670K 4914.2 MHz zwitterion93 1160 marks 32.4 pts 0   0
3DMark - Fire Strike GeForce GTX 780 Ti   Joa3d43 27468 marks 31.6 pts 0   0
HWBOT Prime Pentium G3258 5226 MHz nvidiaforever2 4562.26 pps 26.3 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 4770K 4800 MHz nighthawk 1151 marks 25.2 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 4790K 4905.7 MHz HOMECINEMA-PC 1180 marks 24.6 pts 0   0

Competition Entries

HWBOT Articles

In last week’s write-up we brought up a couple of arguments why your team should recruit a Rookie. During our journey to find out more about Rookies who already joined an overclocking team, we stumbled on a small but active UK-based team operating under the name Team MLG. Team MLG is a fairly small overclocking team. The team originates from a gaming community of 111 members based in the UK. Founded by Paul "Huddy" Hudson and a couple of his gamer friends, the community recently started overclocking at HWBOT. We got in touch with the Team Captain Gregster and asked him a couple of questions about the team, HWBOT and overclocking. Continue to the full interview ->

Hardware news

Overview of the Intel XTU Integration Project by HWBOT

We recently prepared an overview of our XTU integration efforts in the past 13 months. In a brief presentation we detail the process from XTU application to HWBOT submission and continue from submission to Rookie Rumble participation and eventually HWBOT League participation. For those interested in numbers and statistics, we've also included basic "key performance indicators". The most interesting one is probably the 400% increase in active users per week over the past 13 months.

Just wanted to share!

(PS: high-quality PDF for download here)


Overclocking-TV Hosts The Road to MOA Livestream Show: Everything You Need to Know About the MSI MOA Qualifiers!

The qualification phase of this year's MSI Master Overclocking Arena is almost half-way through. By the end of this month we will know who will feature in the finals representing the Americas. Overclocking-TV, our eyes and ears at every overclocking event, is hosting a Road To MOA live-show to re-cap what happened during the qualifiers and update you on all the latest MSI MOA news.

To quote Overclocking-TV: "In the previous years, we use to post a news for each of the MOA regional qualifier finals. This year, to cover each qualifiers as well as MOA and overclocking in general, we decided to host a live show instead. The show will be streamed on our twitch channel and will address the following topics: MSI and the Master Overclocking Arena competition series, Overclocking in general (how it works, how to do it, on what hardware etc), MOA 2014 competition infos (latest news and discussions around MOA), MOA 2014 Qualifiers results and much more!"

You can find the schedule of the show below.

Show Show dates Time (GMT+8) (day+1) Taiwan Time (GMT+1) Time (GMT -8) ET
Show #1 - Show intro Saturday, July 26th 9:30 AM 3:30 AM 9:30 PM
Show #2 - AM Sunday, August 3rd 8:00 AM 2:00 AM 8:00 PM
Show #3 - EMEA Saturday, August 16th 1:00 AM 7:00 PM 1:00 PM
Show #4 - APAC / B Sunday, August 31st 9:30 AM 3:30 AM 9:30 PM
Show #5 - Qualifier Recap Sunday, September 14th 9:30 AM 3:30 AM 9:30 PM

Apparenly there's also a bunch of prizes to win during the liveshows, so check out the announcement over at OCTV and make sure to tune in for the show!

New Feature: League Filters for Global Benchmark Rankings

We already teased this new feature on our Facebook page a couple of days ago, but since yesterday it is available for everyone on the production server. As you know we recently improved our Overclockers League by introducing the Elite, Novice and Rookie groups. Following the leagues we have expanded the global benchmark rankings with a league filter.

With the new league filter it is now possible to browse any global benchmark ranking scoped to the league of you and your peers. Ever wondered what the highest 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme 1xGPU for Enthusiast is? Now we can find out it's Menthol with 7169 points.

We hope you enjoy this feature and thank you for all the support!

K|ngp|n Rounds Up 4 Single GPU Records with His Very Own GTX 780 Ti Classified KP Edition at 2050MHz GPU!

It is fairly evident that if you have a product carrying your name, you are expected to demonstrate what the hardware is capable of. Even though he only had a signature on the motherboard and not part of the product name, NickShih demonstrated this before with the Z87 OC Formula motherboard. For K|ngp|n things are a bit different since he actually has a product carrying his name – a first in the world of overclocking, I believe. Well that is if we disregard the illustrious Fatal1ty of course.

