MSI MOA 2012 Grand Final - 3DMark03

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Stage: 3DMark03 open - closed since 28 Sep

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  • 3DMark03 is closed since 28 September 2012.
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There are no limitations, all hardware may be used.

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us Team_USA (MOA-2012) 163273 marks good for 30.04 pts


Taipei, Taiwan - MSI, the leading global mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, is organizing the grand finals of the fifth edition of Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) 2012 dubbed “Steel World”. The grand finals that everyone has been waiting for will be held at the NTU Sports Center on September 28! Sixteen top teams consisting of overclockers selected through regional qualifiers will now travel to Taiwan for the clash of champions! In addition to the nail-biting overclocking arena, Popular Taiwanese idol Puff Guo will also lead the top 5 Steel Lovers, as voted by global users, into a live showdown! A range of events has also been organized specially for fans of MSI and MOA. Come and feel the heat at MOA 2012"Steel World"!

16 Overclocking Teams from Around the World Ready for Final Battle at NTU Sports Center on September 28

Finalists for the Master Overclocking Arena 2012 Worldwide Grand Final have emerged from the regional qualifiers for the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions, as well as the Futuremark LOC 2012 online overclocking tournament. Sixteen teams consisting of top overclockers from 14 countries around the world will now meet in Taiwan. On September 28th, the final battle will be held at NTU Sports Center to see who claims the title of MOA 2012 Champion!To warm up the MOA 2012 event, web users can visit the voting event site to predict the champion team; you might get a chance to win the weekly lucky draw!


Country Team Name Contestants Qualified from
1 Romania LAB501 matose Monstru MOA 2011 Champion Team

(MOA 2012 Seed Team)

2 USA Team_USA Splave Romdominance MOA 2012 Americas Qualifier 1st place
3 Brazil / Indonesia Fusion Overclocking Team Rbuass Hazzan MOA 2012 Americas Qualifier 2nd place
4 Brazil Loading CFX5BR Gnidaol OverHeat MOA 2012 Americas Qualifier 3rd place
5 Poland Xtreme Team Xtreme Addict Piwor MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier 1st place
6 Ukraine T0lsty cyclone MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier 2nd place
7 Greece HwBox Hellas OC Team Aristidis Stelios MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier 3rd place
8 Poland ASD Crew ryba Joanna MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier 4th place
9 Russia Federation Team Russia Smoke 12 MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier 5th place
10 Indonesia I.R.I.S Lucky_n00b MOA 2012 APAC Qualifier 1st place
11 Australia /New Zealand SniperOZ Deanzo MOA 2012 APAC Qualifier 2nd place
12 Australia Team Mipmap SOOGE Pula (jjjc_93) MOA 2012 APAC Qualifier 3rd place
13 Korea Team_MPBK OC_Windforce Littleboy MOA 2012 APAC Qualifier 4th place
14 South Africa Team-SA dRweEz ViVi LOC 2012 : 3DMark 11 score, Performance Preset, single GPU-categories winner
15 Montenegro /
HW GURUS team Perica_barii Quake LOC 2012 : 3DMark 11 Physics Score, a test of pure CPU performance-categories winner
16 Indonesia JagatReview-Binus CE Coldest bboyjezz LOC 2012 : 3DMark 11 Graphics Score, Performance Preset, Multiple GPUs - categories winner


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  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. 3DMark03 149331 marks n/a (MOA-2012) n/a 1750/1778 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
2. 3DMark03 159273 marks n/a Team-SA (MOA-2012) n/a 1894/1925 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
3. 3DMark03 151429 marks n/a Xtreme Team (MOA-2012) n/a 1803/1851 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
4. 3DMark03 158930 marks n/a Team-SA (MOA-2012) n/a 1842/1925 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
5. 3DMark03 146162 marks n/a (MOA-2012) n/a 1750/1805 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
6. 3DMark03 162886 marks n/a HW GURUS team (MOA-2012) n/a 1829/1851 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
7. 3DMark03 162886 marks n/a HW GURUS team (MOA-2012) n/a 1829/1851 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
8. 3DMark03 162006 marks n/a ASD Crew (MOA-2012) n/a 1842/1753 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
9. 3DMark03 155473 marks n/a Loading CFX5BR (MOA-2012) n/a 1646/1805 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0
10. 3DMark03 146412 marks n/a (MOA-2012) n/a 1750/1778 MHz GeForce GTX 680 0   0