HWBOT Happy To Welcome FireKillerGR As New Staff Member

It's safe to say that most of the people browsing around this site and posting on the forum are quite enthusiastic about both overclocking and HWBOT. Some members are more enthusiastic about overclocking than others, some are crazy about it. Stavros, FireKillerGR for the friends, is one of those crazy people. Since I joined HWBOT in 2006, he is amongst the most enthusiastic people I've had the pleasure of talking overclocking with. Not disappointed by a previously turned down application as staff member, Stavros kept showing his interest and enthusiasm for HWBOT and overclocking.

In the end, it is just impossible to not get someone with so much enthusiasm on board. We are convinced FireKillerGR will play a significant role in the future of overclocking and we are happy to be part of his journey in overclocking. We are very pleased to have Stavros on the team!

Welcome and good luck, Stavros!

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