Fix in progress for HWBOT rankings and leagues

As you might have noticed already, the rankings and leagues at HWBOT are a bit off today. With this small newspost, we want to inform you that the development team has successfully located the cause of this problem and are currently in progress of fixing it.

In short, after trying to fix a bug related to the Enthusiast League, the database that stores the a user's best results for calculating the User League positions (top-15 GL, top-20 HW) was updated incorrectly. Instead of just the 20 best hardware submissions, a lot more were flagged 'best of user'. Practically, this meant that, for example, Latvian overclocker Tapakah had 617 submissions flagged as 'top-20 hardware' ... an error, obviously.

The fix includes recalculating all the submissions, so it might take several hours before the rankings are back to normal. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

The HWBOT staff.

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