OCWC Poitiers 2017: Wizerty, Dancop, orion24 and Niuulh Qualify For Final

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 landed in Poitiers, France for Gamers Assembly this weekend, hosting overclocking workshops and contests to generally spread the word of overclocking. From a competitive overclocking perspective, the highlight of the event is the Overclocking World Championship, a series of extreme overclocking contests that are held at each World Tour location where winners get a seat at a Grand Final at the end of the year. Yesterday we saw the Qualifier Segment of the contest with twenty overclockers pushing their hardware to the limit to score as highly as possible across three benchmarks. Let’s take a peek at yesterday’s action.

Stage 1: Super PI 32M - In Stage 1 we find current HWBOT league No.1 Dancop of Germany taking top spot. Dancop managed to complete a Super Pi 32M run in just 4min 38sec 922ms, a score made by pushing his Core i7 7700K to 6,798MHz (+61.87%) with system memory configured to 1,800.5MHz (12-17-17-28)(note: all overclockers were given two CPUs which were drawn at random). In second place we have French No.1 Wizerty with a score of 4min 49sec 218ms while orion24 arrived in third place with 4min 54sec 195ms. All the scores from Stage 1 can be found here.

Stage 2: Cinebench R15 - Stage 2 is all about benching Cinebench R15, an area where Niuulh certainly shines, taking the win with a score of 1,461 cb points. This was done with a Core i7 7700K clocked to 6,595.18MHz (+57%) with DDR4 configured at 1,800.1MHz (13-18-18-28). Second place goes to Wizerty with a score of 1,458 cb points while another French Extreme overclocker Mylth arrives in third place with 1,445 cb points. You can find all the Stage 2 scores here.

Stage 3: 3DMark11 Physics - Finally in Stage 3 we face a test using the classic 3DMark11 Physics benchmark. Wizerty tops the table with a score of 18,430 points, pushing his Core i7 7700K to a very healthy 6,654.78MHz with memory pushed to 1,747.4MHz (13-18-18-28). His closest rival is orion24 with 18,076 points while Dancop takes third place with 17,730 points. Check out the scoring for Stage 3 here.

After three hours of furious benching Wizerty, Dancop, orion24 and Niuulh will now contest the Final segment later today. The contest will feature Semi-Finals plus a Bronze Final and a Final, all of which will use a 1v1 format where overclockers compete side by side on the main stage. It should be pretty exciting.

You can check out all the scores from the Qualifier segment here on OC-ESPORTS, plus a replay of all the action from yesterday thanks to the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel where you can also find tonight’s live action.

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