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2sec 646ms with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at 3000/1700MHz

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Recent Comments

Brazil Rbuass commented on his own score:

TecLab OC Session - Mission accomplished - 3000 Mhz - Thanks to GALAX and GRIZZLY -

Romania Bruno says:

Awesome! :)

Australia ozzie says:

why is gpuz showing 2343 mhz and not 3000mhz ??

Germany P5ych0 says:

Great work! @ozzie... Sensor tab is showing 3000

Sweden Rauf says:


United States AKM says:

3000! Crazy!

Australia ozzie says:

1 hour ago, P5ych0 said:

Great work! @ozzie... Sensor tab is showing 3000

ah yes my mistake, my apologies 🙂, wondering why when both are the same versions, 2.17.0, regardless tho...great score 👍

Australia unityofsaints says:

The big 3-0-0-0

Canada marc0053 says:

Great job!

Greece OGS says:

nice one :D Welcome to the 3G club!

Brazil Rbuass says:

Thanks my friend! I made a vídeo, where I consider you as one of the best overclockers that inspire to push at limits.

Czech Republic davestarrr says:


United States Splave says:

Wow epic

United States ironbrillopad says:

Super cool! Congrats!!

Luumi says:

Just saw you got to full pot with the pink paste. So it gives good hopes.

Argentina Basofia says:

3000mhz...elite of the elite

United States MaddMutt says:

Is this a new paste? Great Run

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Absolutely amazing clocks , great job Ronaldo and well done !

Brazil Joey Andrade says:


Austria _mat_ says:

Unbelievably good! Congrats!

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