Christian Ney says:



- If you get the time format error, set the format to "English (UK)" in Windows' Region and Language

- Audio must be enabled

- There are a couple of "FPS drops" when you run it for the first time.



PolandADVenturePO says:

If You have encountered @Luumi wrote on ROGs page: "Thanks to Dartmaul I sorted out the problem with HWBOT Unigine. So for all you who are getting run-time errors try this: Open Region and Language format (Control panel > Clock language and region > Region and Language > Format > Additional settings) and set "Decimal symbol" to "." (dot)." I'm from Poland and there was a coma "," in the setting. It solved my problem with this Benchmark. Cheers.

Belgiumleeghoofd says:

New 2020 scores: Require CPU-Z 1.91 or newer version

New 2020 scores: Full desktop screenshot required ( no clipping)

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