Throwback Thursday: Sampsa and Stummerwinter Break 3DMark Vantage World Record

Today is a Thursday so as usual we decided to treat ourselves with a quick trip down memory lane to a time that will hopefully warm your nostalgic cockles. This week we take you back to a day in 2010 when a Fin and a German were invited to do some testing the ASUS labs in Sweden. Overclockers Sampsa from and Stummerwinter were in fact invited to test the then unreleased ASUS Rampage II Extreme motherboard. The best way to test the board? Run 4-way SLI with LN2 pots on each card, and then push it as hard as possible of course. This is what Massman wrote in 2010:

“A lot of overclockers are currently spending oc-time in the sunny city of Taipei, but Sampsa and Stummerwinter have been spotted in the cold and snowy north of Europe, more specifically Sweden. At the Asus offices, they were invited to test the upcoming Rampage III Extreme mainboard and in the process of testing this still-to-be released mainboard, they broke the 3DMark Vantage world record: 47002 points.”

On the Xtreme Systems forum Sampsa wrote:

“Stummerwinter brought his amazing Core i7-975 Extreme Edition CPU with him and Asus had gathered 18 PCS of Asus Radeon HD 5870 VGAs to be tested. Corsair had sent very good set of Dominator GTX2 DDR3-2250 memory. First we benched with FM approved Catalyst 9.10 drivers: CPU @ 5412 MHz, VGAs @ 1200/1300 MHz. Next we changed to Catalyst 9.12 drivers and started real testing. After two several hours sessions and just before stummerwinter and Christian had to leave to the airport we were able to pull amazing result of P47002 point.”

You can find the original post from January 18th 2010 here. You can also find the original forum post with lots more pics here on Xtreme Systems.

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