Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
Catzilla - 720p GeForce GTX 980 Ti 1856/2096 MHz Gunslinger 56256 marks 76.4 pts 3   2
XTU Core i7 6700K 5860 MHz Strat 1989 marks 73.0 pts 1   2
HWBOT Prime Core i7 4770K 6216 MHz gubben 7032.65 pps 51.9 pts 0   0
Cinebench - R15 Core i7 4790K 6000 MHz OazisOC 1215 cb 46.4 pts 1   1
XTU Core i5 6600K 5780 MHz coolhandluke41 1679 marks 46.3 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 5820K 4710 MHz octogen 1922 marks 44.6 pts 0   0
Cinebench - R15 Core i7 4770K 6000 MHz d0minat0r 1223 cb 44.2 pts 0   1
Cinebench - R11.5 Core i7 4790K 6000 MHz OazisOC 13.22 points 43.6 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 6700K 4790 MHz DrTanK 1671 marks 43.4 pts 0   1
Cinebench - R11.5 Core i7 4770K 6100 MHz d0minat0r 13.25 points 41.3 pts 0   1


HWBOT Articles

Our series of Overclocker profile videos continues today with a very candid and revealing interview with Jonas, otherwise known to many as Mean Machine. Read on and enjoy a chat with one of the original players from back in the day.

" For those starting in overclocking I would probably say, just have fun. Do things just for fun. This is a hobby which is going to cost you a lot of money, just don’t let anyone suck the fun out of it. If you think it’s fun, go for it. [...] Furthermore I would say join the events, meet people. It’s fun. It’s the people that make the community ... "

Continue reading

Hardware news

Advanced Skylake Overclocking: Tune DDR4 Memory RTL/IO on Maximus VIII with Alex@ro's Guide

Alex@ro shares his findings tuning the RTL/IO timings on ASUS ROG Maximus VIII motherboards in a thread posted on the forums.

In a a picture-heavy thread, Alex@ro from Romania helps you to get somehow near the SuperPI 32M efficiency of Bullant. Althought I personally won't be able to get close to Bullant, the more experience extreme Skylake overclockers might. The trick with RTL/IO tuning is in memory training. In particular, the IO Latency Offset and the IO Latency RFR Delay are of importance. To start of the process, start at DDR4-3000 C11 and configure the RTL Initial Value to the lowest it can boot.

Then, increase the IO Latency Offset by one integer. After a reboot you will find the RTL/IO values to have tightened up, resulting in higher performance. Repeat this process until you fail to POST the system. In the examples Alex@ro presents in the forum, you can see a gain from DDR4-3600 RTL/IO (auto) 53/50/11/6 to an optimized 49/50/5/4.

For more information, check out the forum thread HERE.


How To: An Overclocking Masterclass by MaximumPC

In the September 2015 issue of MaximumPC this article features as undoubtedly an extension of the overclocking vibe Intel ignited with the launch of Skylake. Although the adoption of Skylake is slow - blame a lack of CPUs and motherboards for that - overclocking is hip again as always. Because we all know: the PC gaming master race also needs master clocks.

In a 3-page article, Zak Storey from MaximumPC explains the basics of overclocking. How it works, what hardware is required, which software tools are available and of course why you need to overclock. The message is simple: overclocking gives you performance, for free! So why bother with stock. Stock is for sissies.

The article includes a 10-step program: check stability, check the temperature, stress the components, go in the bios, auto overclock, change the multiplier, test again, find the limit, add more voltage, find the limit again, and repeat until you've found the maximum stable setting. At this point I, and many enthusiast overclockers with me, will recommend you to upgrade your cooling and continue overclocking. But for daily usage that might be a step too far.

Regardless, this guide will work for anyone who wants a quick guide on how to get started with overclocking. You can find the article HERE. Enjoy!

[OC-ESPORTS] XTREME OC Team Bulgaria Win Old School is Best School Round 4

This week saw the conclusion of the fourth installment of the Old School is Best School contest on OC-ESPORTS, and for the very first time in the contest’s history we have a new winner with XTREME OC Team Bulgaria taking the crown from perennial winners Classicplatforms. Let’s take a look at how the contest panned out in a little more detail.

Just in case you are new to this competition, let’s give you an outline of what it’s all about. Overclockers tend to be a pretty nostalgic bunch people at times. Get them talking about old hardware from yesteryear and their eyes well up with happy memories of the good old days. They also tend to keep hold their old gear, hoarding components that would struggle to run Windows XP Service Pack 3. The Old School is Best School contest is one devoted to older hardware. Each round involves teams of overclockers blowing the cobwebs of ancient hardware and competing once again, just for the sheer pleasure it brings.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS

[OC-ESPORTS] Xtreme Addict and Arhaam Win GIGABYTE Z97 Last Hurrah Contest

We just reached the conclusion of the latest overclocking contest from GIGABYTE, a right royal rumble centered around the now deposed Intel Z97 chipset. With the arrival of the new Skylake (Z170) platform a month ago the concept behind the Last Hurrah was to give the OC community the chance to give a solid send off to a platform that has been at the heart of mainstream overclocking since its launch over a year ago. Let’s take a look at the stages, scores and eventual winners in a little more detail.


Congrats to all overclockers who took part in making the GIGABYTE Z97 Last Hurrah contest a success. Stay tuned for forthcoming OC contests from GIGABYTE in the near future on OC-ESPORTS. For more a full breakdown of final scores and standings visit the contest page on OC-ESPORTS below:!/round/gbt_z97_lasthurrah.

