Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Core i7 6950X 5350 MHz Xtreme Addict 53041 points 83.4 pts 2   4
Cinebench - R15 Core i3 7350K 6666 MHz Xtreme Addict 757 cb 81.9 pts 0   2
Cinebench - R15 Core i7 6950X 5330 MHz Xtreme Addict 2878 cb 70.4 pts 3   3
3DMark06 GeForce GTX 980 Ti 1582/2066 MHz Hideo 67582 marks 65.8 pts 0   1
Cinebench - R11.5 Core i7 6950X 5350 MHz Xtreme Addict 30.53 points 64.0 pts 1   3
3DMark05 GeForce GTX 980 Ti   Hideo 87269 marks 53.0 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 5820K 5052 MHz jab383 2071 marks 51.5 pts 0   0
3DMark2001 SE GeForce GTX 580 1100/1150 MHz Andrix85 179214 marks 51.4 pts 0   0
XTU Core i5 6500 3410 MHz kimandsally 1110 marks 49.8 pts 2   0
3DMark - Time Spy Titan X Pascal 2152/1400 MHz jpmboy 12082 marks 47.4 pts 0   0


HWBOT Articles

In this week’s episode of our Motherboard Memory Lane series we focus in on the X38 chipset. The Intel X38 was a followup platform aimed at the Extreme or enthusiast segment that arrived on the market just four or five months after the launch of the popular Intel P35 chipset we covered last week. In essence the Intel X38 attempted to woo enthusiasts and Overclockers with a handful of features that include support for PCI Express Gen 2.0, additional PCIe lanes for multi-GPU configurations and an optimized memory controller. Let’s take a look at the X38 chipset in a little detail, the most popular motherboard of this generation and some record scores from the HWBOT database for this era:

The Intel X38 belongs to the same Bearlake family that also includes P35, G35 and G33 Northbridge designs. In fact, as a performance chipset offering, the X38 not only extends the Bearlake series, but also essentially retired the 975X, which by this stage was looking quite old and largely outdated. In Southbridge terms the X38 was paired with the same ICH9/ICH9R series that we covered with the P35. It brought support for Gigabit Ethernet plus 6 SATA 3Gbps connectivity at the expense of IDE support.

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Hardware news

Book Your Ticket for Poitiers 2017 Now! Enjoy Early Bird Prize Draw & Monitor Hire!

Calling all French and European Extreme Overclockers! It looks like there may never be better time to book your ticket for the Poitiers 2017 leg of the HWBOT World Tour. If you book your ticket now, not only will you get access to unlimited LN2 for the entire event and the chance to compete in the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier contest, you will also have the chance to win a Seasonic PSU and the opportunity to hire an inexpensive monitor. Sounds like a sweet deal, no?

“The Poitiers -2017 event will of course feature a Overclocking World Championship Qualifier, a contest where the region’s best Extreme Overclockers compete for a place in the OCWC Final at the end of the year. The good news today is that there are a number of tickets still available, plus the fact that if you purchase you ticket soon, you will also have the chance to hire an inexpensive monitor while also entering a free prize draw to win a Seasonic PSU!”

“Seats for Extreme Overclockers at Gamers Assembly are in limited supply, but right now that is not the only motive to book your ticket as soon as possible.

Overclockers who purchase an 'LN2 Pass' for the event before March 15th will also be entered in a prize draw to win one of three Snow Silent 750 power supplies. Gamers Assembly organizers are also offering the chance to hire 19" monitors for just €15 for the entire event. Monitors are limited in quantity however, so it is recommended that you purchase your ticket ASAP to take advantage of this offer and reduce your luggage weight.”

Read the full story here on the HWBOT World Tour website, or preferably, just go ahead and book your ticket now by visiting the Gamers Assembly website here.


Open Benchtable 'Spare Parts Pack' Now Available

Here's some news we just picked up from the Open Benchtable project. They are now offering a ‘Spare Parts Pack’ that includes all of the small, loose components that come with the Open Benchtable; these include standoffs, thumbscrews and brackets – basically all the wee parts that you might need, or indeed lose. This is especially true if like me, you share a house with cats and have virtually no chance of keeping the original kit of screws intact:

“The design of the Open Benchtable tries its utmost to negate the problem of missing components by using a single place to keep them all secure – the main body of the table. As anyone who has used the Open benchtable will tell you, the uniquely integrated nature of the design really helps keep things tidy while also reducing the odds of them going missing.

“However, after listening to the feedback from customers, it’s clear that some users consider missing screws to be a simple fact of life. Screws go missing – that is simply the nature of screws. To remedy this situation, we have put together an OBT Spare Parts Pack. The Pack contains a full compliment of the loose components that are supplied as standard with both the Community Edition Open Benchtable (now sold out), the new Open Benchtable Edition and the BC1 as sold by our retail partners around the world.

