OverClock.Net Freezer' Burn Round 3 has started

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Freezer’ Burn overclocking competition. The goal of this competition is to have fun with overclocking and create a fair environment where we can compete against each other.

In a departure from previous completions, this time we chose to focus on newer generation components. For this competition we are going to do things a little different, instead of using only one specific GPU, we are going to allow cards from both AMD and Nvidia. To make things fair we are going to limit the cards down to only a few models. If you choose to do battle with a Nvidia card, then you will be limited to the GTX1060 6GB card, or any lesser Pascal GPU. If you want to play with the AMD cards, then the limit will be RX 580 8GB card, or any lesser Polaris GPU. Both of the top models have been known to be very similar with benchmark performance, so it should make a nice competition.

The second big change is the adoption of the Benchmate result verification software. For all of the 2D stages, we will require the use of only Benchmate to validate the score. This revolutionary software ensures that everyone plays fair. Simply run the selected benchmark in the Benchmate software and click the save result button. It generates a benchmark summary which includes many useful pieces of info such as processor MHz during bench, benchmark result, and temp during bench.

To make things even more interesting, we are going to allow all generations of both AMD and Intel CPU's. Simply put, we will allow every CPU ever made in this competition. You might be saying to yourself, hey that's not fair since I only have a 4 core CPU and others might have 32 core CPU’s. Well, we have an interesting solution to this problem, which will be described below in the 2D section. To take things a step further, we are only choosing the graphical portions of 3D benchmark programs so the CPU does wont influence the score. No matter what CPU you have, you can compete in a fair environment!

Competition by itself is fun, but lets face it, it’s more interesting when there are awesome prizes to win! We are extremely happy to report that this competition is supported with OVER $2200 of prizes with no less than 18 WINNERS!!

Competition Duration: December 25th to February 29th (Pacific Time)

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