Full announcement at OC-ESPORTS

Upcoming ASUS ROG GX700 Laptop Has Skylake Mobile K-SKU and ... Water Cooling

We found this news first at but it can be found across the web already. For example, The Verge has a video up as well. The latest ASUS ROG notebook has the capability of water cooling. Yes, that's right!

The specs of the ASUS ROG GX700 notebook are still unknown, but it is rumored to feature the upcoming Skylake Mobile Core i7 6820HK overclockable processor and Nvidia's latest mobile graphics solution. According to The Verge, ASUS says they can deliver up to 80% over the default configuration. This would be possible by cooling the notebook components so both the graphics card and processor can run at the maximum boost and turbo frequencies.

For now, there's not that much more information available. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Gaming PCs Account for 20% of PC Energy Consumption (but account for 2.5% of the overall usage) relayed a report from Berkeley Lab, in which it is estimated that the world's gaming PCs will be responsible for draining the power from 50 standard 500-megawatt power plants by 2020. However, even now in 2015, it would be possible for the average power consumption of gaming PCs to fall by 75 per cent "by changing some settings and swapping out some components, while also improving reliability and performance," according to the research. Some of the figures are quite staggering.

Gaming PCs account for 2.5 per cent of global PCs but use 20 per cent of the energy used by all PCs. A typical gaming computer uses 6x the amount energy of a typical PC in a year or 10x the amount used by a games console. With PC gaming in the ascendancy the 75 TWh of electricity used by gaming PCs globally in 2012 is expected to hit 150 TWh by 2020 unless such PCs can be designed to use less power. To see what could be done to reduce the power used by gaming PCs, without impacting on the all-important performance the researchers built five gaming PCs with varying component selections. It was found that it was possible to "achieve a 50 percent reduction in energy use while performance remained essentially unchanged."

Overclockers are known for their desire to push components to their maximum performance while keeping within a certain temperature envelope determined by the cooling used. This knowledge can be used to help Gaming PC builders and owners to optimize the energy usage for personal use.

Overclocking Skylake Z170 with MSI: 24/7 Air, Water and Sub-zero Cooling OC Results by Martijn Boonstra

On MSI's Gaming blog we find a nice Skylake Z170 overclocking article posted last week. Martijn Boonstra, product marketing at MSI Europe, took the latest MSI Z170 motherboard for a spin and wrote down his thoughts on overclocking the latest Intel processor architecture. In his article, he compares air, water, and sub-zero cooling results.

The setup he uses consists of the MSI Z170A Gaming M7 motherboard, an Intel Core i7 6700K processor, a set of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 memory, the MSI GeForce GTX780 Gaming graphics card, and it's all run on a Windows 10 Professional installation. The cooling gear used are the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO air cooler, the Corsair Hydro Series H100i all-in-one water cooler, and the LittleDevil Phase Change PC-V2 single stage phase change cooling.

The results are interesting. On air cooling, Martijn achieves a 12% overclock; using the all-in-one this increases to 17%, and using sub-zero cooling we end up with a 26% overclock. There is no information on whether the cpu was delidded and based on the high temperature under load (+15°C), we assume it wasn't. For overclocking, delid is important with Skylake!

For more information, pictures, and details, check out MSI's Gaming Blog!

The OC Show - S02E17: MSI 980Ti Lightning, OC at Pax Prime and in Indonesia

In the seventeenth episode of The OC Show Tim and Pieter discuss what's happened in the world of overclocking in the past two weeks. The topics vary from competitions, events, to graphics cards. As always, there will be a live Q&A on Sunday evening for you to ask questions about the latest show. For the time being, check out Episode 17 at YouTube. The topics for this episode are:

  • - OC-Esports competition updates
  • - Overclocking at Pax prime on the cooler master booth
  • - Two live OC events coming to Indonesia, one AMD, one Intel (#skylake)
  • - The MSI 980Ti lightning graphics card is finally here (in a week they said)
  • - Dinos22 and steponz streaming live

Check out the video by clicking on the picture or going straight to Youtube.

Z170 Statistics and BIOS Thread Updated; 47 new BIOSes and 1300 submissions

In the Skylake (Z170) OC subforum you can find thread related to Skylake overclocking, varying from thermal paste tests to the ROG Maximus VIII OC guide. In one of the threads you can find Z170 BIOS, tools, facts, stats and list of mainboards. Today we updated the thread with the latest statistics and uploaded 47 new BIOSes!

The new BIOSes coming from a variety of mainboard manufacturers. We have uploaded quite a lot of new BIOSes: 10x ASRock, 16x ASUS, 1x Biostar, 3x EVGA, 14x GIGABYTE, and 3x MSI. It's good to see mainboard vendors continuously update the firmware of their products as more bugs get ironed out and more overclocking headroom is made available to the overclockers.

In terms of statistics, we now have 1300 Skylake overclocking submissions in the database originating from about 150 overclockers worldwide. In total 32 mainboards have been used, which is less than half of the 82 mainboards we have in our database. The most popular brand currently is ASUS, with the Maximus VIII Gene as most used product. 34% of the overclockers are done with all-in-one water cooling. Digg_de from Germany is the most active overclocker with 201 submissions.

We look forward to seeing the Skylake overclocking activity pick up over the course of the next couple of weeks. Let us know if you have any guides or BIOSes to share so we can add it to the thread!