You can learn more about the OBT Spare Parts Pack here on the Open Benchtable website.

GIGABYTE Announces AM4 Ryzen Support

AORUS Motherboards Arise New AM4 Ryzen Platform

[Press Release] Taipei, Taiwan, February 24th, 2017 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is proud to announce the rise of the AORUS Gaming Series Motherboards on the New AM4 Ryzen Platform from AMD. The AM4 Platform will host the X370, B350 and A320 Chipsets which all support the Ryzen CPUs. GIGABYTE will have all three chipsets available, each fully optimized for CPUs with 8-Cores and 16 Threads, for consumers who are interested in any segment of the platform. With user-centric features exclusive to GIGABYTE, consumers will find RGB Fusion, Smart Fan 5 and Dual Audio Chips that provides a solution like no other.

With anticipation building for the new platform, GIGABYTE has made no compromises with its innovative technologies. The fully customizable RGB LEDs from RGB Fusion will allow users to customize their system exactly the way they want. Smart Fan 5, an intuitive user interface, works in tandem with hybrid fan headers for optimum cooling performance and system protection. Moreover, RGB Fusion has made its way onto many accessories and peripherals already in the market. RGB Fusion Ready devices allow enthusiasts to control all of their RGB lit products from a single interface.

“This is an exciting time for GIGABYTE as Ryzen processors will bring new technologies and innovations that many of our consumers have longed for,” said Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE’s Motherboard Business Unit. “Even more so, GIGABYTE has continued to improve upon the platform adding exclusive GIGABYTE features that enthusiasts demand.”

Read the full Press Release from GIGABYTE here.

Win Great Prizes with the GIGABYTE March Madness Contest: Starts March 1st

As the Overclocking Season 2017 gets under way, so too do the partner contests on OC-ESPORTS. This season were are proud to bring you a series of great Overclocking contests sponsored by GIGABYTE. The first GIGABYTE contest of the year is the March Madness contest, a contest that spans four individual stages with benchmarks largely chosen with emphasis on CPU performance. As an added twist, the contest also implements a frequency cap of 5,003MHz, meaning that competing Overclockers will have to find ingenious ways to tweak their systems beyond simply pushing CPU frequencies.

GIGABYTE March Madness: March 1st - March 31st

The March Madness contest gets underway on OC--ESPORTS on March 1st and continues until March 31st. Here is a breakdown of the individual stages involved:

  • Stage 1: 3DMark Time Spy Physics
  • Stage 2: Geekbench3 (Multi Core)
  • Stage 3: X265 1080P
  • Stage 4: Intel XTU (Multi Core)

In terms of hardware restrictions for the GIGABYTE march Madness contest, it’s actually very simple. Overclockers are allowed to use any single-core, dual-core or quad-core processor on any GIGABYTE motherboard. The main caveat is that CPU frequencies are restricted to no more than 5,003MHz with the CPU cache multiplier lower or equal to core multiplier. These limitations mean that there is less emphasis on which Overclocker has the most potent CPU, and more emphasis on which Overclocker has the most potent tweaking skills. These include both memory tweaking and OS tweaks - an entire realm of tweaking madness awaits!

Read the full article here on OC-ESPORTS.

AMD 'Officially' Reveal Ryzen Performance, Break Cinebench R15 8-Core Global First Place

The Interweb is aflame today with news that AMD have finally revealed some official information about their forthcoming Ryzan processors series. At arguably their biggest and most significant product launch in a decade, AMD held a ‘Tech Day’ for journalists where the company revealed (or confirmed at least) a number of salient facts. They also provided a demonstration of Extreme Overclocking where a team of respected Overclockers managed to break the 8-core Global First Place score in Cinebench R15.

First some facts. AMD today confirmed that Ryzen chips will be on store shelves on March 1st with pre-orders already cascading across Amazon servers as we speak. The new AMD high-performance product series will debut with top tier Ryzen 7 chips, with Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 arriving later this year. This is great news, proving that the company is actually on track and poised to shift units by this time next week. They also revealed that they have apparently overshot their target in terms of IPC, hitting a 52% improvement in instructions per clock over the previous generation.

Perhaps most notable of all are the performance benchmarks which AMD hope will offer a clearer picture of how well Ryzen will compete with Intel. Slides shown to media at the event show the flagship Ryzen 7 1800X beating a Core i7 6900K by +9% - an impressive feat, especially considering a price difference where the AMD chip costs around half that of the Intel equivalent.

