Sofos1990 Breaks PiFast World Record

Greeks No.1 overclocker Sofos1990 is once again throwing his weight around. Having helped to break a bunch of World Records and Global 1st places during Computex a few weeks ago and also bringing down 1st place rankings in GPUPI for CPU 1B while also challenging at the top of the table for Geekbench3 and wPrime 32M, today however the Greek maestro turned his sights on the PiFast benchmark. Armed with his Core i7 6700K and a ton of liquid nitrogen, the relentless Greek submitted a score of 9sec 170ms, the fastest PiFast score ever recorded on HWBOT and a brand new World Record.

The Core i7 6700K was pushed by Sofos to a brutal 6,850MHz which is an incredible +71.25% beyond stock settings - this was achieved with a multiplier of 68 and a base-clock of 100.7MHz. Other key specs include a 16GB G.SKILL Trident Z kit clocked at 2061.2MHz and a GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force LN2 motherboard.

The new World record beats the previous best from World No.1 Dancop who made a run back in March of this year of 9 sec 190ms, just 20ms slower than the new record. The score earns Sofos a few extra points that should help cement his position as fifth in the Elite league. The submission earns him 124.9 points for the 1st place PiFast Ranking, plus an additional 24 points for the i7 6700K ranking.

You can find the World Record submission from Sofos here on HWBOT, plus the full Global rankings for PiFast here.

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