Expanding the HWBOT community with Elites, Novices and Rookies

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Expanding the HWBOT community with Elites, Novices and Rookies

To those who are very familiar with the HWBOT community this will come to no surprise. We will expand the community with two new types of overclockers: novices and rookies. As an overclocker group they exist next to the Elite, Extreme and Enthusiast overclockers. The Novice and Rookies distinguish themselves mainly based on the time spent overclocking competitively. To accommodate the new overclocker groups we plan to improve the HWBOT League structure.

The Novices and the Rookies.

When we launched XTU back in June last year, we had no idea the amount of new overclockers would be as high as it is. Especially for the new overclockers we organized the Rookie Rumble competition series. The Rookie Rumble is a simple overclocking competition featuring three easy benchmarks: XTU, SuperPI and HWBOT Prime. The goal of the competition is straight-forward: we want to familiarize the new overclockers with the overclocking eco-system.

The Rookie Rumble competitions are very successful. The fourth edition of the Rookie Rumble brought together almost 350 overclockers in competition. That is amazing for a three-week event!

The next step for the Rookies is evidently to start participating in the HWBOT Leagues. But we have noticed that the step from the Rookie Rumble to the Leagues is still quite big for most Rookies. After all, you are dropped in the large pool of experience and established overclockers. For these users we now host a Rookie League. This league works exactly like the Enthusiast League but features only overclockers who have been at the site for less than three months.

The Novices are an entirely new group at HWBOT. This group forms the bridge between the long-term Enthusiasts and the new Rookies. You are tagged Novice if you are on the site less than 1 year (but longer than 3 months).

The Elites.

In addition to the two new overclocker groups we also introduce a new name for the Pro OC overclockers. From now on forward, we refer to the sponsored and engineering sample overclockers as Elite. This is one of the changes to address some of the issues raised with Pro OC overclocking by the extreme overclocking community. Few of the overclockers who are sponsored are in fact professional overclockers as most still do it as a hobby and pay for hardware from their own pocket. The semantic value of the word “professional” is often an underlying cause of Pro OC discussions.

By choosing a different terminology we hope to also make it easier for overclockers to identify themselves as sponsored. There is a large grey area between the Elite and the Extreme overclockers which is mainly caused by the definition of sponsorship. Is one free motherboard enough to be considered sponsored? And what about review samples? The community has not yet reached a consensus on this topic.

Rearranging the leagues: less complexity.

With the addition of two more Overclocking Leagues we have re-think the way we integrate this information on the site. Each of the five overclocker groups have their own dynamic and each of them are a priority to us. We don’t have enough real estate in the sidebar to give room to all five groups. As a solution we group together the Elite and Extreme and Enthusiast, Novice and Rookie in two rankings for the sidebar. On the Overclockers League page you can find all five rankings in one easy ranking.

You can find the mockup on the right (click to enlarge).

On the Overclockers League page you can find three items:

  • A table with the current leaders for each of the overclocker groups
  • Buttons to include and exclude groups in the league table
  • The league table

Each of the overclocker groups will have a direct link to their specific league in the navigation menu. So if you want to see the Novice ranking, you can simply browse to http://hwbot.org/league/novice.

This system allows us to resolve two major complains. One, we can now allow non-sponsored extreme overclockers who want to compete in the Pro OC competitions. The hard-earned points they accumulated over the many years will not be lost by changing to the top-class in overclocking. In addition it allows for any other overclocker, even Rookies, to compare themselves with the top overclockers.

The calculation for each of the overclocker groups remains as is. It is the sum of the top-15 global and top-20 hardware scores. For Enthusiasts, Novices and Rookies it is still mandatory to attach a system picture to verify the cooling solution.

Conclusive lines.

We are looking forward to giving the new overclockers an extra space to enjoy this hobby. Also, we look forward to seeing more extreme overclockers join the Pro OC top league and see a more intense battle at the top. The new page is almost ready to be deployed on the test and production server so stay tuned!

Addendum: Here’s a video which explains the new leagues!

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