Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
Cinebench - R11.5 Core i3 6320 4680 MHz dhenzjhen 5.85 points 109.5 pts 32   16
Cinebench - R15 Core i3 6320 4680 MHz dhenzjhen 520 cb 107.5 pts 5   7
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Core i3 6320 4680 MHz dhenzjhen 10751 points 99.8 pts 1   7
XTU Core i5 6600K 6180 MHz nfszocker 1780 marks 82.7 pts 0   2
XTU Core i7 5960X 5750 MHz Bull56 3032 marks 74.5 pts 3   3
XTU Core i7 5960X 5700 MHz Perica_barii 2997 marks 64.1 pts 1   2
XTU Core i3 6320 3990 MHz gubben 736 marks 56.1 pts 2   0
XTU Core i7 6700K 5290 MHz Random 1759 marks 51.6 pts 0   0
3DMark03 GeForce 8800 GTS 512 Mb 1203/1269 MHz Strong Island 74160 marks 49.8 pts 6   4
Aquamark GeForce 8800 GTS 512 Mb 1170/1311 MHz Strong Island 482979 marks 49.5 pts 0   3


HWBOT Articles

In the Indonesian Overclocking scene today there is one name which stands out from the crowd. One player that really epitomizes the spirit and energy of the country’s blossoming OC scene. That player is Lucky_n00b. Today we are delighted to bring you the thoughts and opinions of Lucky_n00b in the latest installment of the HWBOT Overclocker in Focus series. Enjoy!

"... well some enthusiasts like Overclocking because they like to tamper with things, they like to you know, change the variables, the parameters of their hardware and they like because it’s quite complicated. It’s kind of challenging. But right now the challenge factor is well… I’ll probably just be honest and say it’s been reduced by a lot. But when... Overclocking in the past was hard to learn, but after that it’s ok, or not that difficult to master. Overclocking right now is easy to learn, but it’s really hard to master."

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Hardware news

[HWBOT X] AOCT 2015 Jabodetabek Auditions by Jagat OC

The AOCT 2015 (Amateur OverClocking Tournament) is a competition for Indonesian amateur overclockers organized by JagatOC. Each year, a complete journey awaits participants from all over Indonesia who wish to participate. Each contestant must go through the following steps to eventually qualify for the national AOCT 2015 Final Battle: Auditions, Qualification, Finals, and ultimately the AOCT 2015 Final Battle.

As part of a series of auditions (November 27 and November 29) for the region of Jakarta, the AOCT 2015 Jabodetabek Auditions will be taking place at the Multimedia Nusantara University on December 2 2015. In contrast with the two previous auditions events, there won’t be any PC assembly or theoretical test, the focus will only be on overclocking skills of the participants.

Check out the HWBOT X event page for more information. Stay up to date on the latest overclocking events with the HWBOT X Event Map.


Dhenzjhen Unlocks BCLK on Retail Skylake Core i3: Core i3 6320 at 4.6GHz

The overclocking world woke up with consternation as Dhenzjhen submitted three benchmark results with the Core i3 6320 overclocked to 4.6GHz. The Core i3 part should be completely locked by Intel as overclocking is saved for the K-sku parts. But in an odd turn of events, Dhenzjhen is showing 120MHz BCLK. Unlocked, in other words.

The question is how this is possible and of course what other CPUs could be unlocked in the future. According to Dhenzjhen, the modification in the system picture is not the trick to unlock the BCLK frequency, but a mere CPU Vcore readout point. The Supermicro H170 based motherboard is ready to go as it is, according to Dhenzjhen. It will certainly be interesting to see if this result can be duplicated by another user.

For more information and discussion, check out the Cinebench R11.5, Cinebench R11.5, and Cinebench R11.5. To be continued ...

12 Competitions Lose OC-ESPORTS Points in December

The OC-ESPORTS points are a part of the equation for the HWBOT Overclockers League leaderboard as the league is based on a member's best 15 combined global and wr scores overall, best 20 hardware scores overall, and the 10 best OC-ESPORTS points from the past 365 days. To help you understand why you may lose points this point, below you can find a table of the competitions which will lose their points this month.

