Competition overview

Competition Level Stages Opens Closes Status
ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final 2 0 stages 1 Nov 2014 2 Nov Won by
MSI MOA 2014 Grand final 3 0 stages 1 Oct 2014 31 Oct Won by
OC4DOGE 3 stages 1 Sep 2014 30 Sep Won by Brazil jgaroni
GIGABYTE Z97 - Pentium AE Beat the Heat Challenge 1 5 stages 24 Aug 2014 28 Sep Won by Australia HOMECINEMA-PC
ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Qualifier 1 3 stages 15 Aug 2014 15 Sep Germany Dancop is leading with 34 points. Participate

Organizing an overclocking competition has always been a tedious and time-consuming project. The HWBOT Competition Engine (“HCE”) is packed with all kinds of features to host incredible competitions. The competition engine is open to everyone, so now you can create your own contest and compete with your friends!

Why would you use HCE?

The HWBOT Competition Engine allows any individual or small organization to host their own overclocking competition. For example, HCE makes it very easy to run overclocking competitions at your local LAN party, overclocking gathering or event demonstration. Before, competitions were limited to the exclusive club of HWBOT partners and privileged overclockers. But things have changed and today anyone can run their own competition!

What type of competition can we host?

The HWBOT Competition Engine is very flexible. It can support several types of competitions. User vs. User, Teams vs. Teams, limited to specific countries or exclusive to specific users. The HCE also features options to either make your competition completely closed or fully open to the global audience of HWBOT.

The choice is up to you. You can customize your competitions as you please and design your perfect competition. Find out more inside ->

Competition News

JunkDogg (Australia) and Nvidiaforever2 (France) New Rookie Rumble Kings!

The Rookie Rumble competitions are an incredible success. With a combined total of 1077 benchmark results submitted by 380 Rookie overclockers in the past three weeks, we have never seen such great activity during a Rumble. The competitions are getting tougher and the scores are getting better too, which means that the Rookies are learning fast and are more than ready for a step up to the Novice or Enthusiast League.

In the latest editions, we celebrate JunkDogg and Nvidiaforever2’s victories and crown them to the new Kings of the Rookies!

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