Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
3DMark Vantage - Performance GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 2607/1626 MHz k|ngp|n 117163 marks 120.7 pts 3   7
Cinebench - R15 Xeon Platinum 8160   Rauwomos 10038 cb 114.1 pts 6   4
wPrime - 1024m Xeon Platinum 8160   Rauwomos 24sec 786ms 66.9 pts 0   2
XTU Core i3 7350K   coolhandluke41 1177 marks 52.1 pts 0   1
Aquamark GeForce 8800 GTS 512 Mb 1080/1166 MHz scannick 507208 marks 39.6 pts 1   3
3DMark2001 SE GeForce GTX 285 1015/1400 MHz scannick 164574 marks 39.4 pts 1   1
XTU Core i7 7700K 5410 MHz avalanche 1861 marks 38.9 pts 0   0
3DMark - Time Spy GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 2076/1611 MHz liter vina 19635 marks 34.0 pts 0   0
Aquamark GeForce GTX 580 1400/1250 MHz Squirrel_Master 520700 marks 32.6 pts 0   1
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Core i3 7350K 6576 MHz coolhandluke41 15604 points 32.5 pts 0   0


HWBOT Articles

The final article in our Motherboard Memory Lane series brings us right up to date with a look at the current AMD AM4 platform. AM4 series motherboards support AMD Zen architecture CPUs, a new platform which AMD hoped would finally elevate the company back into the upper-mainstream PC component ecosystem, a place that had been utterly dominated by Intel for most of the last decade. The platform arrived with a new socket, new chipset series, new AMD Ryzen CPUs and a newly invigorated sense of purpose. Let’s take a look at the key platform features, the motherboards that are currently most popular and the CPUs that are being used to make some very decent scores on the HWBOT database.

The first systems to use the AMD AM4 Socket were in fact built by OEMs HP and Lenovo in late 2016 who were given exclusive access to the new platform. It arrived with Bristol Ridge-based APUs that featured Excavator cores, the last iteration of AMD’s Bulldozer CPU architecture. As far as the mainstream DIY PC consumer and enthusiast space, it barely registered a blip on the radar. We were all far too preoccupied with waiting for Zen to arrive.

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Hardware news

Open Benchtable Summer Sale: 10% Off Any Open Benchtable Order! have just posted a short news post that will be interesting to anyone who is thinking about making a purchase. As part of a Summer Sale promotion, all orders made using a special discount code will subject to a ten percent discount.

The summer of 2017 has been loaded with exciting PC hardware launches. Between Intel and AMD, the battle for PC platform supremacy has never been so intense. To celebrate the end of summer, we are offering an exclusive 10% off deal on all the Open Benchtables currently left in stock. Numbers are limited. Use the following code to redeem: SUMMER10. The Summer Sale offer is valid from today until September 15th 2017.

Remember. The Open Benchtable is the one and only fully portable and tooless benchtable. It is uniquely crafted with love by real PC hardware enthusiasts and is available in three different colors; Red, Silver and Black. Also, all Open Benchtables ordered from come with an exclusive travel sleeve to protect your table while traveling.

You can find the news post here on


Prote1n (France) Wins Rookie Rumble #46, Mossy (UK) Wins AMD Rumble #40

A week or so ago we came to the conclusion of the Rookie Rumble #46. After a month of serious Rookie overclocking we find prote1n from France sitting at the top of the table, while on the AMD side of the street, UK overclocker Mossy takes the win. Let’s take a look at all the action in a little detail as well as reveal this month’s Lucky Prize Draw winner.

Rookie Rumble #46: July 15th to August 5th, 2017

First a quick recap of what the Rookie Rumble contest series is all about. The core idea is to give Rookie, Novice and Apprentice-class HWBOT members a place where they can compete against each other on a level playing field. For this reason Enthusiast, Extreme and Elite Overclockers are not eligible to compete. Round #46 of the contest was set up with three stages featuring the following benchmarks; Intel XTU, Cinebench R15 and Geekbench3 -Single Core. Let’s go ahead and look at the stages in isolation.

