Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
XTU Core i7 5820K 5120 MHz WhitePaw 1998 marks 52.2 pts 0   1
3DMark2001 SE GeForce GTX 580 1434/1275 MHz Hideo 177374 marks 49.8 pts 9   4
XTU Core i7 4770K 5300 MHz nickolp1974 1283 marks 37.7 pts 0   2
XTU Core i7 5820K 4600 MHz kukjincho 1840 marks 37.2 pts 0   0
3DMark2001 SE GeForce GTX 280 1000/2173 MHz nXXo 145685 marks 36.0 pts 2   1
XTU Core i7 4790K 5000 MHz marcus_T 1270 marks 35.8 pts 3   0
3DMark11 - Performance Radeon R9 290X 1245/1650 MHz NATA 58 21123 marks 35.0 pts 0   0
3DMark11 - Performance GeForce GTX 980 1679/2200 MHz l0ud_sil3nc3 23526 marks 34.2 pts 0   1
XTU Core i5 4570 3912 MHz minicoopers 989 marks 33.6 pts 0   0
HWBOT Prime Core i7 4790K 5614 MHz Xevipiu 6674.09 pps 32.3 pts 0   0

Competition Entries

Amateur Overclocking Tournament 2014 – The Final Battle

On December 4 HWBOT is flying out to Yogyakarta, Indonesia to follow the conclusion of the AOCT 2014 (Amateur Overclocking Tournament) competition. AOCT is an Indonesian-only overclocking tournament organized by the team of JagatReview is an active force in the world of overclocking, delivering year-over-year participants contending for the overclocking championship titles of MSI Master Overclocking Arena or HyperX OC TakeOver.

The AOCT 2014 is the world’s largest amateur live overclocking tournament and the final rounds take place from December 7 to 10.


HWBOT Articles

Traditionally GIGABYTE holds a Secret OC event right before any major new Intel platform launch. Sometimes the Secret OC is widely covered on Facebook, like for example when the in-house overclockers were testing the Z97 chipset, and sometimes it’s really a secret. The X99 Secret OC session was kept secret for most of the overclocking community, and only after the event we saw the damage by the team formed by HiCookie, Sofos1990, Dinos22, YoungPro (TeamAU), SniperOZ, Vivi, and Steponz. And we’re not just talking about the OC Lab door ...


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Hardware news

Skylake and Broadwell CPU and GPGPU Performance Figures At SiSoft Sandra?

While browsing the SiSoft Sandra result database we stumbled upon what appears to be a set of performance figures of the Intel Skylake architecture. One set of results is gathered under the "Intel Skylake Client platform Skylake Client System (Intel Skylake AIO DDR3L RVP10)" system while another is gathered under the "ASUS SKYLAKE-DDR3-VC" system. The performance figures include mostly theoretical benchmark results, and it seems they've not been confirmed by another media thus far. We cannot verify the numbers or data, but it seems SiSoft Sandra is treating them as legit as they published an article based on the figures a while ago titled: "Benchmarks : Intel Gen 6 Core (Skylake 2015) GPGPU (HD 6000 EV9) Preview: Worthy upgrade?

Does anyone know if the results can be trusted? And if so, how they got published?

More Info: click

Update: We have received an email stating the specs appear to match current engineering samples. No confirmation on the performance figures yet.


HardwareAsylum Podcast #47 - GIGABYTE Motherboard Evolution and Changing Overclocking Competitions

Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren Mccain

Time: 45:41

Listen NOW

Show Notes

GIGABYTE Motherboard Evolution

Reviewing motherboards isn’t always the easiest and every reviewer tends to look at different aspects. Some are super critical of fan controls while others may only look at feature differences between an entire group. The reviews at Hardware Asylum often focus on features and what makes the board special. Some are designed for overclocking while others may cater to the gamer. One thing Dennis has noticed over the years is that motherboard designs change based on what users are doing in the marketplace.

Like past competitions the finalists were tasked with obtaining top scores in three benchmarks and were awarded points for how they placed. This year the benchmarks were SuperPi 32M, Cinebench R15 and 3DMark Firestrike. Along with the Classic Battle the finalists would compete in a secondary "No Limits Battle" allowing them to bench their own hardware for HWBoints. The no limits battle was really interesting since strategy would ultimately determine the winner. Some choose to bench obscure hardware while others tried their luck in competitive categories with lots of competition.

