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Imagination Technologies Group plc is an international leader in the creation and licensing of semiconductor System-on-Chip Intellectual Property (SoC IP) and in the development and manufacture of DAB digital and connected radios. Imagination has two highly-complementary divisions: its Technology division is an IP licensing business which provides market-leading multimedia capabilities for complex SoC devices; its PURE Digital division uses Imagination's technologies as a key differentiator in its consumer products. Technology division – creates market-leading embedded graphics, video and display acceleration, multi-threaded processing and multi-standard receiver technology, complemented by dynamic and extensive developer support programmes. These SoC IP products are licensed to a wide range of semiconductor and consumer electronics companies around the world for use in the mobile phone multimedia, handheld multimedia, home consumer, mobile computing, and in-car electronics markets. PURE division – develops consumer products which showcase the capabilities of Imagination’s SoC IP. PURE produces the world’s most innovative range of digital and connected radios and is the leading supplier of radios in the UK. The group has a highly skilled workforce of over 500 people, of which over 80% are qualified R&D engineers. Our UK headquarters are near London, with R&D centres in Chepstow and Leeds in the UK and Pune, India. We keep close to our customers and partners worldwide, with sales offices in Japan, the USA, Europe, Korea and Taiwan. PURE also has offices in China and Germany.