ASUS Information.

ASUS is the number one manufacturer of motherboards in the world, commanding almost a 40% market share of the motherboard business. Today, one in every three computers houses an ASUS motherboard. Over 24 million motherboards were sold in 2008—the combined length of which equals 10,000 Taipei 101 skyscrapers and 600 Himalaya Ranges.

ASUS has been voted the world’s “Best Motherboard Brand” for six consecutive years by readers of Tom's Hardware Guide (THG), a widely-read and respected hardware review website. In many of these polls, which routinely draw tens of thousands of voters, ASUS received more than half of the ballots. The THG Best of Readers' Choice Awards recognize hardware products that exhibit the highest quality design and companies that have provided the best service to users. The awards are considered a hallmark of good product design, performance, quality and value.

ASUS is blessed with one of the world’s best Research and Development teams. Through their indefatigable efforts in pushing the boundaries of innovation, ASUS’ engineers have conceived features and technologies that have revolutionized the motherboard industry in terms of overclockability, stability and power efficiency.

ASUS’ revolutionary 16-phase power design utilizes real hardware power regulation to guarantee genuine power efficiency—up to 96% over competing products. ASUS motherboards with this feature draw less power and operate at lower temperatures, yet still deliver excellent performance. This power efficiency saves money for the user, reduces temperatures inside the PC case and extends the life of key components such as the CPU and motherboard.

ASUS’ exclusive EPU is a hardware-based feature that controls six major components: the CPU, VGA card, memory, chipset, hard drives, and the CPU cooler/system fan. Equipped with a database containing all of the Intel CPU profiles, the EPU intelligently identifies and selects the correct CPU profile and calibrates the best possible settings to ensure the best power management.

In order to help overclockers build the fastest machines in the fastest time possible, ASUS has developed an innovative overclocking solution: TweakIt. TweakIt enables overclockers to make real-time changes to their systems’ core frequency, voltage and other parameters using the joystick-like control on the motherboard itself—even while a benchmark utility is running. At no point does software come into play; the tweaking is completely hardware-based.

As the leader in motherboard innovation, ASUS is constantly at the forefront of advances in technology. Over the years, it has laid claim to countless world’s firsts. It was the first manufacturer to introduce motherboards supporting Serial ATA and AGP8X, P4 CPUs of up to 3GHz and beyond, Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel® Core™2 processors, and Windows Vista, just to name a few milestones. With its finger on the pulse of the industry and close collaboration with the world’s leading IT enterprises, ASUS will continue to be first to the market with cutting-edge products.