Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from HWbot

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The end of year is here, Country Cup 2021 is reaching its final stages and everybody is probably thinking Australia might nail it once more.

2021 has been another rough year for many of us, the pandemic has taken the residents of the blue planet out of their bubble. Hopefully in 2022 things will return back to normal, so we can gather again, travel and enjoy life with family, friends and other crazy overclockers.

Thanks all for the support, best wishes for the end of year and already looking forward to next year at HWbot with a new point system in Q1 and especially more affordable hardware, a non virtual Computex 2022 and many many new records!

Argentina Sweet says:

Happy new year everyone arroun the world, have fun and be good!

Argentina Sweet says:

happy new year for everyone, have fun be good!

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Happy New Year everybody ! 

Belarus max1024 says:

Happy New 2022 Year to all Overclockers around the World! 

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Have a great one all !!

Ukraine Kashtan says:

Happy New 2022 Year! 

Wish to all - Higher scores in benchmarks, places in ratings and frequencies,

and latencies, voltages and temperatures - lower!

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