Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
GPUPI - 1B Titan V 2100/2144 MHz H2o vs. Ln2 4sec 65ms 119.1 pts 28   8
GPUPI - 1B Titan V   H2o vs. Ln2 2sec 137ms 92.3 pts 4   4
XTU Core i7 8700K 5410 MHz SAMBA 2925 marks 64.9 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 8700K 5210 MHz miker2ka 2911 marks 61.7 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 7820X 5502.2 MHz CHRIS_666 3738 marks 57.3 pts 0   1
XTU Core i7 8700K 5200 MHz infinitelovelightwisdom6 2837 marks 53.8 pts 0   0
Memory Frequency DDR4 SDRAM 4133 MHz Villz 4133 MHz 49.8 pts 0   0
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 1080p Core i7 7740X 6824 MHz mllrkllr88 57.08 fps 44.2 pts 0   0
Cinebench - R15 Core i7 7740X 6859 MHz mllrkllr88 1550 cb 44.1 pts 1   0
XTU Core i7 7820X 4900 MHz ezric 3353 marks 42.8 pts 0   0


HWBOT Articles

The GPU Flashback Archive arrives today at the NVIDIA 600 series that debuted in Spring of 2012. The new range of cards showcased a new graphics architecture design and the beginning of what we might describe as the Kepler era. Let’s take a peek at the changes that the new design heralded as well as a close up view of on the GeForce GTX 680 card, the most popular 6-series card with HWBOT members historically speaking. Before we look at some notable scores that were made with the GeForce 680, let’s first kick off with an overview of what innovations arrived with the new Kepler architecture.

If we cast our minds back to 2012 we can recall a era when NVIDIA and AMD were virtually neck and neck, with successive graphic card launches from each company swinging the performance crown from side to side. The arrival of Kepler in many ways represents the beginning of the end of the competitive duopoly that is clearly absent today. Kepler helped NVIDIA push ahead of AMD in terms of graphics processor design, creating a performance lead which AMD still finds insurmountable, despite the arrival of their latest Vega-based cards. Let’s take a look at Kepler in a little detail.

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Hardware news

OC-ESPORTS Roundup: November 2017

Let’s take a look back at the action that took place on OC-ESPORTS in the month of November 2017. As ever we’ll take a peek at both individual and team OC-ESPORTS rankings as they stand at the end of the month while also taking a look the contests that have been been running throughout the month which include the HWBOT Country Cup 2017. November also saw the conclusion of the GALAX GOC 2017 Finals contest, the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 contest and the 49th Edition of the Rookie Rumble series. Let’s start things with a look at the individual rankings for HWBOT members on OC-ESPORTS.

Official World Overclocking Rankings - November 2017

The World Overclocking Rankings on OC-ESPORTs are based on the performance of individual overclockers in the 2017 season. Points are gained via participation in all contests hosted on OC-ESPORTS. Higher rankings in top level competitions throughout the year earn you more points. You can find more details about the scoring and ranking system on OC-ESPORTS here:!/rankings-details

As the OC-ESPORTS 2017 comes to a close, we find that many of the major contests have past already. This means that in fact there hasn’t been too much change at the top end of the individual overclocker rankings. In fact the top four places are completely unchanged - rsannino (Italy) is 1st with an utterly dominant 845 points with several wins in Challenger Divisions II and II this year and also succeeded to win the G.SKILL OC World Cup back in June. The win in the Live G.SKILL OC World Cup Final at Computex is worth 250 points alone, so you can see why this guy is top of the table and almost certain to be crowned OC-ESPORTS Champion of 2017. He will be competing in the OCWC 2017 Final in just a few days. Another win there would complete a pretty amazing year for the Italian.

In second place we have jiccman1965 (US) with 593 points. His points originate from his recent work in the HWBOT Team Cup 2017 contest, and several great performances in the Pro OC Division plus Challenger Divisions I, IV and VII. In third place macsbeach98 (Australia) has 534 points. His work this year has been spread across several contests including the Old School is Best School series, the Challenger Divisions IV and VII, plus good work in the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 contest and the HWBOT Team Cup. Our unchanged top four from October is completed by jpmboy (US) with 528 points, an avid overclocker in the HWBOT Team Cup, Challenger Divisions and several other partner contests including the VRMark Challenge for example, where he came second.

