Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
3DMark06 GeForce GTX 980 1518/2000 MHz Strat 59247 marks 106.5 pts 7   3
3DMark2001 SE GeForce GTX 580 1473/1166 MHz Bullant 179805 marks 77.7 pts 11   2
3DMark06 GeForce GTX 580 1302/1166 MHz Bullant 53174 marks 75.7 pts 6   2
XTU Core i7 6700K 5910 MHz rsannino 1971 marks 74.4 pts 1   0
GPUPI for CPU - 1B Core i7 6700K 6300 MHz Strat 4min 8sec 834ms 60.8 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 6700K 5700 MHz strong island 1 1838 marks 59.0 pts 1   2
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset GeForce GTX 980 Ti 1880/2100 MHz oc_windforce 7716.75 DX11 Marks 53.6 pts 0   0
wPrime - 32m Core i7 6700K 6200 MHz Strat 3sec 202ms 49.7 pts 0   0
wPrime - 1024m Core i7 6700K 6200 MHz Strat 1min 40sec 890ms 46.3 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 5820K 4750 MHz Softy 1944 marks 45.4 pts 0   0


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HWBOT Articles

Continuing our in depth series of overclocker interviews, today we bring you the thoughts and musings of one of East Europe’s most recognised players. Allow us to introduce you to Achill3uS, a Hungarian overclocker with plenty of thought provoking ideas to share.

"Of course live events, to meet the other guys, the other addicted guys of overclocking is the best part of it. In Hungary I can say I was (one of) the first generation of extreme overclockers. So it’s nice to be in a community in your own country and see the guys get the fun part of it and asking for help and questions to you, and in the end you reach really nice results."

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Hardware news

Michal Vobozil "Xtreme Addict" in Interview with Intel IQ Poland: Talking about Extreme Overclocking

On the Polish version of the Intel IQ blog, we find Xtreme Addict in conversation with Intel. The long and very interesting interview deals with various aspects of overclocking: what drivers people to try LN2, what kind of competitions are there, what are the risks for your hardware, and so on. Check out the interview at in Polish or use the Google Translated version in English. Below are a couple of quotes from Xtreme Addict.

The main difference between homemade and competitive overclocking is the use - the high-performance overclocking is only temporarily, for the duration of thebenchmarks to test the strength and potential of architecture when looking for bottlenecks platform. To this end, many solutions are created which then are used for daily overclocking. An example is the "Internal PLL voltage" known since the Sandy Bridge processors. Manufacturers have found a way to increase the frequency limit the cache in the processor (Sandy Bridge processors, core frequency and the cache were in a ratio of 1:1) and gave an additional 400-500 MHz processor. This helped to beat the previous record of architecture in the benchmarks.

I take it all as a great adventure and that is why I am most pleased with the fact that I won the largest number of finals live from all overclockers, including two times in a row HOT - HyperX Overclocking Takeover. I hope that this year I will be able to defend his title again. In the global ranking HWBOT currently ranks second in the world, and I'm near the first place.


The OC Show - S02E19: AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Quad Crossfire in the 3D Hall of Fame and more!

In the latest episode of The OC Show, Pieter and Tim have a look at the latest hot news out of the OC Community. Click on the image on the left or HERE. A list of the topics below:

  • - OC Esports competition news
  • - MSI's LN2 OC Guide for the Z170Z Gaming TE motherboard
  • - TeamAU and Gigabyte at Upgrade Australia 2.0
  • - New submissions options at HWBOT for external power cards
  • - Fury X crossfire making it to the Hall of Fame


  • Overclocker in Focus interview series: click

Join the live Q&A on Sunday October 4th 9pm on the OCTV twitch channel:

3D Madness!! World Record for Xtreme Addict, Global First Place for K|ngp|n, Splave and Bullshooter Score Silver

After I finished reading through Xtreme Addict's interview with Intel Poland, I had a peek at the submission table on the front page. What I found is 3D Madness. Xtreme Addict shines at the top of the table with a new 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme World Record, a score that scored him the stage win in the Pro OC 2015 Round 3. Then we find K|ngp|n with a new Global First Place in Unigine Heaven Extreme, edging out Splave.ROM who scores silver in that same benchmark. And if all that wasn't grand enough, Bullshooter scores silver in 3DMark03 2xGPU.

