HWBOT processor benchmark applications.

This is a list of the processor benchmark applications supported by HWBOT. If you want to add your own benchmark, register the application using our API. If you want to suggest adding new benchmarks or categories, feel free to get in touch.

Processor benchmarks

Benchmark Operating system World record points Global points Hardware points Popularity Links
CPU Frequency Win Android x x 80654 download rules website
PiFast Win x x 46018 download rules
    SuperPi - 1M Win x x 88166 download rules
    SuperPi - 32M Win x x 44716 download rules
    wPrime - 32m Win x x 74129 download rules website
    wPrime - 1024m Win x x x 43533 download rules website
XTU Win x x 93673 download rules website
PCMark 2004 Win x 7533 download rules
PCMark 2005 Win x 23202 download rules
PCMark Vantage Win x 5327 download rules
PCMark7 Win 3024 download rules website
Cinebench R11.5 Win x x x 11529 download rules website
HWBOT Prime Win Mac Linux Android iOS x x x 22314 download rules website
Cinebench R15 Win x x x 6275 download rules website
    Cinebench 2003 Win 544 download rules website
    Hyper PI 32M Win 1485 download rules website
    Performance Test Win 1490 download website
    Multi Threaded PI Win 1473 download website
    WinRAR Win 2051 download rules website
    FryBench Win 1146 download rules
    Multi Threaded LINPACK Win 1131 download website
    3DPM-ST Win 984 download website
    3DPM-MT Win 994 download website
    Black Hole Benchmark Win 1178 download website
    Geekbench3 - Multi Core Win Mac Linux Android 928 download rules website
    Geekbench3 - Single Core Win Mac Linux Android 936 download rules website
    Processing Power Win 872 download
    Realbench V2 Win 424 download website
    PCMark for Android Android 11 website