Overclocking at Computex 2014: What, When, Who and Where?

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Overclocking at Computex 2014: What, When, Who and Where?

Author: Timothée Pineau

Yes, it is that time of the year again!

Two weeks from now media from around the world travel to Taipei, Taiwan to attend one of the biggest IT tradeshows of the year and experience the novelties of today’s technology landscape. For enthusiasts, Computex revolves around the launch of Intel’s 9-series chipsets and the Haswell Refresh CPUs with in particular the Devil’s Canyon K-SKU series.

Last year Computex was a massive event for the community with a lot of overclocking action – remember the Corsair OC Main Event and the many post-Computex workshops. This year, there might possibly be even more happening for overclockers. There are four overclocking competitions and several booths featuring OC demos where each of the hardware vendors will tell you why their products are the best choice.

If you are a regular visitor of our forums, you should already be up to speed on the different events. But for those who don’t (shame on you) we prepared a recap of the events. Hopefully it will help you find your way to the different events!

Overclocking on the show floor

It is a tradition that the Computex show floor has at least one or two overclocking demonstrations. This year once again several vendors will put up a show and feature a lot of top overclockers. You can find overclocking action at ASRock, Galaxy, GIGABYTE, G.SKILL and MSI.

For each of the brands Computex is a prime occasion to showcase their latest hardware innovations related to overclocking. Here is what we can expect during the Computex week. Note: the list was compiled on Wednesday May 21.

ASRock OC Demo

  • TBD
  • Address: 台北市11568南港區經貿二路1號

Galaxy OC Demo

  • Galaxy Booth (Nangang Exhibition Hall)
  • June 3 until June 6, every day from 12:00PM to 5:00PM
  • Hardware: Galaxy GeForce GTX 780 Ti HOF V2.0
  • Overclockers: Mad222, Stephen_Yeong, OC_Windforce, Littleboy, Duck San, SF3D
  • Address: 台北市11568南港區經貿二路1號


  • GIGABYTE Booth (Taipei 101)
  • Dates: TBC
  • Hardware: TBC, but mostly likely Z97
  • Overclockers: Dino22, Sofos, Cookie, (more TBC)
  • Address: 臺北101

G.SKILL OC World Record Stage

  • G.SKILL Booth (Nangang Exhibition hall)
  • June 3 until June 7, every day from 09:00AM to 05:00PM
  • Hardware: G.SKILL memory plus ASUS, MSI, EVGA, GIGABYTE and ASRock motherboards
  • Overclockers: Vivi, Hiwa, YougPro, CoolIce, Elmor, Fredyama, K|ngp|n, Pt1t, Sofos1990, HiCookie, Dinos22, NickShih, Splave
  • Address: 台北市11568南港區經貿二路1號


  • MSI Booth (Nangang Exhibition hall)
  • June 3 until June 7 (not June 5)
  • Hardware: TBC
  • Overclockers: Pepinorang, Pt1t, Lucky_n00b, Coldest
  • Address: 台北市11568南港區經貿二路1號

Zotac OC Demo

  • Zotac/Seasonic Booth (Nangang Exhibition hall)
  • June 3 until June 7 (not June 5)
  • Hardware: TBC
  • Overclockers: Nacho_Arroyo
  • Address: 台北市11568南港區經貿二路1號

To help you see each event at least once we provide you with two easy Google tools: a calendar and a maps. The calendar lists all the events by date and time and the maps will guide you to the correct location.

Overclocking competitions at Computex 2014

Next to the many overclocking demonstrations we also have a lot of overclocking competitions this year. With three major and two minor competitions this year is definitely a step up from last year. By major we of course mean competitions with a cash prize purse.

For the second year in a row Intel is cashing out big for an overclocking event at Computex. Unlike last year, when they cooperated with Corsair, the competition is limited to the professional overclockers working in the industry. As surprised as we were last year to see motherboard vendors compete in a live environment, even more surprised we are to see them all line up again this year.

