Newlife (Australia) First to Break DDR4 4K Barrier with AMD Ryzen

We know that since launch AMD has been working hard to improve memory performance on their latest Ryzen processor platform. Recent AGESA updates have given motherboard vendors the chance to pump out BIOS updates that offer more control over timings that crucially allow for higher frequencies. Today we come across a landmark moment as Aussie overclocker Newlife just posted a DDR4 frequency submission that breaks a landmark DDR4-4000 barrier. Nice work Ben!

The DDR4 memory frequency posted is 2,039.6 MHz, which in double data rate terms means DDR4-4079. The rig he used was based on a GIGABYTE AORUS AX370-Gaming K7 motherboard (F4 BIOS) using a single 8GB stick of G.SKILL Trident Z E-die memory (F4-3600C17-4GTZ) using 18-20-20-58-93-1 timings. The AMD Ryzen chip he used was a Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor down clocked to 800MHz .

Although the AMD Ryzen platform will probably never compete with Intel in terms of raw memory frequencies due to the way the platform architecture is designed, it is clear that the company is making real improvements to its first ever DDR4 capable platform. This fact is even more stark when you consider that Newlife’s DDR4 frequency score is in fact the first ever AMD memory score above 4K, with DDR3 topping out at 1950.3 MHz, a score posted by Christian Ney in November 2012. However, AMD still have a long way to go, especially when you consider that Intel managed to break past 4K back in Jun 2013 when Christian used an Intel Core i7 4770K to score 2,115.6MHz.

Check out the highest ever AMD memory frequency from Newlife here.

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