Competitions Losing Points in December 2015

Competition Date of Losing Points Level Winner
ASRock 9 Series OC Competition 2014-12-01 1 8 Pack
HWBOT Country Cup 2014 2014-12-20 1 Australia
Rookie Rumble #12 2014-12-13 1 daNe
Rookie Rumble AMD #9 2014-12-13 1
HWBOT Prime Test Competition 2014-12-12 1 V2-V3
AOCT 2014 - MSI Challenge 2014-12-07 2 Konco Kenthal
AOCT 2014 - ASUS Challenge1 2014-12-08 2 Konco Kenthal
AOCT 2014 - GIGABYTE Challenge 2014-12-09 2 AmateurX
AOCT 2014 - Mini OC Challenge Final 2014-12-10 2
AOCT 2014 - Deepcool Mini OC Challenge 2014-12-08 2
AOCT 2014 - ID-Cooling Mini OC Challenge 2014-12-07 2 Ablech
AOCT 2014 - Final Battle 2014-12-10 2 NoIC-44

SuperPI 32M 5 GHz Challenge Leaderboard (Nov 23, 2015) - Bullant Fastest at 5 minutes and 53.828 seconds with Haswell

Just like every month we have a look at the SuperPI 32M low-clock challenge threads in our forum and make a list of the most efficient overclocks for various CPU architectures. The fastest SuperPI 32M at 5GHz is Bullant's Hawell result of 5 minutes and 53.828 seconds which is slightly faster than his previous best of 5 min 53.890 sec. Check out the full table below. For more information and efficient SuperPI 32M overclocking results, check out the low-clock threads in our Overclocking and Tweaking sub-forum and the SuperPI 32M Low Clock - Fastest Per Architecture forum thread.

Congratulations to all the leaders in their specific categories!

SuperPI 32M Intel 5 GHz Challenge Leaderboard (Nov 23, 2015)

Category Time Overclocker CPU Memory Motherboard
Skylake 5 min 57.047 sec L0ud_sil3nc3 Core i7 6700K HyperX Predator 1936 MHz C11-16-16-28 ASRock Z170 OC Formula
Broadwell 6 min 18.925 sec Fugger Core i7 5775C Corsair Dominator Platinum ASUS Maximus VII Gene
Haswell-E 5 min 55.922 sec Dinos22 Core i7 5960X G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 1667 MHz C9-12-14-13 GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion
Haswell 5 min 53.828 sec Bullant Core i7 4790K G.SKILL PI 1429 MHz C6-10-6-21 Z97X-SOC Force
Ivy Bridge 6 min 15.562 sec Bullant Core i7 3770K 1327 MHz C6-9-6-24 ASRock Z77 OC Formula
Sandy Bridge 6 min 30.359 sec Bullant Core i7 2600K G.SKILL PI 1134 MHz C6-8-6-20 GIGABYTE Z77X-UP4 TH

SuperPI 32M AMD 5 GHz Challenge Leaderboard (Nov 23, 2015)

Category Time Overclocker CPU Memory Motherboard
Kaveri 12 min 17.437 sec Zeropluszero A10-7850K 1198 MHz C8-11-9-18 GIGABYTE F2A88XN-Wifi
Vishera 14 min 9.391 sec Robbo2 FX-8350 G.SKILL PI 1300 MHz C8-11-8-24 ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z
Richland 14 min 9.156 sec Newlife A6-6420K G.SKILL TridentX 1184 MHz C7-10-10-8 GIGABYTE F2A88XN-Wifi
Trinity 14 min 11.016 sec Dinos22 A10-5800K Corsair Dominator 1333 MHz C9-12-12-24 GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4
Zambezi 15 min 18.875 sec Bones FX-4200 1166 MHz C7-11-8-21 ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
Llano 14 min 3.188 sec D3mox A8-3870K G.SKILL RipjawsX 1056 MHz C7-10-7-24 GIGABYTE A75-UD4H
Kabini 20 min 42.391 sec Newlife Athlon 5350 Patriot Viper II Sector 7 1000 MHz C6-8-6-20 ASUS AM1I-A

[HWBOT X] ASUS Finals 9 Extreme Overclocking Demo by Flank3r and Aerou

Flank3r and Aerou host an extreme overclocking demonstration on the ASUS booth at the ASUS Finals 9 eSports event in Svitavy, Czech Republic. This is a gaming event that features Czech Republic’s top players on CS, LOL, Starcraft II and Quakelive. The atmosphere is great as eSports fans from around Czech Republic gather to support their favorite players.

The event will run from Saturday 19th 10am to Sunday the 20th 10pm. It is open to the public and tickets costs between 11 and 18 Euros for a full day access. Come along and pass by the booth to have a chat with two of the most renown Czech overclockers!

Check out the HWBOT X event page for more information. Stay up to date on the latest overclocking events with the HWBOT X Event Map.

