K|ngp|n (US) Makes World Record, First Ever Sub-1Sec GPUPI 1B Score

Current HWBOT Elite League No.1 k|ngp|n (US) has again been busy pushing his collection of NVIDIA Titan V cards. Just yesterday in fact he managed to push past his own previous best in the single-GPU 3DMark Time Spy rankings, pushing the Global First Placed score out from 17,293 marks to 17,413 marks. You may have missed his recent exploits with 4x Titan V cards, a session which yielded the first ever sub-1 second score in the eminently scalable GPUPI 1B benchmark. Let’s take a look at the hardware and the configuration used in the making of this new World Record score.

The fastest ever GPUPI 1B score submitted to HWBOT now stands at 0sec 996ms. The four NVIDIA Titan V cards and their Volta architecture GV100 GPUs were pushed to a simply incredible 2,900MHz, which is +141.67% beyond the card’s baseclock. The card’s 12 GB HBM2 memory was also tweaked to 900MHz (+5.88%). Other components include an EVGA X299 DARK motherboard and an Intel Core i9 7960X 'Skylake-X' processor pushed to 3,456MHz (+23.43%). With a TDP of 250 watts a piece, it’s also fair to mention that the power hungry Titan V cards required a fair bit of power. Thankfully Vince had access to EVGA’s SuperNOVA 1600 T2 PSUs which are rated for 1,600W. What’s less clear however, is exactly how many were used!

Just for the record, the next fastest GPUPI 1B run comes from the ever mercurial H2o vs. Ln2 (US) who managed a run of 1sec 112ms, also using four Titan V cards. You can check out the full rankings for GPUPI 1B here. You can also wander over to the k|ngp|n profile page to check out his othe recent score submissions.

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