Read the full roundup article dealing with all the action from November 2017 here on OC-ESPORTS

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OCWC 2017 Final: Overclocker Profiles - rsannino (Italy)

The fourth part of our Overclocker Profile series looks at the current highest ranked overclocker on OC-ESPORTS, the one and only rsannino from Italy. Join us as we take a peek at how he qualified for the OCWC 2017 Final and also a quick look at the man behind the LN2 flask.

The Man Behind the LN2 Flask: rsannino (Italy)

Known in his daily life away from extreme overclocking as Roberto Sannino, rsannino has had a really good year in terms of competitive overclocking, climbing the ranks of both HWBOT and the OC-ESPORTS competitive platform to become a real force in the game. In 2017, he is one of only two HWBOT members to have wrestled the HWBOT No.1 ranking away from Dancop, no mean feat. He currently sits in second place in the worldwide rankings with 2,860.9 points, just ahead of Xtreme Addictc (Poland) with 2,735.8 points and just behind Dancop with 3,206.5 points.

The Road to the OCWC 2017 Final

The Taipei 2017 leg of the HWBOT World Tour offered a ticket to the OCWC 2017 Finals via the G.SKILL OC World Cup 2017 contest. Roberto actually made it to the G.SKILL OC World Cup Finals by winning the online Qualifier contest. He then traveled to Taipei to compete in the Final.

At the end of a grueling week with five of the world’s most respected extreme overclockers competing live at the G.SKILL booth Computex 2017, Italian overclocker Roberto ‘rsaninno’ has taken first place and the $10,000 USD prize. The final day of the contest saw the Italian go head to head against last year’s winner Xtreme Addict from Poland, historically one of the most successful live competitive overclockers ever. With less than an hour we found rsaninno marginally ahead on the score card with higher scores in three out of four benchmarks. By the time the countdown clock had reached the end of the contest, we find rsannino sealing the win with victories in three out of four stage.

Read the full Overclocker Profile article about rsannino (Italy) here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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HWBOT Country Cup 2017 Update: US Leads with Two Weeks to Go

The HWBOT Country Cup is just two weeks away from its climax, which means it’s high time we took a look at the current table with an eye one which country might emerge as eventual winners on December 23rd. Right now the impetus is with the United States of America, a country that have actually yet to win a Country Cup contest, despite being the best represented country in terms of HWBOT membership. Let’s have a look at which countries are doing well thus far, the players involved and the standings overall.

HWBOT Country Cup 2017: November 1st to December 23

In terms of contest format, each of the six stages of the HWBOT Country Cup 2017 contest are setup to make the contest as gruelling and challenging as possible. Each stage is unique and involves the following, a specific benchmark and a specific number of required submissions from different team members. Each stages is also based around a different CPU or GPU platform and offers a specific amount of points. Finally, each stage has a different end date, just to stop total sandbagging on the very last day.

Stage 1: SuperPi 32M

  • 8 Submissions from 8 different Intel CPU sub-families (Coffee Lake not allowed)
  • 50 points available
  • Overall score average of best 8
  • Ends December 19th

Stage 1 is all about proving you know your stuff with different architecture Intel CPUs. The US top the table an average run of 5min 31sec 820ms. This average score is thanks to submissions from jiccman1965, Bones, topyoyoguybest, GtiJason, bigblock990, Frito, jpmboy and jab383. The fastest submission comes from bigblock990 who managed a run in just 4min 20 594ms using a Core i7 7700K which he pushed to a very nice 7,000MHz (+66.67%). Check out this shot of the LN2 cooled rig that was pushed by bigblock990. It’s based on a Z170M OC Formula with DDR4 memory tuned to 1,999.6MHz (12-11-11-11-28).