A perfect example of this evolution is the Gigabyte OC products dedicated to overclocking. Of course overclocking isn’t the only thing you can use these motherboards for but, the marketing has been designed such that overclocking is first.

The rouges gallery contains every "mainstream" OC motherboard that Gigabyte has produced staring with the X58A-OC and ending with the X99 SOC Force. In the podcast Dennis mentions a few unicorns with even more to offer.

A Change to Live Overclocking Competitions

There was an article published on Hardware Asylum that talked about how overclocking competitions needed to change if they were to grow into a full ocSport. Some of the points in the article included removing "bin" from the equation and changing the structure to be more of a game that challenged the overclocker to get the best score possible within a limited set of constraints, submit a score and then do it again.

In this segment Dennis and Darren discuss the new competition format and how it can actually make competitions better for everyone from the manufacturers making the hardware to the overclockers dedicating their time to the hobby/sport and the media struggling to find interest in this niche.

More information: click

Techspot Goes Down Memory Lane and Lists The Most Memorable Overclockable CPUs

The new generation of overclockers may not know, but overclocking is actually a very old practice. Even before the first Pentium processor, people were already squeezing more performance out of their hardware. Overclocking truely democratized with arrival of the Intel Celeron 300A which could be up-clocked from 300 MHz to 500 MHz without too much hassle. From the on forward, things went hard. We saw the Athlon XP-M CPUs clock up to 3GHz with a simple phase-change, and the Celeron D series hit over 8 GHz on liquid nitrogen.

In 2011 Intel changed their overclocking strategy and locked the bus frequency on Sandy Bridge CPUs. As the author of the Techspot article points out, even though people feared the end of overclocking we were given CPUs that could do sometimes 5 GHz stable on water cooling. Let us also not forget the wonders of AMD, who not only were the first to achieve 1000 MHz with their legendary Thunderbird CPUs, but were also (accidental) first to offer unlockable CPUs. That's right, with a bit of luck you could unlock a Phenom II X2 555 from two to four cores. Everything depending on your luck and karma level of course.

If you enjoy the occasional trip down memory lane, check out the article at here.

Translation Update 15/12: French In Second Beta Test, Spanish Over 50%

The translation effort by our community is continuing steadily. Since last week we are conducting a second round of beta testing the French language on our User Acceptance Testing ("UAT") environment. For those who want a scoop of the French version of, you can have a look here. We have also implemented the updated Chinese translations as we already mentioned in another news item, but this version is still in its first round of testing.

The translation in to other languages is moving forward. Notable updates are Spanish which is now over 50% completion, and Indonesian which has been improved significantly to 35%. We want to thank all translators for their efforts!

HWBOT Country Cup: Action Heats Up as Stage 1 Nears End

The HWBOT Country Cup is well under way with Stage 1 drawing to a close in just three day's time. As things are looking right now, it looks like France, Australia and the US are sitting pretty in the top three spaces of the contest as a whole. But just before Stage 1 draws to a close, let's take a closer look at the current state of a fiercely fought contest that stokes the emotions and heart-strings of good old national pride.

France are enjoying the top spot right now based on some pretty dominant displays in Stage 2 (XTU) with 1578.67 marks, but they will have to watch out as they have the Germans breathing down their necks just a few points behind. It looks like the XTU stage will in fact end up in the hands of one of these two teams with, only Argentina in a possible position to gain ground.

Team 'Aus' are certainly doing it for Australia, appearing in the current top four of all four stages. They are 4th in the Stage 2 (XTU), 2nd in Stage 3 (3Mark Ice Storm) and 4th place in both Stage 1 (3DMark Fire Strike Ultra) and Stage 4 (SuperPi 32M). I would not put it past those plucky Aussies to come up trumps at the end of the competition.

Then we have the 'Muricans; a US team that sits at the top of Stage 1 with a healthy score of 4185.33 marks which gives them a good margin of safety over the Germans who are heading a pack of teams hovering around 3,500 points. Interestingly the US team only register in the top three of one other stage, that being Stage 4 where they currently sit in 2nd place, sandwiched between leaders France and 3rd placed Romania.

