Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Intel XTU and its integration at HWBOT. In a joint effort between Intel and HWBOT, we present you a fully integrated overclocking software application which allows you to analyze your own configuration, share and find overclock settings from users around the world and hype your own achievements through social media. Intel XTU and the HWBOT integration aims to facilitate overclocking for beginners and novice users as well as give advanced overclocking community and its power users a platform to show their overclocking skills and knowledge.

Here are a couple of quick links for your convenience:

Submit a score

XTU can communicate directly to HWBOT to verify your computer is running at optimal speed, or to take part in competitions. However, if your benchmark computer is not connected to the internet, you can save your benchmark to a file and upload it below.

Please run XTU now at default settings, and save the score to a file. Upload this file to make your submission.If you need more info, read more aboutXTUhere (opens in a new window).

This benchmark requires a data file. Please upload the saved benchmark result.