HyperX Overclocking Takeover (HOT) Computex 2014 - SuperPi - 32M

Stage: SuperPi 32M open - closed since 5 Jun

Stage Details

  • SuperPi - 32M is closed since 5 June 2014.


There are no limitations, all hardware may be used.


During Computex 2014 HyperX will kick off the HyperX OC Takeover (HOT) 2014 campaign with a USD $10,000 invitation-only overclocking event. On June 5th, six community overclocking teams will compete against four industry teams in three different benchmarks: XTU, Memory Clock and SuperPI 32M. The cash prize purse is divided amongst the top-3 of each benchmark and varies between USD $2,000 for the top memory frequency and USD $500 for the second runner-up in the XTU category.

Following the kickoff event at Computex, HOT will start a four month-long qualification campaign featuring regional online qualifiers. The campaign starts in July in Latin-America. A total of 10 finalists (double compared to last year!) will proceed to the HOT World Finals where they will compete for a USD $15,000 prize pool.

We will keep you updated on the details of the HyperX OC Takeover Qualification details. For now, join us at the HOT Kickoff Event on June 5th. You can visit the HyperX booth at the Kelti International Building or follow the results on the competition page at HWBOT. You can find the full press release at Kingston.com/hyperx.


  • 11:00 HyperX OC Takeover contestants setup
  • 12:00 HyperX OC Takeover starts
  • 18:30 HyperX OC Takeover Ends
  • 18:45 HyperX OC Takeover – Announcement

1 hour of setup from 11:00 to 12:00. 6 hours 30 minutes of benching time from 12:00 to 18:30 to compete in the 3 different benchmarks (no order or time limitation per benchmark).


Memory Freq. SuperPi 32M XTU w/ secret CPU
First place USD $2000 USD $1500 USD $1000
Second place USD $1500 USD $1000 USD $750
Third place USD $1000 USD $750 USD $500

Invited Teams

TaiwanHOT | ASRockSplave, John Lam
TaiwanHOT | GIGABYTEHicookie, Sofos1990
TaiwanHOT | MSIPt1t, Pepinorang
BrazilHOT | BrazilJoe90br
United KingdomHOT | OCUKPro8 Pack
ChinaHOT | Team ChinaDFORDOG & Hero
DenmarkHOT | Team DenmarkZzolio & Riska
IndonesiaHOT | Team JagatOCLucky_n00b& Slythz
AustraliaHOT | TeamAUJJJC & SniperOZ
unknownHOT | United OverclockersXtreme Addict

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