KPC Pro OC Takes Lead In SuperPI 32M Stage Of Pro OC Cup!

A couple of days ago, Splave.ROM already teased us with a near-7GHz CPU and today he finally showed his results. After lapping the CPU, Splave says he managed to gain another 25 MHz resulting in breaking the 7GHz for SuperPI 1M. The 7GHz setup reached second place overall in the SuperPI 1M ranking.

For the Pro OC Cup, where Splave.ROM has teamed up with a couple of other big names to form the KPC Pro OC team. In the SuperPI 32M stage, the KPC Pro OC team took the lead from United Overclockers, edging out SF3D's 4 minute 41.641 second run by a mere 300 milliseconds. For that run, Splave.ROM had the CPU 2.6 MHz shy of the 7GHz mark and combined this magical CPU with an ASRock Z77 OC Formula and GSKILL DDR3-2300 CL8 Pi series memory. Nice!

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