As well as cherry picked benchmarks on a PowerPoint slide we also have some more visibly empirical data to consider. This is thanks to a team of Overclockers that AMD invited to the launch event; the team included Jon Sandström, Petri Korhonen and Sami Mäkinen! Armed with plenty of LN2 these guys managed to push an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X past 5.2GHz on all eight cores to score 2,449 cb points, a score that (once fully validated) will edge out the previous highest 8-core score of 2,445 cb points. This was made by The Overclocking Knights back in June of last year using an Intel Core i7 5960X clock at 6,044MHz (+101.47%. For the sake of context, consider that the previous highest score for an AMD octa-core CPU was 1,218 cb points made with an AMD FX-9590. Impressed yet?

You can find the Cinebench R15 8-core score rankings here. You can also find a full write up of the Ryzen 'Tech Day' here thanks to coverage from Anandtech, plus the video featuring the Cinebench R15 Global First Place score here on Vimeo.

Image source.

Throwback Thursday: Der8auer, Vivi and Rbauss Discuss LN2 Usage and Costs

This Thursday we take you back just three years to a day back in February 2014 when Massmanand Xyala interviewed three of the world’s most respected and influential Overclockers on the topic of liquid nitrogen. Love it or hate it, LN2 is the Extreme Overclockers most prized weapon when it comes to breaking records and pushing the boundaries of performance. Ask World No.1 Dancop, once someone introduces to sub-zero overclocking, there’s no way back. But how much does it cost to have a dewar or two of LN2 on hand in the man cave? What about additional costs for tools and accessories? All issues discussed in this interview with der8auer (Germany), Vivi (South Africa) and Rbauss (Brazil).

“Why would an overclocker change to liquid nitrogen cooling?”

Vivi: Overclockers always want more performance and a higher overclock. They know the only way to get it is with better cooling. To eliminate the cooling problem, you use liquid nitrogen as it can take the component to its coldest and/or best operating temperature. Then you are free to go for the highest possible overclock.

Rbuass: I also believe it is a quest for more performance. Many enthusiast overclockers feel that if they want to do better scores, they don’t want to be limited by the enthusiast-grade cooling anymore. So in search of the maximum, they gather all their courage and go extreme!

Der8auer: We all started as normal overclockers using air- or water cooling. However there is always the point where you hit the thermal limit of your setup. You can raise the voltage of your CPU or GPU but you won’t be able to clock higher. The conclusion is that you need a lower temperature to achieve better results. Participating in HWBOT rankings means competing with the rest of the world so in order to improve your ranking you have to step up to a better cooling solution such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Catch the full interview from February 12th 2014 here.

HWBOT Poll: Will You Purchase AMD Ryzan on Launch Day?

A few weeks we posted a discreet wee poll on the lower right side of the front page of the HWBOT site. The poll was an attempt to gauge the anticipation levels within the HWBOT membership towards forthcoming AMD Ryzan processors. After almost a month of voting we can now draw your attention to the results which generally seem to indicate that a large portion of the HWBOT community is actually pretty excited.

In the last few months and weeks we’ve seen a great deal of leaks and small nuggets of information that pertain to AMD’s new range of high-performance desktop PC processors. We have a brand name, Ryzan, the specifications in terms of core and thread count with pretty reliable clock speed data, and more recently several indications regarding expected performance levels. More and more we find that both tech media and PC enthusiasts around the world are beginning to actually believe that a true renaissance is possible for AMD in the high-performance space – a notion that would have been frankly untenable a year or so ago.

Despite the leaks, the rumors and official news from AMD, there will always remain a segment of the Overclocking scene who remain cynical as to AMD’s chances of ever truly competing with Intel as they did a decade or so ago. Indeed, for many newer HWBOT members, Intel has been the only processor vendor worthy of Overclocking, ever. So, we decided to ask the question – will you give AMD a chance when Ryzan finally arrives on store shelves?

The poll data (shown on the left) reveals a community that is somewhat divided. From a sample of 567 votes we find more than 42% are just not interested. Whether these voters are true Intel enthusiasts (or fanboys) remains unclear. It may well be that they simply don’t think AMD has a chance of reclaiming its former glory, and regard the media hype as unreliable. Either way, a large portion of the community remain unconvinced.

Alternatively however, almost a third of all members polled are already sold on Ryzan and are prepared to invest in an AMD chip at launch, be it quad-core, octa-core or whatever. Additionally, we have those who prefer to wait and see. A significant 28.57% of voters would invest in Ryzan if the benchmarks are good. So far, from what the media is reporting (or leaking) it seems that Ryzan will indeed be a very significant boost for AMD over previous gen processors, a fact that may well entice those currently perched on the proverbial fence.

Generally speaking, the poll results point to a degree of optimism for a large section of the community towards Ryzan. At the very least, it means a major leap in interest levels for AMD on HWBOT, the biggest leap we have seen in quite a while.

Don't forget to chime in with your thoughts and comments in the forum thread below.