Stage 1: Intel XTU

As with all Rookie Rumble contests, Stage 1 is all about the popular Intel XTU benchmark, a favorite with Rookie Overclockers because of its simplified GUI and integrated submission process. One interesting quirk about XTU stage of this contest is that the eventual score produced by the benchmark is divided by the number of cores present on the CPU used.

At the top of the table we have French overclocker prote1n showing his class with a very dominant performance in the XTU benchmark. His score of 451.25 per core (1,805 marks) stands way out in front of his nearest rival Frito (US) with 436.75 per core (1,747 marks). In third place kava2126 (US) chimes in with a score of 427.50 per core (1,710 marks).

You can catch the full roundup article for Rookie Rumble #46 and AMD Rumble #40 here on OC-ESPORTS.

Hardware Asylum Podcast #78: Budget PC Building

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain return this week with the latest edition of the Hardware Asylum podcast. With much of the tech media’s attention being focused on the latest HEDT processor platforms from AMD and Intel, Dennis and Darren take aim at the other end of the spectrum, discussing the topic of budget PC building here in Episode 78. Exactly what does a ‘budget gaming PC’ look like? How much do you have to spend to put together an inexpensive media rig for your parent’s living room? All questions raised in this week’s podcast. Here are the show notes:

It is back to school time which gives retailers an excuse to have a holiday sale when there is no holiday. It also give hardware sites like Hardware Asylum an excuse to talk about building PCs either for the family room or that new dorm you’ll be moving into in a couple weeks. Of course in these situations money can be tight and you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

In this episode we discuss budget gaming PCs in the sub $1000 USD range. You can build a pretty amazing machine with that kind of money which is just enough to get you decent hardware and also allow an upgrade path for future growth and a creative way to get more from your initial investment.

You can catch the Hardware Asylum podcast Episode 78 right here. As always a good interesting listen about plain old PC hardware.

The OC Show, Season4 Episode 7: Alza OC Cup, Cinebench World Record, AMD Threadripper Launch, Montreal 2017 and Gavbon

The OC Show returned to our TwitchTV screens last Friday night, and interestingly involved a new member of the team. Gavbon is the man behind the Play3r tech website and a pretty active overclocker in the North West of England. Episode 7 of Season 4 kicks off with Buildzoid’s recent adventures overclocking his Team Group memory, which involved some LN2 and a bit of ingenuity with some duck tape. The upshot was a DDR4 memory frequency score of 2,427.5MHz (DDR4-4854), which is frankly not too shabby. With a CPU that has a better IMC, there’s every chance of reaching 5GHz+. His score contributes to the Alza Team in Subcategory 3, Stage 4 of the HWBOT TeamCup 2017.

The guys also take a peek at the other contests that are running on OC-ESPORTS including the Alza OC Cup where Italian superpatodonaldo leads the pack with a total of 38 points. It’s early days of course in that particular contest which is organized exclusively for European overclockers by Czech distributor Alza. Another topic of discussion is the World Record for the Cinebench R15 benchmark which was broken by a HWBOT Rookie and Youtuber known as sonofatech (US) who pulled off an incredible score of 9,015 points using no less than 176 threads of Intel Xeon madness. He used a HP server with 4x Intel Xeon E7 8880 v4 processors, each of which feature 22 Broadwell-EX cores. The odd thing is that the World Record was broken again by another YouTuber TimmyTechTV who submitted a score of 9,588 cb points using a 4x Intel Xeon E7 8890 v4 chips, each of which pack 24 cores and 48 threads. Insane!

The newly confirmed HWBOT World Tour visit to Montreal is also discussed by the gang – another opportunity to meet and enjoy extreme overclocking with likeminded individuals. All you need is an LN2 ticket to the event which also includes access to DreamHack Montreal 2017. Another event to look forward to is the GALAX OC 2017 contest, which kicked off its online qualification segment just a few days ago.