The 1st Stage, centered around GPU benching on GTX 980, GTX 780 Ti, R9 290X cards benching 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, will close Monday December 15. Will we see an upset at the death? With points heavily weighted at the top end of the scale, there are several teams who would fancy pushing up for the higher, more lucrative places, including current contest leaders France and a German team who have yet to really show their teeth in this contest.

Stay tuned for a grand finale weekend of HWBOT Country Cup benching.

Find out more about the HWBOT Country Cup 2014 on the COMPETITION PAGE.

AOCT 2014 - The Final Battle Tomorrow LIVE From 10.30AM (GMT+7)!

Today was the last day of the AOCT 2014 MOBO OC Challenge Qualifiers and we now know the 12 teams which will be competing in The Final Battle tomorrow. The final starts at 10.30AM local time (GMT+7) and finishes at 5.00PM local time. You can follow the competition LIVE at OC-ESPORTS.IO with coverage by Overclocking-TV. See below for the embedded livestream and the links to the competition pages.

May the best Amateurs win, Good luck everyone!

Update: Overclocking Global First Place set at HWBOT during week 48 and 49

Every two weeks we inform our press contacts about the latest evolutions for Global First Place results. In week 48 and 49 of this year, we noted 11 new Global First Place results. In the article below you can find a overview of the results. Click here for more information.

The list of scores:

  • Der8auer (Germany): 2xCPU WPrime 1024M, 3min 49sec 62ms
  • Der8auer (Germany): 2xCPU Cinebench R11.5, 5.51 points
  • Slinky PC (USA): 4xGPU Catzilla 720p, 62106 marks
  • 8 Pack (UK): 1xGPU 3DMark 2001, 192167 marks
  • Slinky PC (USA): 3xGPU Catzilla 1440P, 26861 points
  • Dancop (Germany): 3xGPU Catzilla 720P, 68122 points
  • Dancop (Germany): 4xGPU Catzilla 1440P, 30432 points
  • TeamAU (Australia): 4xGPU 3DMark Vantage Performance, 115358 marks
  • TeamAU (Australia): 8xCPU XTU, 2957 points
  • TeamAU (Australia): 4xGPU 3DMark11 Performance, 50993 marks

More information (click).

OC-ESPORTS v1.2.0 Released: Major Speed Improvement, Ongoing Competitions on Front Page, and more

The third version update of our three projects just moved to production as well! After the release of HWBOT Prime V1.1.0 and HWBOT V5.16.2, the development team finished OC-ESPORTS V1.2.0.

The most noticeable updates included in the new version are two major items of feedback we received in the past couple of weeks: 1) a dramatic browsing speed increase, and 2) a list of ongoing competitions on the front page. The full list of bug fixes and improvements can be found below.

We hope you like our work. As always, if you have any feedback feel free to drop a message below!


  • HWBESPORT-123: Highlight ongoing competitions on the front page
  • HWBESPORT-138: General speed improvements for content heavy pages
  • HWBESPORT-161: Spike: SEO optimization


  • HWBESPORT-143: Front page additions: highlight on-going competitions (design)


  • HWBESPORT-153: Clicking home does not close menu

CES 2015 Attendees: Register For The HyperX OC Takeover Open Freestyle Event

On January 7, HyperX provides space, LN2 and prizes in a freestyle overclocking session following the HyperX OC TakeOver World Finals at CES 2015. Register here to apply for one of the 20 seats (10 tables) and join HyperX for a day of overclocking!

HyperX provides cash and hardware prizes for scoring records and hitting specific target scores. At the Caesar’s Palace there will be 20 seats available. Registrants may pair up with a fellow overclocker. To register, submit your best Kingston/HyperX Memory Clock score. Participants will be selected randomly. Note: this is a Bring Your Own Hardware event. HyperX may provide supporting hardware. The HyperX OC TakeOver CES 2015 Freestyle is open to all overclockers attending CES 2015.

For more information, check out the registration page.

Simplified Chinese Translation in Beta Test

This is just a small news post to highlight we've moved to the beta testing phase with the translation of HWBOT to Simplified Chinese with the help of translators Elvis Liu and Druid. Hopefully we can move the (updated) language to production servers!