Pro OC Cup Registration Halfway, So Far Ten Teams Ready For Competition

It is a pure coincidence that the first "race" of the Pro OC Cup series kicked off in the same month the new Formula One season starts in (perhaps ironically) Australia. Of course, we can't compare the Formula One racing season with the Pro OC Cup as the difference between the two is very obvious, but if we had to make a comparison anyway, we could say that the teams in Formula One are already formed and known, whereas the teams for the Pro OC Cup are still growing and in process of being constructed. We are now two weeks in the registration process for the Pro OC Cup and so far ten teams are ready to take on the most high-end components available today in a three month competition. Teams from Indonesia, Finland, Russia, and United Kingdom will take on teams with an international foundation.

As hoped, the competition seems to become a mix of well-known all-stars and newcomers as K|ngp|n, Splave, NickShih and likes will take on Rsannino, Phil and even UK "King of the GF8800" K404. And what to expect from the team from featuring hokiealumnus, Bobnova, I.M.O.G. and edward2? Strong overclockers, but fairly inexperienced with competing at the very top. The USA team is considered to be one of the outsiders, that's for sure!

In any case, we are looking forward to see the teams come up with their results in the five stages of the competition. A couple of reminders for those who want to participate in the Pro OC Cup:

  • The cut-off for participation is April 1, 2013 00:00 GMT+0
  • In order to register for the competition, you need to create a Pro OC Team and also submit at least one result before April 1st
  • If you have a team banner or want to add sponsors to your Pro OC Team page, please contact Pieter (via email)

PS: check out the next issue of The Overclocker magazine for more info on the Pro OC Cup!

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