[HWBOT X] UNS OC Team Hold “How to maximize Your PC” Workshop in Surakarta, Indonesia

The HWBOT X site just published a blog post about an OC Workshop shop event held at the UNS University in Surakarta Indonesia. Free and open to all students, PC enthusiasts and local overclockers the event was organized by the local University overclocking team, the UNS OC Team with vital support from ASUS Indonesia and other industry partners. The highlight of the event was an Extreme OC demo from our very own Hazzan Jadid who was joined by speed.fastest who managed to make a Global First Place ranked score for a x4 CPU in the Intel XTU benchmark.

“Day 2 gave attendees a chance to find out just how deep the performance rabbit hole can go, with a demonstration of Extreme Overclocking thanks to an appearance from one of Indonesia’s most respected Elite Overclockers, Hazzan Jadid. Hazzan is a seasoned veteran of many high profile global OC contests and an Overclocker that is at his best when pushing a system live on stage. Joined by members of the UNS OC Team plus respected Indonesian Overclocker speed.fastest and lots of LN2, they managing to beat the x4 Global First Place ranked score for the Intel XTU benchmark.”

“The new highest score for a quad-core CPU in the XTU benchmark now stands at 2,305 marks. This is just ahead of World No.1 Dancop who managed a score of 2,301 marks just weeks ago. The score was made with a Kay Lake-based Intel Core i7 7700K pushed to 6,630MHz, a massive +57.86% beyond the processor’s stock settings. As well as an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard, the rig also included a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR 4 kit clocked at 2,108MHz and a Seasonic 1,200 watt powers supply.”

You can find the new x4 GFP ranked score for XTU from speed.fastest here on HWBOT. Read the full blog post about the "How to Maximize Your PC" here on the HWBOT X website.

Original Abit FTP Server Re-Hosted, inc. BIOSes, Manuals and More

Abit was arguably one of a host of long lost motherboard vendors that most enthusiasts recall with a certain degree of fondness. Indeed most PC enthusiasts who were active prior to the company’s demise will remember Abit as one of the first motherboard companies to actively develop and promote specific Overclocking features. The good news today is that HWBOT Community Leader Christian Ney has uploaded a back up the original Abit website to his own domain, providing access to many of the resources that were available to the community back in the day.

According to Christian in a forum post earlier today:

“Before Abit shut down, Turrican and I made a backup of their FTP. I thought I lost it but when checking some external hard drives the other day I found the backup. I did not upload the whole backup (it is quite big). I only uploaded the BIOS, Beta, FlashMenu, Manuals and Utilities directories to my website. If you however need driver(s) or product picture(s), feel free to request them. Now if someone has a backup of DFI's… :D”

The inclusion of BIOS images will be a very helpful resource to many who still opt for an Abit board when revisiting older processor platforms, such as the Socket A / Athlon XP era which proved to be an historical point where Abit were in many respects ahead of the competition when it comes to providing innovative features that Overclockers could take advantage of.

Catch the original forum post from Christian Ney here on the HWBOT forum, or just go ahead and visit the Abit HTP server here.

[HWBOT X] HwBox and GIGABYTE Host Overclocking Gathering in Piraeus, Greece

Here’s some news fresh from the HWBOT X website that covers an Overclocking Gathering that was held at the HwBox headquarters in Piraeus, Greece just a week or so ago. By the sounds of it, the event managed to get virtually all of the country’s OC talent, past and present, in one space. The meet up garnered quite a few Hardware First Place scores, mostly combining Kaby Lake with several classic Radeon HD 5XXX and 4XXX cards:

“In attendance were many of Greece’s most respected Oveclockers, including a few faces that may not be active benchers today, harking back to the origins of Greek Overclocking. The attendee list included Phil, mortisboy, Demac, Firekiller, kintaro, varachio, $@39@, Gorillakos, MetallicGR, Astalavista, AMDnord, storm1978, greekphantom and others – pretty much a who’s who list of the most important Overclockers in the country.”

“As key event sponsors GIGABYTE provided a great introduction to the new Z270 platform from Intel, giving all Greek masters at the event a chance to get to know the GIGABYTE Z270X-Gaming-SOC motherboard. Coupled with the latest Intel Core i7 77700L processors, the was plenty of LN2 on hand for the gathering.”

“After a fun weekend of Extreme Overclocking, several attendees managed to submit scores that would gain points as Hardware First Place rankings. These included scores and submissions from OGS, mortisboy, Greek Phantom and Sofos1990. Using a mix of Radeon HD 5970, Radeon HD 5870, Radeon HD 5770 cards, plus Radeon HD 4870 and R9 270X cards the gathering turned out to be a veritable points harvest for the HwBox Hellas Team, of which all attendees are a member.”

Read the full blog post about the HwBox and GIGABYTE Gathering here on the HWBOT X website.