Other topics include the search for Threadripper No.1 in the original batch that AMD sent to reviewers, Coffee Lake core i3 leaks and reaction to the arrival of AMD Threadripper finally after a rather extended launch period. You can find Episode of the OC Show here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

[Gamers Nexus] AMD Demo Ryzen Threadripper 1950X at 5.2GHz on LN2

AMD’s eagerly anticipated Threadripper processors were finally launched at the end of last week. So far we’ve plenty of submissions pop up on the HWBOT database with some pretty impressive scores being cranked out thanks to the 16-cores / 32-threads that are packed into the new RYZEN Threadripper 1950X processor. AMD also organized a media event to commemorate the arrival of its new flagship product, and lucky for us Steve Burke and the guys from Gamers Nexus were in attendance, interviewing AMD Senor Product Development Engineer Bill Alverson and Principal member of Technical Staff Amit Mehre, two AMD employees charged with showing exactly what Threadripper is capable of under LN2.

Steve quizzed the AMD guys about the LN2 overclocking demo they put together. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X has a base clock of 3.4GHz with an all core boost that reaches 3.7GHz. Under LN2 they were able to hit 5.2GHz on all cores which is a pretty impressive +52% boost over stock base frequency. In terms of voltage the chip needed 1.6v, up from 1.2-1.3v at stock. One thing that was noted also is that when running full pot, the system was not able to maintain PCIe Gen 3.0 stability. Dropping down to gen 1.0 resolves a lot of issues and allows for better stability at higher temperatures.

You can catch footage from the Threadripper launch here on the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel. It offers a pretty good introduction to the new platform and what to expect once you push you push the new silicon at sub-zero temperatures.

Most Valuable Submission of Week 32, 2017: Gold for Hicookie (TW), Splave (US), $@39@ (GR), Sonofatech (US) and TimmyTechTV (US)

  • article
  • 1

In Week 32 of 2017, we received 3875 benchmark results from 844 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 58% of the active community. They were responsible for 36% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

Last week was pretty exciting with the launch of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 16-core CPU and the unveiling of performance of Intels Core i9-7960X overclocked. A number of select overclockers were able to pre-test the capabilities of these processors and as a result we saw a number of World Records and Global First Places fall. First up is Hicookie from Taiwan with a World Record in the HWBOT X265 1080P benchmark. Hicookie scores 168.44 FPS with a Core i9 7960X at 5351 MHz and surpassed a 4x Xeon E7 8867 V3 system in the process. Next up is Splave from United States with a World Record in the Unigine Heaven Xtreme preset. Splave scores 11736.45 marks with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti at 2550/1500 MHz and a 7.1 GHz Core i7-7740X processor. Third mention of the week is $@39@ from Greece with a Hardware First Place in the GeForce GTX 580 3DMark01 category. The Greek scored 194751 marks combining a Core i7-7700K at 7 GHz with the graphics card at 1300/1200 MHz.

Now we arrive at two entries from the non-extreme cooling classes. First up is Sonofatech from the Unites States with a Global First Place in the 88xCPU category and overall silver in Cinebench R15. Following the 5000 points by the Core i9-7960X processor, he submitted 9015 cb with no less than 4 Intel Xeon E7 8880 V4 processors. That's 176 threads of power. But during the week he was surpassed by TimmyTechTV who benchmarked a quad Xeon E7 8890 V4 system featuring 96 CPU cores and 192 threads. With the system TimmyTechTV blew the Cinebench R15 World Record out of the water with a score of 9588 cb.

Congratulations to everyone making the leaderboard!

The most used hardware components of Week 32 are the Core i7 7700K (13.9%), GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (10.1%) and the ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex (3.0%). In total the community used 310 different CPUs, 237 different GPUs and 741 different motherboards.