Read the full update article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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The OC Show Season 4, Episode 20: Dancop Breaks WR Live, GOC 2017 Final, Hungary Meet Up and AMD Rock Tour

The OC Show returned to the airwaves of TwitchTV on Friday night with Episode 20 of Season 4. OC-TV anchor Trouffman was again joined by Toolius with a special appearance from mickulty from the UK who was standing in OC Show regular Buildzoid.

The show kicks off as ever with a look at contests happening on OC-ESPORTS, the competitive hub of overclocking. Right now there aren’t too many contests taking place, but one of the biggest of the year is heating up with the HWBOT Country Cup entering its last few weeks. With just a few weeks left we find that the US still top the table with the Ukraine in second place, Germany in third and the United Kingdom in fourth. The guys discuss the strategy of sand bagging, as well the notion of procrasti-bagging, which basically means just putting things off until the last moment. Mickulty also gives us an overview of how the contest works and reminds us that in many cases it’s better to have as a many country members submitting scores as possible and that it’s impossible to hurt your country with a low score. The guys also take a look at Rookie Rumble #50 which is also running and has 377 Rookie overclockers competing.

One other major topic of course was the recent GALAX GOC 2017 Finals which took place last weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. The eventual contest winner was Alex@ro (Romania) who was the standout competitor on the day, taking three of four stages wins. He took home a very tasty $5,000 USD prize. As well as a look at the Hungary OC Meet Up which took place a little while ago, Trouff and co discuss the topic of organizing OC Meet Up, arranging LN2 and getting the required hardware together etc. It takes a bit of dedication, but it’s also well worth it. There’s also the topic the AMD Rock Tour, an online contest that offers Indonesian overclockers hardware prizes for benching the latest AMD Ryzen processors.

Arguably the highlight of Episode 20 is the fact that they also managed to get HWBOT No.1 ranked overclocker Dancop on the show. Dancop explains that he happens to be pushing an Intel Core i7 8700K using some G.SKILL DDR4 memory and an ASUS ROG Maximus X Apex motherboard. While running his right with a full pot of LN2, he mentions how he just broke the six core Global First Place record in the HWBOT x265 1080p benchmark.

Watch the OC Show Episode 20 of Season 4 here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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OCWC 2017 Final: Overclocker Profiles – Dancop (Germany)

In part three of our OCWC 2017 Final, Overclocker Profile series we are happy to introduce one of the real living legends of the game, the current Worldwide No.1 ranked overclocker on HWBOT, the one and only Dancop from Germany. Join us as we take a peek at how Dancop qualified for the OCWC 2017 Final and also take a look at the man behind the LN2 flask.

The Man Behind the LN2 Flask: Dancop (Germany)

For the last few years it’s reasonable to say that the rankings on HWBOT have been consistently dominated by one overclocker, a man known to many of us as Daniel Schier who goes by the nickname Dancop. Dancop is an Elite league HWBOT member who first signed up back in September 2008. After being introduced to Extreme, sub-zero overclocking with LN2 by his friend and one-time mentor der8auer, he has simply not looked back. Despite the best efforts of rsannino (Italy) and Xtreme Addict, two guys who have had a taste of what it feels like to Worldwide No.1, Dancop has been No.1 for quite some time. Even if, on the rare occasion he finds that he slipped to second place, it’s usually only a few days or weeks before he regains his spot at the top of the rankings.

The Road to the OCWC 2017 Final

Dancop qualified for the OCWC 2017 Final by winning the OCWC Poitier 2017 Qualifier contest which took place at Gamers Assembly, traveling to France from Germany specifically to compete in the event. After coming second in the Qualification stage, just behind Wizerty (France) he pitted against orion24 in the first Semi-Final 1v1 match. The benchmark draw thew up the classic 3DMark11 Physics, a benchmark which may well have favored the World No.1 who is well respected for his ability to get the most performance from system memory, something that helps a great deal in this benchmark. After 30 mins of intense benching with LN2, Dancop had arrived at a score of 17,505 marks while orion24 remained on 15,018 marks. Dancop moved on to the next round.

