Oldzen RAMvenge - Memory Frequency

Stage: Parade of the Frequency open - closed since 31 Aug

Stage Details

  • Memory Frequency is closed since 31 August 2023.


  • Only use processors from the Zen (17h gen1), Zen Plus (17h gen2) family.
  • Only use DDR4 memory
  • A "CHECKED" validation link must be added, CPU-Z version 2.05.1 or newer

Latest submissions for stage Memory Frequency

Score User Hardware Cooling
2195.7 MHz Seby9123 DDR4 SDRAM
1933 MHz Remarc DDR4 SDRAM
2311.4 MHz naganannan DDR4 SDRAM Air (Stock)
1600 MHz Remarc DDR4 SDRAM
2306.2 MHz mickulty DDR4 SDRAM Air (Stock)
2193.5 MHz denvys5 DDR4 SDRAM Air (Custom)
2204 MHz Alex2305 DDR4 SDRAM Air (Custom)
2167.2 MHz denvys5 DDR4 SDRAM Air (Custom)
2393.4 MHz profile_name_1 DDR4 SDRAM Air (Stock)
2162.4 MHz mickulty DDR4 SDRAM Air (Stock)