Belgium Massman says:

Good luck everyone! :celebration:

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

Is ES memory allowed? (b-die)

Indonesia bboyjezz says:

How about the SSD and OS for qualifier?

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

@Massman any info?

Belgium Massman says:

Any SSD / OS for the qualifier.


Update 29/08: Hardware Rules for World Series


Based on the event partner sign-ups we have amended the Hardware Rules for the World Series qualifier and final.



* Memory has to be Corsair (any retail kit / no ES. If you don’t have one, we provide you one: Vengeance LED DDR4-2666C16 2x8GB)

* Motherboard has to be ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE or Biostar



* Memory: Corsair (kit provided)

* Benchmark draw change: change Wprime 32M to Geekbench3 and GPUPI 100M to Memory Clock

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