Competition overview

Competition Level Stages Opens Closes Status
Rookie Rumble Cup #4 1 3 stages 12 Apr 2014 3 May Italy ilsanto03 is leading with 3 points. Participate
Rookie Rumble Cup AMD Edition 1 3 stages 12 Apr 2014 3 May United States bigpoppasmooth is leading with 28 points. Participate
April's Final Team Cup Warm-up 1 5 stages 1 Apr 2014 30 Apr United States is leading with 18 points. Participate
G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014 Qualifier 1 3 stages 24 Mar 2014 27 Apr Germany Dancop is leading with 8 points. Participate
MSI Precision Master OC contest 1 3 stages 24 Mar 2014 14 Apr Won by United States Gunslinger

Organizing an overclocking competition has always been a tedious and time-consuming project. The HWBOT Competition Engine (“HCE”) is packed with all kinds of features to host incredible competitions. The competition engine is open to everyone, so now you can create your own contest and compete with your friends!

Why would you use HCE?

The HWBOT Competition Engine allows any individual or small organization to host their own overclocking competition. For example, HCE makes it very easy to run overclocking competitions at your local LAN party, overclocking gathering or event demonstration. Before, competitions were limited to the exclusive club of HWBOT partners and privileged overclockers. But things have changed and today anyone can run their own competition!

What type of competition can we host?

The HWBOT Competition Engine is very flexible. It can support several types of competitions. User vs. User, Teams vs. Teams, limited to specific countries or exclusive to specific users. The HCE also features options to either make your competition completely closed or fully open to the global audience of HWBOT.

The choice is up to you. You can customize your competitions as you please and design your perfect competition. Find out more inside ->

Competition News

Competition Winners of March: Morper, and HwBox Hellas O/C Team!

During March we had three competitions running: Rookie Rumble Cup #3, March's Z77 Team Fire Strike and March Team Cup Warm-up Contest Part2. The competitions were very different in set up and required very different hardware to compete. The Rookie Rumble we all know as the step-in competition for beginning overclockers and features three simple benchmarks (XTU, HWBOT Prime and SuperPI 1M). The two other competitions were team-based, so it was necessary to rile up your fellow team members to compete. The Z77 competition obviously focused on the Intel Z77 platform (think Ivy Bridge), whereas the Team Cup Warm-up was more about legacy hardware.

All competitions were interesting to follow and it was exciting to see the final results. Before we continue, let's congratulate Morper from Sweden for winning the Rookie Rumble, for winning the Z77 Fire Strike and HwBox Hellas O/C Team for winning the March Team Cup Warm-up. Well done! --> Read more -->

MSI Announces Precision Master OC Contest - Hit The Target And Win Z87 MPOWER MAX

MSI announces the latest "MSI Precision Master" OC contest, hosted on HWBOT. The Precision Master OC Contest includes three benchmarks and overclockers are challenged to hit a specific target score in each of the stages. The winner is chosen amongst the people who hit the target. In case the target score was not achieved by anyone, the closest score is eligible. The target score cannot be exceeded. The prizes include the designated MOA 2013 motherboard, the MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX, and a MSI R7970 Graphics card. One Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard will be given away amongst all participants. Overclocking enthusiasts, don’t miss this!

HWBOT Contest Page: Participate


  • Start: March 24th, 03:00 GMT+8
  • End: April 14th, 10:00 GMT+8


  • Stage 1: 3DMark 06 (Mar 24 11:00 GMT+8 - Mar 30 10:00 GMT+8), Target: 12345 marks
  • Stage 2: Heaven DX11 (Mar 30 11:00 GMT+8 - Apr 7 10:00 GMT+8)
  • Stage 3: 3DMark Fire Strike (Apr 7 11:00 GMT+8 - Apr 14 10:00 GMT+8)

Psyins from Iran Wins 2nd Rookie Rumble, Cup #3 To Start Tomorrow! (also open to 6-cores now)

With all the work related to the many competitions coming in the next couple of months, we would almost forget to congratulate Psyins from Iran for winning the second Rookie Rumble Cup. With 123 out of the maximum 150 points, Psyins did very well keeping zmn668 (#2), magavk (#3) and the rest of the pack behind him. In case you don't know, the Rookie Rumble Cup is a series of competitions made available to the newbies at HWBOT. Only if you have been registered at the site for three months or less, you are eligible for the competition. That effectively means you won't be competing against the top dogs of overclocking in this competition. The Rookie Rumble features three very basic and straight-forward benchmarks: XTU, HWBOT Prime and SuperPI 1M.


HwBox Hellas O/C Team (Greece) Wins February Team Cup Warm-Up

The Team Cup is a highly anticipated competition at HWBOT. A lot of overclockers are waiting for the opportunity to challenge last year’s winner Madshrimps. In preparation of the Team Cup, we hosted a warm-up competition during the month of February. For this warm up challenge we prepared five different stages, each with their own benchmark and hardware limitations. In spirit of the Team Cup, of course the hardware selection consisted of rare and unusual hardware. The requirements varied from the low-end GeForce GT 610 over the single core AMD processor, to as many as Pentium 2 CPUs you can find, to the rarest of graphics cards and eventually a little bit of SDR-Ram.

After 28 days of overclocking the victory eventually went to the HWBOX overclocking team. They collected 10 points more than the HwMaster OC Team Italy and 29 points more than XTREME OC Team Bulgaria. We really enjoyed following the competition and a lot of the top results are very impressive. It just goes to show that overclocking can be fun regardless of the hardware!