Read the full Overclocker Profile article about Dancop (Germany) here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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How Not to Overclock Your CPU, a ‘How Not to' Guide from UFD Tech

Seeing as it’s Friday, let’s me share something a little bit light hearted. There are plenty of ‘How to’ guides out there which show you step by step how to improve a PC’s performance, but today we came across a video from UFD Tech which takes a rather different route. In order to prove the point to his viewers that it’s actually quite hard these days to overclock your system to the point where it breaks, he decided to do ‘How not to’ video. It’s certainly true that most modern platforms have built-in fail-safes that stop you from actually configuring the CPU to the point where things get damaged. Nonetheless UFD successfully demonstrates that if you are determined enough, it can still be done.

Overclocking can be a scary thing for many people, especially if you're delving into it for your first time. Here's a quick guide on how quickly you can mess things up and burn out your PC. This is a warning of what not to do, not a how to video.

He starts off by selecting his ‘sacrificial lamb’ – an ASRock 970 Pro3 motherboard with an AMD FX 8350 processor, an octa-core Vishera chip with a default of 4GHz and a TDP of 125W. After explaining the relationship between frequency, voltage and heat he then pushed the CPU voltage to a pretty unhealthy 1.55v with CPU frequency of 4.2GHz. Under stress that means his VRM components start reaching beyond 160 degrees Celcius. It’s at this stage we wish we had smello-vision technology. Death is imminent and arrives on cue with a wimper.

UFDisciple, to use his HWBOT handle, is admittedly not the most experienced overclocker. However he did win the HWBOT Amateur World Series 2016 South Africa contest last year. In this video, if nothing else, he has proved that killing your PC with an overclock takes plenty of effort. You can find his video here on his UFD Tech YouTube channel.

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11 Competitions Lose OC-ESPORTS Points in December 2017

The OC-ESPORTS points are a part of the equation for the HWBOT Overclockers League leaderboard as the league is based on a member's best 15 combined global and wr scores overall, best 20 hardware scores overall, and the 10 best OC-ESPORTS points from the past 365 days. To help you understand why you may lose points this point, below you can find a table of the competitions which will lose their points this month.

Competitions Losing Points in December 2017

Competition Date of Losing Points Level Winner
ASUS ROG CAMP 2016 Live Final 2016-12-03 1 Bene11660
HWBOT World Championship 2016 2016-12-04 1 Marc0053
RealBench Challenge 2016 - Challenge IV 2016-12-05 1 FUGGER
Realbench Challenge 2016 Leaderboard 2016-12-05 1 Wizerty
Rookie Rumble #38 2016-12-10 1 Guik
Rookie Rumble AMD #35 2016-12-10 1 Patate
Novice Nimble #12 2016-12-10 1
GALAX GOC 2016 Final 2016-11-10 1 Lucky_n00b
HWBOT Country Cup 2016 2016-12-23 1 Australia
Skylake 5G Tweaker's Challenge 2016-12-31 1 Luumi
Haswell 5G Tweaker's Challenge 2016-12-31 1 GtiJason

OCWC 2017 Final: Overclocker Profiles – PXHX (Brazil)

Welcome to part two of the Overclocker Profiles series where we introduce each of the overclockers that will compete in the Overclocking World Championship Final which is just days away. We continue today by introducing you to a PXHX from Brazil, an overclocker that is one of three overclockers to make a second appearance in this competition. Let’s have a gander at how PXHX qualified for the OCWC 2017 Final and also a look at the man behind the LN2 flask.

The Man Behind the LN2 Flask: PXHX (Brazil)

Brazilian overclockers have always enjoyed a solid presence on HWBOT. Rbuass (a.k.a. Ronaldo Buassali) is the legend that will spring to many minds, but today it’s difficult to see past Paulo Marquezini, an overclocker that uses the handle PXHX. Paulo is currently the fourth highest ranked Brazilian overclocker on HWBOT, just behind Darkvenom, joee90br and Rbuass, but don’t let that fool you, in live extreme overclocking contests Paulo has proved himself to be the top dog. Paulo managed to win the OCWC Sao Paulo Qualifier for the second year running, a feat only matched by two others. In the 2016 OCWC Final in Berlin, he also gave a very decent account of himself, coming fourth overall in the initial ranking contest. PXHX is the highest ranked member of the Team Brazil and a team captain too. In the Worldwide HWBOT rankings he is currently 137th. In Berlin next week Paulo will be the only Latin American representative.

