HWBOT OC Challenge March 2011 - 3DMark2001 SE

Stage: ATI: 3DMark2001 SE open - closed since 31 Mar

Stage Details

  • 3DMark2001 SE is closed since 31 March 2011.


  • Only use videocard from the Radeon 9000 series family.
  • Use 1 videocard core(s) in total.
  • New scores only

Currently top leader

OC-Lab.si 42188 marks good for 10 pts


Another old-school VGA challenge this month. With your team-mates (that's right!) you'll have to face the ATI Radeon 9000 series and Nvidia Geforce 6 series in both 3DMark01 and 3DMark03.

Good luck!

Latest submissions for stage 3DMark2001 SE

Score Team User Hardware Cooling
37797 marks XtremeLabs.org cyclone Radeon 9800 XT Single Stage Phase Change
15240 marks HardwareBG.com lord_darth_vader Radeon 9500 Air (Custom)
37609 marks Overclock.net Rasparthe Radeon 9800 XT Air (Custom)
25696 marks ITwork OC Team SArd Radeon 9800 Pro
35683 marks XtremeLabs.org cyclone Radeon 9800 XT
25998 marks JMax-Hardware Meteorik Radeon 9800 Pro Air (Custom)
33883 marks Enthusiasts - OCinside raetsch Radeon 9800 Pro Air (Stock)
42188 marks OC-Lab.si alibabar Radeon 9800 Pro Water (Custom)
35114 marks Hellas Overclocking Team g10 Radeon 9800 XT Water (Custom)
32236 marks Klan-OC Ragna Radeon 9800 Pro Single Stage Phase Change