ASUS ROG CAMP 2015 Qualifier - XTU

Stage: XTU open - closed since 31 Mar

Stage Details

  • XTU is closed since 31 March 2015.


  • Contestants must be 18 years or older
  • Only members of may participate.
  • Overclockers can never have used LN2 before (dry ice and single stage is OK)
  • Processor cooling is limited to 1,2,3,4.
  • All submissions screenshot must include the official wallpaper of the round (DOWNLOAD)

Currently top leader

aerotracks 331.25 marks good for 25 pts


Latest submissions for stage XTU

Score User Hardware Cooling
1214 marks VanBudd Core i7 4770K Water (Custom)
2372 marks Tifi Core i7 5960X Water (Custom)
1812 marks Stoff Core i7 5820K Air (Custom)
1219 marks racoon Core i7 4790K AIO Water
1218 marks Matti OC Core i7 4790K Water (Custom)
961 marks Drebbin Core i5 3570K Air (Custom)
1196 marks DerHawky Core i7 4790K Water (Custom)
1214 marks racoon Core i7 4790K AIO Water
1325 marks aerotracks Core i7 4790K Water (Custom)
831 marks Rundigger Core i5 3570K Air (Stock)