In any case, K|ngp|n had been quiet for a while. Rumors say he’s been working on the successor of the GTX 780 Ti, but yesterday’s results seem to point in the direction of intense benching sessions. The results are phenomenal: the first (real) 2GHz GTX 780 Ti and four single GPU records: 3DMark Vantage Performance, 3DMark11 Performance and both 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme. Boom!

The 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme record in particular is impressive, scoring 8950 points. K|ngp|n now has a lead of 238 points over number two Dancop, that’s almost 3%. A mile in the world of overclocking. For those hoping to see big milestones we would recommend a little bit more patience. Maybe someone will step up and take on The K|ng or he will pull out one of his backup scores.

More to come, that’s for sure!

More information:

(Click to enlarge)

Dancop and WebTourist Win GIGABYTE Z97 Catzilla OC Challenge – Top-3 Global Scores Set During Competition!

After a short down time yesterday, today we can finally announce the winners of the GIGABYTE Z97 Catzilla OC Challenge. In the ambient cooling stage where only air and water cooling was allowed, WebTourist from Bulgaria took the win. He outscored TeamAU and Dancop by respectively 88 and 105 points using a GIGABYTE Z97X-UD5H, a Core i7 4770K at 4700 MHz and a GTX 780 Ti clocked at 1555/2075 MHz. The final result was 36832 marks and you can find more details here (

In the extreme cooling stage, Dancop was victorious setting a new Catzilla 720P 1xGPU record! With 43121 points the German overclocker beat DFORDOG from China (42891) and TeamAU (41941). For this he obviously used liquid nitrogen cooling and clocked the Core i7 4770K to 6000 MHz. He combined this CPU with the GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force and a GTX 780 Ti clocked at 1975/2100 MHz. Now that’s an overclock!

A notable mention goes out to runner-ups DFORDOG and TeamAU for setting the second and third best Catzilla 720P 1xGPU overall during the competition. Adding Vivi's #4 position to the list, GIGABYTE now dominates this global ranking. Congratulations!

For more information on the competition, check out the competition page. The winners will be contacted shortly. Stay tuned for more competitions!

(Winning systems)

(Clickable - GIGABYTE dominating Catzilla 1xGPU 720P)

Important! One Month Time Extension for HWBOT Team Cup 2014

This is a small news post to inform the Team Cup 2014 participants that we have extended the competition time by one month to accommodate those active in the many other competitions. The Team Cup requires the teams to compete on a wide range of hardware. Sourcing the components, figuring out its limitations and obtaining the best possible results takes up a lot of time. Given the incredible amount of ongoing competitions at the moment, we want to give those competing for the live competitions as well as other online competitions a bit of room to breathe.

The idea was posted in the forum and it seems most agree with the time extension. We will update the competition pages and news articles to reflect the new competition deadlines. The elimination date is now September 23, 12PM GMT+0 and the competition ends on September 30, 12:00PM GMT+0. Good luck everyone and enjoy the extra time to win those awesome Cooler Master prizes!

More information about the Team Cup on the competition page: click

8 Pack Sets New Record In Heaven DX11 1xGPU: 5686.01 with MSI R9 290X Lightning at 1600/1725

This record dates back from last week already, but we didn't share it yet. 8 Pack beat the Heaven DX11 1xGPU record by 78 points with an MSI R9 290X Lightning clocked at 1600/1725. He outscored Xtreme Addict from Poland (2nd) and Vivi (3rd) from South Africa.

For those who want to push their own R9 290X Lightning with LN2, here's a link to Vivi's 0.95V rail mod. This modification will help you clock higher and work around the black screen bug. Good luck!

(click to enlarge)

Dhenzjhen Improves HWBOT Prime 2xCPU Record Once More: 5005.19 PPS with Pentium G3258 at 6300 MHz

Once more Dhenzjhen improved the HWBOT Prime 2xCPU record, beating his own score by 5 points last weekend. The Pentium G3258 is getting increasingly more popular amongst the extreme overclockers as it's priced so well and is competitive in at least a couple of benchmarks.

Dhenzjhen is using the GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force motherboard with G.SKILL TridentX memory. The chip is seeing 1.93V Vcore. Closest competitor Sofos1990 is also on the Force motherboard, where third place Splave is using the ASRock Z97 OC Formula, displaying great potential only trailing by 70 points with only 200 MHz less frequency. We are looking forward to seeing more competition!

