Important! One Month Time Extension for HWBOT Team Cup 2014

This is a small news post to inform the Team Cup 2014 participants that we have extended the competition time by one month to accommodate those active in the many other competitions. The Team Cup requires the teams to compete on a wide range of hardware. Sourcing the components, figuring out its limitations and obtaining the best possible results takes up a lot of time. Given the incredible amount of ongoing competitions at the moment, we want to give those competing for the live competitions as well as other online competitions a bit of room to breathe.

The idea was posted in the forum and it seems most agree with the time extension. We will update the competition pages and news articles to reflect the new competition deadlines. The elimination date is now September 23, 12PM GMT+0 and the competition ends on September 30, 12:00PM GMT+0. Good luck everyone and enjoy the extra time to win those awesome Cooler Master prizes!

More information about the Team Cup on the competition page: click