For his World Record, Xtreme Addict uses his typical set of hardware tools. Of course a Core i7 5960X at almost 5.9 GHz combined with what seems to be his favorite motherboard, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme. Aided with a special set of hyper-binned HyperX memory (apologies for the bad pun!) and four ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics cards at 1800/2075 MHz, Xtreme Addict is now leading the 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme Hall of Fame by almost 500 points. You can find the Hall of Fame here.

Congratulations everyone!

Maximum PC: Thinking Inside Boxx - Why Overclocking Workstations Makes Sense

Boxx is a boutique system builder with an enthusiast edge. Today they introduced what they refer to as "the world's smallest overclocked workstation," the Apexx1. There are two processor options for the Apexx1 system: a non-overclocked (boo!) Xeon 18-core or the overclocked (yeey!) eight-core Core i7 5960X.

In an interview with Maximum PC, Boxx Senior Product Marketing Manager Chris Morley said: "We have a steady demand for overclocked workstations. Once we educate our customers on the benefits of overclocking and how it can benefit their workflow, they're on board." The main benefits for the customers are of course more frame rates per second for gamers, but more importantly it's a money-maker for creative professionals. Overclocked systems get the work done faster, which allows the professionals to get home to their families earlier. When asked about the failure rate, Boxx states something overclockers have known for a very long time: there is almost no real-world difference, if the system is configured properly.

Pricing for the Apexx1 with a Core i7 5960X at 4GHz starts from USD $5,181 and with a 3.5GHz Xeon at USD $4,284. More info at

Result Moderators Approved, Fixed, and Blocked Almost 10,000 Results This Year

It's a known fact that HWBOT wouldn't be operating as efficiently as it does without the limitless support from dedicated community members who not only keep the database clean from faulty entries, but also take care of the hardware database and help out in the forum. It isn't easy to measure the impact of the volunteer staff as much of the activity happens behind the curtains. One of the statistics we have access to, however, is the number of "moderator actions". An action is for example checking a result as valid after a user flagged it.

In the first nine months of 2015, the moderator staff approved, edited, or blocked 9,500 result submissions at HWBOT. Per day, that is an average of almost 35 submissions! The most active staff member is the Head of Moderation Christian Ney who has processed almost 4,000 submissions this year. Second and third most active are respectively GENiEBEN and Leeghoofd. Of course the impact of the staff cannot be measured by actions alone. For example, Strunkenbold has been very active sweeping the hardware database of faulty hardware entries, and Websmile helped a lot steering the competitions in the right direction.

Some moderators are less active on the site, but are helping a lot behind the scenes with input and feedback on everything HWBOT related.

Thank you very much for the support and dedication; HWBOT wouldn't be the same without you guys!

AIDA64 v5.50 Released: Intel NVMe SSD and RGB LED Keyboard Support

Budapest, Hungary – September 30, 2015 - FinalWire Ltd. today announced the immediate availability of AIDA64 Extreme 5.50 software, a streamlined diagnostic and benchmarking tool for home users; the immediate availability of AIDA64 Engineer 5.50 software, a professional diagnostic and benchmarking solution for corporate IT technicians and engineers; the immediate availability of AIDA64 Business 5.50 software, an essential network management solution for small and medium scale enterprises; and the immediate availability of AIDA64 Network Audit 5.50 software, a dedicated network audit toolset to collect and manage corporate network inventories.

The latest AIDA64 update introduces monitoring of sensor values on RGB LED keyboards, implements enhanced support for Intel NVMe SSDs and LGA-1151 motherboards, and supports the latest graphics and GPGPU computing technologies by both AMD and nVIDIA.

New features & improvements

  • - Support for Corsair K65, Corsair K70, Corsair K95, Logitech G910 and Razer Chroma RGB LED keyboards
  • - Support for LGA-1151 motherboards
  • - Autodetect information and SMART monitoring for Intel NVMe SSDs
  • - Preliminary support for AMD Bristol Ridge APUs and Intel Broadwell-E/EN/EP/EX processors
  • - And more ...

Features, not Clock Frequency is Why Core i7 5960X, Core i7 980X, and Core i7 920 Were So Appreciated

In a Press Release published by HWinsights, analysis of the list price at launch and overall usage for the Intel HEDT platform since Nehalen points out that PC DIY enthusiasts are willing to spend a premium on products with the right features. Two of the most valuable CPUs, the Core i7 980X (Intel's first six core consumer processor) and the Core i7 5960X (Intel's first eight core consumer processor), were both listed at the USD $1,000 mark at launch.

