Digitimes: How G.SKILL memory leads DRAM overclocking and the fearless pursuit for performance (Interview with G.SKILL CEO Johnson Huang)

DigiTimes published an article about G.SKILL's efforts in overclocking and their activities at Computex 2014. They interview the CEO Johnson Huang too. Check it out!

Link to article: click.

Walking into Computex 2014 at Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F, a constant crowd of attendees surround an eye-catching stage, featuring a massive leader board and a half dozen five-foot tall liquid nitrogen tanks. White clouds of nitrogen billow across the stage, timers count down on the overhead TV screens, and the audience buzzes in anticipation and excitement. This is G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd. hosting two spectacular and awe-inspiring global overclocking events during Computex week - the 1st Annual OC World Cup and the 3rd Annual OC World Record Stage.

So why does G.SKILL devote so many resources into a small niche segment like extreme overclocking? This is a burning question in many people's minds.

Mr. Johnson Huang gave us an apt analogy: Formula One cars test the highest extreme limits of vehicle technology, and then the innovations are integrated into high performance cars like Ferrari and the McLaren. G.SKILL does the same, by testing the extreme limits of memory through overclocking, then integrating the innovations into high end systems and drive the high performance systems market segment to new heights.

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