Verification link mandatory for 3DMark and VRMark benchmarks

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New Validation rules for the 3DMark and VR Mark benchmarks from

Recently UL has changed the output interface of their renown 3DMark and VR Mark benchmarks.

Users with a 1080P resolution will have hard time to be able to fit everything on the screen as you can see on the below example screenshot:

Therefore we are obliged to impose a verification UL for any future submissions with 3Dmark and VR Mark. So the moderation team can check any anomaly with the present detailed data at the UL website.

Russian Federation Traktor says:

Do I understand correctly, now any 3DMark test starting from 2020-12-06 must be with Verification link and if it is not Valid, the result will not be counted? And those lucky ones who submitted a result in Sky Diver, with tessellation disabled, will remain in the top five forever ? :) The difference is about 7000 points, which for R9 290 for example is a top 5 question, or not:) 43 or 50 Thanks for the answer!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Skydiver was already requiring a VALID link since January so that's nothing really new. The Firestrikes remain exempted and can still use lod tweaking. 

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