This year two memory vendors host an overclocking competition: G.SKILL and Kingston. Both are open to all mainboard vendors, so we will see interesting competitions. The Kingston competition is an invite-only event as it is the prelude launch event for the HyperX OC Takeover 2014 campaign. Later this year there will be open qualifiers for the HOT tournament finals. The G.SKILL competition had open qualifiers and the six best contestants in an online competition hosted at HWBOT will compete during the Computex show.

Intel OC Challenge

The Intel OC Challenge event focuses on the Haswell Devil’s Canyon and 9-series chipsets. The event takes place during the afternoon of June 3rd and is split in two parts. Firstly there is an invite-only competition amongst motherboard manufacturers and secondly an amateur competition limited to air-cooling. The “professional” competition runs from 5:00PM till 9:00PM and features both air and extreme overclocking. Intel allows the motherboard vendors to handpick their own overclockers. Each top score on both air and LN2 earns the winner a cash prize. There is also an additional prize when breaking the world record.

The amateur competition is more open as anyone attending Computex can participate. The participants are drawn from a pool of registered applicants at HWBOT. To register, simply submit an XTU overclocking results with the Core i5 4670K or Core i7 4770K at the HWBOT registration page. During the competition, the participants are competing on XTU and CPU Frequency.

Event info:

  • Date: June 3rd from 5PM till 9PM
  • Location: Beatate, Taipei
  • Address: 台北市信義區松仁路28號4樓 (BELLAVITA貴婦百貨4F)

G.SKILL OC World Cup

To qualify for this open competition, overclockers competed in an online qualifier at HWBOT earlier this year. The top six overclockers have to fly themselves to Taipei to compete for the top prize of USD $10,000. The G.SKILL OC World Cup takes place at the G.SKILL booth at the Nangang Exhibition Halls all week long. For the runner-ups there is also a cash prize of respectively USD $1,500 and USD $1,000. The two runner-ups also win memory kits and for each of the six qualified overclockers there is a G.SKILL DDR4 sponsorship. That is an awesome set of prizes! Check out the competition page for more information!

The qualified Overclockers for the competition are: der8auer, Splave, 8Pack, Xtreme_Addict, Zer0_Dan and Hero.

Event info:

  • Date: June 3 to 6th. Finals on the 6th. Everyday from 9:30am to 5:30pm
  • Nangang Exhibition Hall
  • Address: 台北市11568南港區經貿二路1號

Kingston HyperX OC Takeover Kickoff Event

HyperX is definitely one of the most active partners of overclocking this year. Aside from MSI, they are they only company that has announced a full-fledged overclocking competition this year. The HyperX OC Takeover 2014 campaign starts in July and during Computex the company is hosting a kickoff event. The event features a combination of industry teams and invited community teams. The cash prize purse is fairly large with USD $10,000 on the table. The prize is spread over the top three in three different benchmarks. Check out the competition page for more information!

Event details:

  • Date: June 5th 11am to 7pm
  • Location: Kelti International Building, Taipei
  • Address: 克緹國際貿易股份有限公司

HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering

Last but definitely not in the least, we have the HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering. Of course the attentive HWBOT reader already know the ins and outs of the gathering, but here’s a recap in case you lived under a rock or on the moon for the past month.

The Anniversary Gathering is mostly about chilling out and relaxing after a rough week of Computex. Of course there will be overclocking action, including our own small competition, and we will provide 1000+ liters of LN2. The venue is located conveniently near the GuangHua Computer Market and offers everything we need for a proper easygoing gathering. For more information, check out our Eventbrite page! Note: RSVP is mandatory.

Event details:

  • Date: June 6-9
  • Location: Maker Bar Taipei
  • Address: 台北市中正區金山南路一段9號5樓

All this makes Computex 2014 look very interesting. It is might as well be the busiest tradeshow of the year for overclocking with LN2 in every corner and lots of familiar faces. We look forward to seeing you!

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