AndreYang's 8.79GHz FX-8350 "Sandbag" Frequency Record Unveiled

As you might remember, about a month and a half ago we covered the AMD Extreme Overclocking Show in Taipei, Taiwan. During the show, which was actually the Taiwan launch event for the Trinity and Piledriver based products, several vendors showed off their extreme overclocking products. AndreYang, not present at the event, had earlier that week already set the new record for the FX-8350 processor class at 8.67GHz.

Today, we can see the first of undoubtly a long series of "sandbag" validation results: 8.79GHz!, about 90MHz higher than the current frequency record at HWBOT. As you can see from the validation time, the record was in fact validated November 19, 2012. Given that CES kicks off next week, we assume that the next backup validation could be published right before CeBIT.

In any case, whether you like sandbagging or not (it's part of the game), the achievement is impressive nonetheless. Congratulations!


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