The Road to the OCWC 2017 Final

Paulo qualified to compete in the OCWC 2017 Final by winning the OCWC Sao Paulo 2017 Qualifier contest which took place at the Campus Party on February 5th of this year. Extreme overclockers had been present at the Campus Party event throughout the week, taking advantage of the copious LN2 provided. After a qualifying day on February 3rd to decide which overclocker would face each other in the Semi’s, the roster was established. Semi Final 1 was a contest between PXHX and Renan0000, a newcomer to live Extreme overclocking and the HWBOT World Tour in general. In fact the first Semi-Final match proved to be what could only be described as a slightly mismatched encounter between one overclocker who had managed to go all the way to the top the previous year, and another with very little or no live overclocking experience.

Read the full Overclocker Profile article about PXHX (Brazil) here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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Throwback Thursday: Christian Ney Completes GeForce GT 540M Record Set

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday. Today we cast our minds back to a day in November 2013 when current HWBOT Community Leader, Christian Ney had other things on his mind, namely collecting a full set of Hardware Gold Cups with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M chip. And by full set, I really do mean full. The news post was made in recognition of the fact that Christian had actually gone and taken down the Hardware First Place records for all 22 GPU benchmarks, a pretty incredible feat that I’m not sure has ever been replicated here on HWBOT. Here’s what we wrote back on November 24th 2013:

There are 22 GPU benchmarks in our database. Installing all of them would probably take you half a day, excluding of course the time it takes to debug some of them. For example 3DMark99 requires a couple of workarounds to get working properly. Therefore it is safe to say that when someone claims to have run all the benchmarks for a particular graphics card, it is damn impressive. We would call that a die-hard overclocker, no doubt.

And then there's Christian Ney. He is not satisfied by just running all benchmarks. No, he wants all the top spots and golden cups that come with it. And so he did, in the Nvidia GeForce GT 540M category. Yes, he did it - a perfect score in that category. Awesome, amazing, and above all pretty darn insane. Nice one!

You can check out the record page for the GeFirce GT 540M here. Christian may not be too pleased to hear that a few other HWBOT members have been chipping away at his perfect record, plus the fact that the database now has more than 40 3D benchmarks. Maybe time to crank out your 540M chip again Christian. You can find the original post from 2013 here.

This news post can be discussed here on the HWBOT Community Forum.

GALAX GOC 2017: Video Coverage from Tech YES City and jojococo studio

The GALAX GOC 2017 contest took place last weekend with Romanian Alex@ro taking the win in Thailand and a check for $5,000 USD. If you haven’t already, check out our coverage of the contest right here on OC-ESPORTS. The good news for us is that we can also get more of a fly on the wall view of things thanks to two YouTubers who were there in person. Tech YES City and jojococo studio were both on the ground in Bangkok Thailand to gives us a clearer picture of what was going on at one of the biggest overclocking events on the 2017 calendar.

Firstly, take a look at the coverage that came from Tech YES City, the same guys that recently brought us coverage of the Performance Matters event in Melbourne Australia. The video from Brian gives you a good overview of the event which by the way also includes ‘random scrubs getting pawned…’, a reference to the interactive gaming stands that were setup for visitors. We also get an interview with GALAX top brass including MAD, Hall of Fame Chief who offers insight to the development process involved in producing a HoF graphics card. Of course there’s also coverage of the GOC 2017 contest, the winners and prizes, plus some thoughts on the challenges of live GPU overclocking.

Another YouTuber at the Pantip Plaza in Bangkok was case modding enthusiast jojococo who is based in Thailand. Jojo attended the GOC 2017 event which also just happened to coincide with a case modding event. Who knew Bangkok was so awash with tech events on the weekend? The video gives a solid overview of what GOC is all about from an attendees perspective and also features a look at all twelve combatants as they get down to some serious sub-zero, extreme overclocking.

Catch the video coverage from Tech YES City here, plus the video from jojococo studios here on their respective YouTube channels.

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