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151963 marks with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (GF110, 448 Shaders) at 1400/1275MHz

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UkraineT0lsty commented on his own score:

this ref card goes like hell) easy 1400mhz. but something wrong with performance. I got in gt4 -1044 fps at any clocks ..

Denmarkzzolio says:

try with 320.18 or higher there is a clock bug in the old 300 driver

South AfricaVivi says:

noooo!! yesss he is right i think, wasn't it that OC limit thing? 999 limit?

Denmarkzzolio says:

yep 999MHz in 3D

UkraineT0lsty says:

i think 999 bug was only in win7 ? i know about it.

score grows from 1000 to 1400 . but not so good. now i remember that i have same bug on 260 gtx card but with 197.45 driver. I think my win xp is bugged ..

card goes 1400 3dmark 11 with 320.49 driver).

UkraineT0lsty says:

yep 999MHz in 3D


its impossible 150k on 999MHZ )

Denmarkzzolio says:

nice card


i am not 100% sure with xp i thing i have tested it

South AfricaVivi says:

its not your Vsync D3D overrider bugging out right? that also causes something. but u must find that solution! U are on GEN2 right? could be the gen3 slowdown thing too


BrazilSchenckel bros says:

great job man, keep pushing ;)

MontenegroPerica_barii says:

Put cpu higher and memory also and show us 170k :D

UkraineT0lsty says:

cpu is maxed out, but it was enought for last year moa qual)

I`ve already reinstalled win xp and will try it tonight. i hate last day benching .. but this time i will..

SwedenThe Mutt says:

Damn! That is some serious GPU speed! I guess you have a zombie, my ref card refuses to go over 1250 core beacause pwm gets too hot and I tried cooling it but then it refused to boot...

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