The Cambridge BIG FREEZE Overclock Weekend

The Cambridge BIG FREEZE Overclock Weekend (17 - 18 March 2012)

The first Team GB Overclocking event for the year featuring some of the UK's best Overclockers from across the country and open to all HWBOT teams.

The first LN2 event is set in the beautiful University City of Cambridge.. until the UK Overclockers come with blow-torches, booze and a rather disturbing lack of home cleanliness that is.

The Weekend will be fun filled with over 1000lt of LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) to freeze all your favourate CPUs and GPUs up to −196 °C, lots of competitions and giveaways, and above all the chance to learn about sub-zero Overclocking from the Pro's. An Introduction to LN2 benching course will be held for those first timers who want to see what all the fuss is about.

Don't be afraid to come! While there will be a lot of Pro's here, the key message is to teach any willing beginner the joys of Overclocking below sub-zero temperatures and the health and saftey involved. We want you to learn so one day you can make the UK an even bigger force to be reckoned with on the global scene. If you don't want to join then no problem, come on down to watch and chat with the Pro's!

For those who can't be there, don't worry! The whole event will be broadcast live on Livestream across the globe. While there will be a HUGE range of hardware and platforms on show, a certain soon to be released Intel platform will be on show.. More on the unique Livestream URL closer to the date.

You can read more about the event via the following links.

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