(click to enlarge)

MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Most Used Motherboard For Intel XTU in 2014

The XTU project launched almost 13 months ago and since then the active XTU user base of mostly enthusiast overclockers grew by 400%. Almost every week we see XTU activity reach new heights and we are very happy to see so many people interested in overclocking. We were curious to find out which is the most popular Haswell motherboard amongst XTU overclockers and found that the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming is the most used! MSI's gaming series have done fairly well in the last couple of months as the Gaming 5 and Gaming 7 are doing very well too.

Looking at the brand usage figures in 2014, we see that MSI is leading with 34%. ASUS powers 26% of the systems and GIGABYTE 16%. It's great to see MSI leading so much new blood to the world of overclocking!

ObscureParadox Overclocks Celeron 1.2GHz to 4GHz (235% OC) During HWBOT Team Cup 2014

ObscureParadox, a UK-based overclocker competing for the overclocking team, has broken the percentage overclocking world record for Intel CPUs by submitting a 4021 MHz CPU-Z validation with an old-school Mobile Celeron 1.2 GHz CPU. The CPU is 235% overclocked, the highest ever seen at HWBOT!

At the start of the Team Cup in June, the highest percentage overclock with an Intel CPU was in the hands of Tapakah at 207% with a Mobile Celeron 1.4 GHz CPU. Ivanov from Poland has also broken this record and is trailing ObscureParadox by a mere 5%. Hopefully we can see this record improved over the course of the competition. In any case, congratulations ObscureParadox!

More information:

  • HWBOT Team Cup: CLICK
  • HWBOT Team Cup 2014 - SC1: CPU Challenge - CPU-Z Pct OC Intel: CLICK
  • Result submission: CLICK


Dhenzjhen Breaks 5000 Points HWBOT Prime with Pentium G3258 at 6277 MHz and GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force

The Pentium G3258 is the unlocked dual core we've been waiting for: it can clock fairly high and gives us benching pleasure in benchmarks such as HWBOT Prime. The CPU is significantly more popular than the Core i5 4690K as in the past four weeks we've received a double amount of submissions with the dual core than the quad core.

Yesterday, Dhenzjhen broke the the 5000 points barrier in 2xCPU HWBOT Prime witht his very strong Pentium G3258 at 6277 MHz. He took the first spot from Sofos1990 by 15 points. We can expect more Pentium madness in the future as many overclockers announce they "will get another five to bin". Nice!


Wizerty Sets New Cinebench R15 6xCPU Record with Core i7 4930K at 6.33GHz

Yesterday the French overclockers Wizerty and Stragetossan published a new Cinebench R15 record with the 6-core Core i7 4930K clocked at 6.33GHz. They outscored Dancop by 21 points and set the new top score for Cinebench R15 6xCPU at 1707 points.


[Lab501] Overclocking study – Intel Core i7 4790K & Intel Pentium G3258 – air, water, phase-change, DICE & LN2

Lab501 once again took hardware to the extreme and reported on e-very-thing you need to know about the Core i7 4790K and Pentium G3258. Enjoy the 28-page read!

Full article: here.

"... Goooood morning LAB501 !!! Finally, the article you have all been waiting for is here ! Heck, to be honest, this is also the article we were also waiting for. Even since the dawn of LAB501, we always wanted to do a complete overclocking study, using most of the cooling methods out there. And we never did a full study, because we are very thorough in our work, and each time we would start we would give too much attention to one of the cooling methods and in the end we could not treat all cooling methods properly. Just imagine that one of Ramiro’s air cooling reviews had 96 pages, and you will understand what I am talking about."

"... Other than that I think we pretty much covered the whole array of cooling methods from air to LN2 and you also got to see how Core i7 4790K and Pentium G3258 react and scale with different cooling solutions. As you can see, the frequency reached with both CPU’s are pretty similar if we talk about single-threaded applications or validations. When we talk about full stability using all available cores then things change drastically because Core i7 4790K is limited by the heat. The little Pentium G3258 doesn’t have this problem because it has only 2 cores to begin with and only 3MB of cache.

Note that our samples are random, not hand picked… this means that your experience at home can be completely different. As a side note I can say that the G3258 we have is an above average sample, while the 4790K is just mediocre at best. Anyway, the Pentium G3258 is very fun to play with judging by its excellent overclock potential and also the very friendly price tag of only 72$. Also, the Core i7 4790K comes at the same price with the 4770K but with better TIM and with a healthy 500MHz frequency boost, which is quite a lot for home users. ..."