The overclocking results submitted during Week 32 generated in total 1360 World Record Points, 6709.2 Global Points, and 5675 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 26% for Elite, 30% for Extreme, 8% for Apprentice, 17% for Enthusiast, 8% for Novice, and 19% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 2% Elite, 8% Extreme, 4% Apprentice, 19% Enthusiast, 9% Novice, and 58% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 32, 2017

League CPU Benchmark GPU Benchmark Hardware Points
Elite Hicookie 124.5 pts (WR!) Splave 228.4 pts (WR!) H2o vs. Ln2 30.7 pts
Extreme TheOverclocker 95.1 pts (GFP!) SergeyR 100 pts $@39@ 49.8 pts
Apprentice Davestarrr 37 pts Totalnet 34.9 pts Davestarrr 24.1 pts
Enthusiast Andressergio 36.9 pts Andressergio 33.5 pts Andressergio 22.8 pts
Novice Sonofatech 86.9 pts (GFP!) Slovak_killer 19.9 pts Rpg1 24.6 pts
Rookie TimmyTechTV 113 pts (WR!) Motek99 26.1 pts JMTH 23.5 pts

Luumi (Finland) Wins GIGABYTE Beat the Heat Contest, Plus Lucky Prize Draw Winners

At the end of an exciting month of extreme overclocking we find Extreme overclocker Luumi from Finland take top spot in the GIGABYTE Beat the Heat contest, walking away with a fantastic array of hardware prizes. Let’s take a look at all the action from yet another great overclocking contest from GIGABYTE, plus all the Lucky Prize Draw winners.

GIGABYTE Beat the Heat: July 1st to 31st, 2017

The GIGABYTE Beat the Heat contest ran throughout the month of July here on OC-ESPORTS and was centered on 2D benchmarks and the latest Intel platforms that use Socket 1151, i.e. Skylake and Kaby Lake architecture processors. The only other hardware restriction was that contestants had to use a GIGABYTE motherboard. The contest was divided into the following four stages, each featuring a 5GHz CPU frequency limitation and a specific benchmark:

  • Stage 1: XTU 5GHz
  • Stage 2: GPUPI for CPU 1B 5GHz
  • Stage 3: Geekbench3 Single Core 5GHz
  • Stage 4: HWBOT x265 Benchmark 4k 5GHz
  • The idea behind the 5GHz limitation is stop the contest being overly influenced by the silicon lottery where the best binned CPUs take all the spoils. To get the highest score, overclockers basically have to rely on two things; DDR4 memory tuning, and software optimizations. No restrictions were placed on cooling which means sub-zero cooling such as phase change, cascade and LN2 cooling are all fair game.

    Stage 1: XTU - Stage was all about optimizing your system for the Intel XTU benchmark, predominantly using Kaby Lake architecture Core i7 7700K processors. One area where binning could still be a factor is that of the integrated memory controller. Finding a CPU with an exceptional IMC would indeed help to reach higher frequencies at tighter timings. In first place we find Greek master $@39@ with an Intel XTU score of 1,795 marks. He used a GIGABYTE Z270X-Gaming SOC motherboard with DDR4 configured at 1,973MHz And 12-12-12-28 timings. Second place belongs to Bullshooter (Germany) with 1,790 marks while Luumi (Finland) managed a score of 1,787 marks.

    Read the full and detailed roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS.

    AMD Threadripper vs Intel Skylake-X, 16C battle: 2 World Records, 7 Global First Places

    Yesterday was 16-core-day! Not only did AMD release its first competitive high-end desktop CPU in a long time in the form of Ryzen Threadripper, Intel showed off for the first time what their high core count Skylake-X parts are capable of.

    We compiled a table with the best results per benchmark for your convenience. In total the pair of 16 core processors broke 2 World Records and achieved 7 Global First Places in various 16xCPU categories. As new results fill the database we will update the table to reflect the most up-to-date information.