The OC Show Live Q&A - S02E23: Country Cup 2015, Lucky_n00b and Jagat's AOCT, and Wrapping Up 2015 with Gavbon, Redmax and Massman

In the final episode of The OC Show Live Q&A the season, Tim and Isaïe from Overclocking-TV and guests Gavbon from, Alva (Lucky_n00b) from Jagat OC, Dennis (Redmax) from Hardware-asylum and Pieter (Massman) from HWBOT, talk about what happened in overclocking land in the past two weeks. The topics are:

  • - Quick overview of the competitions at OC-ESPORTS
  • - The HWBOT Country Cup (Stage by Stage presentation and status overview)
  • - Lucky_n00b presents his plan for the Jagat Amateur OverClocking Tournament 2015/2016
  • - Our annual wrap up with each guest's 2015 highlights.

Click on the image to watch the video, or click here if you prefer old school hyperlinks.

Most Valuable Submission of Week 48, 2015: 168.4 by Dancop (Germany)

Last week we received 4483 benchmark results from 908 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 54% of the active community. They were responsible for 34% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

The Most Valuable Submission is calculated by the sum of a submissions's World Record, Global, and Hardware points. The Top Hardware Points is taking into account only the Hardware Points of a submission.

The most valuable submission of the week was the XTU 2xCPU of Dancop from Germany. The XTU 2xCPU category has been very competitive lately with the release of the Core i3 6320 Skylake processor. In the Extreme category we find another 2xCPU benchmark ranking, but this time it's in Cinebench R15 and with an older Xeon 5698 processor. Michel90 is the highest scoring overclocker here. In the Enthusiast class we find Pho5ph0ric, an Autralian overclocker we've seen pop up in the table more than once. In the Novice class we find cvdinvest.renato.silve from Portugal and in the Rookie class we find Jobinmat from the United Arab Emirates.

The overclocking results submitted during Week 48 generated in total 0 World Record Points, 6118 Global Points, and 8582.4 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 6% for Elite, 42% for Extreme, 20% for Enthusiast, 9% for Novice, and 23% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 2% Elite, 23% Extreme, 27% Enthusiast, 14% Novice, and 34% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 48, 2015

League Points Overclocker Benchmark
Elite 168.4 points Dancop XTU 2xCPU
Extreme 107.5 points Michel90 Cinebench R15 2xCPU
Enthusiast 55.8 points Pho5ph0ric XTU 2xCPU
Novice 41 points cvdinvest.renato.silva XTU 2xCPU
Rookie 39.5 points Jobinmat XTU Core i5 4200U (3th)

Top Hardware Points - Week 48, 2015

League Points Overclocker Benchmark
Elite 24.3 points Doc.Brown 3DMark Vantage Radeon HD 5870 (11th)
Extreme 33.4 points Luumi 3DMark01 GeForce 7600 GT PCIE GDDR3 (2nd)
Enthusiast 35.2 points Vadimua 3DMark01 GeForce 7900 GT (1st)
Novice 25.6 points FiestaMode 3DMark11 Performance Radeon HD 6950 (3rd)
Rookie 39.5 points Jobinmat XTU Core i5 4200U (3th)

G.SKILL Sponsors Prizes for Rookie Rumble #25 and Rookie Rumble AMD #22

The final Rookie Rumble round of 2015 has just kicked off a few days ago, and we are very pleased to confirm that there is now an added incentive to signing up - G.SKILL is giving away a very nice Trident Z DDR4 16GB memory kit and Trident X DDR3 16GB in a prize draw for all participants who submit on all three stages.

For the Rookie Rumble #25, there's is kit of G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 16GB (F4-3200C16D-16GTZ) up for grabs. For the Rookie Rumble AMD #22, there's a kit of G.SKILL TridentX DDR3 16GB (F3-2133C9D-16GTX) ready to be shipped out.

More information on the competition pages: Rookie Rumble #25 and Rookie Rumble AMD #22. Good luck everyone!

Full news announcement at

[HWBOT X] Shimizu Xtreme Overclocking Workshop at OlioSpec (Tokyo, Nov 28)

Shimizu hosts an overclocking workshop at Tokyo’s famous computer shop OlioSpec on November 28. Join him from 1:30pm onwards to learn how to overclock with liquid nitrogen and ask him any questions you want!

The event features two segments. First, an overclocking demonstration using the ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard and GeForce GTX 980 Ti Matrix graphics card. Second, the extreme overclocking workshop with liquid nitrogen: you can join and try extreme overclocking on the demo system, or even bring your own computer and overclock it there with the expert’s assistance.

Check out the HWBOT X event page for more information. Stay up to date on the latest overclocking events with the HWBOT X Event Map.