Gold! Gold! Gold! Core i3 6320 at 4955 MHz brings Dhenzjhen Top Spots in Cinebench R11.5 / R15 and Geekbench3 2xCPU

Dhenzjhen is an Elite overclocking from Philippines working in the hardware industry. He is mostly known for his overclocking activities with server processors, but thanks to the recent overclocking 'winning spree' with the Skylake Core i3 he has now climbed up to rank 8 in the Overclockers League. He is active for the international overclocking team of

For the Cinebench R11.5 2xCPU Global First Place, Dhenzjhen uses the Intel Core i3 6320 at 4955 MHz (+27%), cooled by liquid nitrogen paired with 8 GB of G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 memory. The motherboard of choice is the SuperMicro C7H170-M which is currently the only board able to increase the base clock frequency of the locked Core i3 processors. We first covered this news Lucky_n00b from Jagat OC has confirmed the finding. With 6.1 points, Dhenzhen has a 0.59 point lead over Der8auer from Germany and 0.6 points over BarboneNet from Italy in the global ranking.

For the Cinebench R15 2xCPU Global First Place Dhenzjhen uses the same system. With 539 cb, Dhenzhen has a 44 point lead over Michel90 from Switerland and 45 points over ObscureParadox from UK in the global ranking.

For the Geekbench3 Multi Core 2xCPU Global First Place Dhenzjhen uses the same system as well. With 10810 points, Dhenzhen has a 634 point lead over Hideo from Japan and 766 points over Stivut from Romania in the global ranking.

For more information and discussion, check out the Cinebench R11.5, Cinebench R15, and Geekbench3 Multi Core.

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