Interestingly, the Core i7 920 processor was very profitable in terms of launch price and consumer adoption. The Core i7 920 is the most affordable variant of the Nehalem architecture launched at the end of 2008. It features four cores and a completely new architecture. It was the first of many quad core Core i7 products in the HEDT space and does remarkably better than all of its successors: the Core i7 3820 and Core i7 4820K. The new Core i7 5820K is the first six core processor product below USD $400, which may explain its popularity.

Long story short: Core i7 920 and Core i7 980X were very popular; only the recently released Core i7 5960X comes close to its performance in the market.

PC Gamer Special Report on Extreme Overclocking with Vivi - Inside the cold and impractical sport of pushing PCs to their limit

For anyone who's interested in extreme overclocking, take note. In the November edition of the PC Gamer magazine you'll find a Special Report on the ins and outs of Extreme Overclocking. Central guest of the article is Goddy 'Vivi' Roodt, the South-African top overclocker currently in the top-10 of the Overclockers League.

In the article you will find the most important tips for starting with extreme overclocking. You find out which tools are required, how you can get started, and how to deal with the inevitable frustrations of extreme overclocking. Going from killing that one, golden CPU to being edged out by someone who is more efficient ... the competitive nature of overclocking comes with first-world struggles. In addition to Vivi, PC Gamer also covers a bit of HWBOT history. Going from the start in 2005 to the latest step up with the World Tour events and the Rookie category, everyone has a good idea of what overclocking is.

The very well-written article can be found in the November edition of PC Gamer and will soon be published on the website. Check it out!

The Slowest CPU in the Database: a 10.75 MHz Intel Pentium 1

In the Team Cup 2015 CPU Challenge sub-competition, one of the challenges is to validate the lowest CPU frequency. Trodas from Czech Republic is currently at the top of the leaderboard with a 10.75 MHz Pentium 1. After checking the database, it turns out that is the lowest validated frequency in our database!

With 10.75 MHz, Trodas is 'leading' by 21 MHz over the next contender I.nfraR.ed from Bulgaria. In contrary to I.nfraR.ed, Trodas is using an ancient processor which he underclocked 88%. Percentage-wise, I.nfraR.ed is doing significantly 'better' with a 98% underclock of a Phenom II X4 965 processor. The biggest challenge for Trodas was without any doubt finding the right operating system to pass the CPU-Z validation. It is remarkable to see that a 10.75 MHz Pentium 1 can run Windows XP!

When you're sitting behind your PC, frustrated because it takes a second too long to open a webpage, consider that things can always get slower ...

Most Valuable Submission of Week 39, 2015: 201.3 points by Splave.ROM (United States)

Last week we received 4760 benchmark results from 829 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 60% of the active community. They were responsible for 29% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

As you can see in the table below, the most valuable submission of the week was the Global First Place of Splave.ROM in XTU 4xCPU using the new Core i7 6700K Skylake. With 201.6 points Splave.ROM scores about 110 points more than ObscureParadox from United Kingdom who scored gold in Geekbench3 Multi Core with the Xeon X5698 processor. In the Enthusiast class we find KaRtA from Australia; in the Novice and Rookie class we find Fallen4ngel from Greece and Octogen from Germany!

The overclocking results submitted during Week 39 generated in total 155 World Record Points, 7998.7 Global Points, and 6685.7 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 20% for Elite, 36% for Extreme, 22% for Enthusiast, 6% for Novice, and 16% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 3% Elite, 15% Extreme, 18% Enthusiast, 12% Novice, and 52% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 39, 2015

League Points Overclocker Benchmark
Elite 201.6 points Splave.ROM XTU 4xCPU Core i7 6700K
Extreme 93.7 points ObscureParadox Geekbench3 Multi Core 2xCPU Xeon X5698
Enthusiast 45.4 points KaRtA XTU 4xCPU Core i7 6700K
Novice 23.9 points Fallen4ngel XTU Core i5 4690K
Rookie 47.7 points octogen XTU 4xCPU Core i7 6700K

Top Hardware Points - Week 39, 2015

League Points Overclocker Benchmark
Elite 35.2 points Splave.ROM XTU Core i7 6700K (1st)
Extreme 24.5 points Zeropluszero XTU Core i7 4770K (36th)
Enthusiast 41.2 points Noxinite XTU Core i5 4670K (34th)
Novice 23.9 points Fallen4ngel XTU Core i5 4690K (60th)
Rookie 31.4points Systemfehler13 XTU Core i7 4810MQ (1st)