    Skylake-X vs Threadripper: 2 World Records, 7 Global First Places

    World Record Wprime 32M 1.264 sec Splave Intel Core i9 7960XASRock X299 OC Formula
    World Record HWBOT x265 Benchmark 1080P 168.44 fps Hicookie Intel Core i9 7960XGIGABYTE X299-SOC Champion
    GFP Cinebench - R11.5 52.33 points Splave Intel Core i9 7960XASRock X299 OC Formula
    GFP Cinebench R15 4931 cb Sofos1990 Intel Core i9 7960XGIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion
    GFP GPUPI 1 min 5.981 ms TheOverclocker AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950XASUS ROG Zenith Extreme
    GFP Geekbench 3 Multi Core 80192 points Sofos1990 Intel Core i9 7960XGIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion
    GFP HWBOT Prime 14751 pps Hicookie Intel Core i9 7960XGIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion
    GFP HWBOT x265 Benchmark 4k 40.76 fps Hicookie Intel Core i9 7960XGIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion
    GFP Wprime 1024M 29.499 sec Hicookie Intel Core i9 7960XGIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion
    (Table as of August 11, 2017. Source: database)

    OCWC Montreal Qualifier: Contest Rules and Hardware Confirmed

    The HWBOT World Tour returns to Canada, this time visiting Montreal for DreamHack 2017 on September 2nd -6th. As well as Overclocking workshops for attending gamers and enthusiasts, the event will feature plenty of competitive extreme overclocking in the form of an Overclocking World Championship Montreal 2017 Qualifier. Today we bring you confirmation of the overall structure and rules that will used in the contest and the hardware and benchmarks that will be involved.

    Overclocking World Championship – Montreal 2017 Qualifier - Extreme overclockers in the region are invited to take part in the Montreal 2017 Qualifier contest. To compete, you have to purchase an LN2 ticket (available here), this will give you access to the Overclockers Gathering and unlimited LN2. Here’s a breakdown of how the contest is organized:

    September 9th – Qualification Round

    Benchmarks (three in three hours)

    • -SuperPi 32
    • Cinebench R15
    • 3DMark11 Physics?


    • Intel Core i7 7700K provided by HWBOT
    • Team Group DDR4 Memory provided by HWBOT (model TBC)
    • Motherboard not provided. Any Z170 / Z270 (No ES / Non-Retail)
    • SSD not provided. Any model / OS
    • Power Supply not provided
    • Peripherals not provided
    • Cool Solutions not provided
    • LN2 provided by HWBOT (Cascades not allowed)

    To read the full and comprehensive list of rules for the OCWC Montreal 2017 Qualifier, check out this blog post here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

    Cape Town 2017 Challenge Giveaway: Winners Announced

    Today we are very happy to announce the winners of the Cape Town 2017 Challenge Giveaway contest. In celebration of the fifth HWBOT World Tour stop of the year in Cape Town, South Africa we teamed with partners Seasonic and Corsair to bring you a fantastic opportunity to win some great prizes. It all kicked off on July 21st, with HWBOT fans and social media followers asked to click the link below to enter the Cape Town 2017 Challenge. The contest was essentially a Giveaway where the more social media actions you completed, the better chance you had to win.

    Cape Town 2017 Challenge Giveaway Prizes and Winners

    Seasonic Snow Silent 750 PSU - The latest Seasonic Snow Silent 750 PSUs were used to power the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier contest as well as Overclocking Workshop systems that were setup at EGE. Seasonic Snow Silent 750 power supplies boast 80 Plus Platinum efficiency and a completely silent operation below 50 % system load. The proud winner of Snow Silent 750 PSUs is a social media follower known as Milis. Kudos to you!

    Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 All-in-One Cooler - The Hydro Series H80i v2 is a high performance, all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that works with a standard 120mm radiator mount, offering great heat dissipation helps overclockers and enthusiasts push the latest high-performance processors to the max. The winner of the Hydro Series H80i v2 is a social media follower known as Pauline L. Well done madam!

    You can find the full blog post announcing the two winners here on the HWBOT World Tour site.