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15327 marks with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 at 1900/1850MHz

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  • Model: GeForce GTX 680 (GK104) NVIDIA
  • Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Speed: 1,900MHz (+88.87%) / 1,850MHz (+23.17%)
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  • Cooling: Air (Stock)
  • Chipset: X79

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Recent Comments

United States k|ngp|n commented on his own score:

EVGA GTX680 TEK-9 FAT 6.0 LN2 Cooled | EVGA X79 CLASSIFIED - 3930K DRAGON F1 Dark LN2 cooled | GSKILL Ripjaws |

Italy 2600 says:

Very nice Vince, great work and the power Nvidia brutal!!!

Greece Stelaras says:

Great !!! :D

Greece mortisboy says:

Sick clocks...nice Vince :D

Italy rsannino says:

1900mhz :o ......

NoMS says:

That GTX680 is really amazing, 1900mhz gpu lol

Congratz for the record btw! :)

just_nuke_em says:


Germany raiden says:

1900MHz :x

So when are we gonna see 2GHz?

Brazil Rbuass says:

Nice job as usual Vince, brake all scores...mine was tiny for now ;)

Italy vega05 says:

that monster vga .... o_o


Brazil Alex Darkvenom says:

Very nice!!!!!

United States NoGuru says:

Awesome sauce

United States k|ngp|n says:

Screenshot with CPUz window here in case its an issue. Submitted wrong one to hwbot. Don't hate on ELEET!



United States Hondacity says:

Modded at first sight lol

CL3P20 says:

almost 500GB/s bandwidth on 256bit bus... i sharted ..

United States BenchZowner says:

almost 500GB/s bandwidth on 256bit bus... i sharted ..


GPU-z error man.


256bit * 7326MHz / 8 = 234.432GB/s not 400+ as GPU-z erroneously reported :)

NABE says:

Very nice.....Amazing Clock

Australia Jimba says:



great work vince?

United States Johnksss says:

Looking good Brother Vince!!


And the only thing we all want to know the 01, how's the 01 man?

India thebanik says:

awesome score as usual, :D

Indonesia hendra.poltangan says:

1900Mhz ckckck,... nice


kikicoco1334 says:

hacks! hehe


nicely done bro!

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Woooooohooooooo the GREEN monster is STRONG!! Congrats Vince!

Taiwan NickShih says:

1900 core

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

well played sir:)

Greece Phil says:

KINGpin is back.Congrats to you and Tin.

France Strat says:

Wow Vinbo is back :D


Greece sofos1990 says:

Like a boss :D

Nvidia and k|ngp|n is an undefeatable combination!

Germany der8auer says:

Nvidia out -> Vince on top :D Well done!

Greece Aristidis says:

Great job Vince as always and a monster vga wow

Belgium Massman says:

Not bad

Greece TimoLeras says:

Amazing clocks!!!

Very nice!!!

Taiwan AndreYang says:


Montenegro Perica_barii says:

Great result..

Germany SoF says:

You just made a lot red guys cry :D :D :D



Poland d3mox says:

Wow, great score! :D

Eeky NoX says:

Nicely done mates ! KingPin+TiN = Team FTW w00t !!!

Portugal Billy-The-Kid says:

Great score :) congrat´s mate!!! 15327 with teselation :)

Italy Crash01ita says:

Well done!

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

Damn to kepler,1900MHz is vey very Sick!!!! SO we should waiting ror Classifield , lightning and matrix series for +2GHZ

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

what the hell !!! 3663mhz memory clock? it`s impossible and some thing is Not True

Iran PUMAOC says:

heheeeee oooo

Greece TONY GAL says:

nice clocks congrats vince!!

Croatia dejan_bin_laden says:

congrats man sick

Sweden ME4ME says:

woa, you totally dropped the bomb. Damn that's a great score!

United States Janus67 says:

Incredible score there Vince + TiN


Loved the mods thread on KPC

Brazil Rbuass says:

Just waiting some way to disable Tesselation to see 17K...

#1 for sure


P.S. is nice to see Kingpin + Tin in the racing again.

Japan Gyrock says:

Excellent job!! Congrats:)


Germany Vaykir says:

Congrats to WR from Germany xD


no joke there, congrats! ;)

Belgium Massman says:

What's up with the weird BIOS version, by the way?

Austria Turrican says:

What's up with the weird BIOS version, by the way?


that's a new "feature" since gpu-z 0.5.9 i think. in the ( ) it always shows some weird stuff on my cards as well.

dunno what's it all about tough.

Portugal Morphling says:

Congratulations boss :) You're simply the best!

Greece kintaro says:

Congrats Amazing result!!!

Denmark Nicklas0912 says:

Good job m8!

Italy LurenZ87 says:


Belgium HybridChiller says:

and nvidia is back on this generation nr1, like always.


Very nice result there vince

Belgium Gamer says:

Great score Vince !!!





Brazil easegantini says:

Damn... what a clock, man!

Brazil Tonim89 says:

Geez, what's wrong with this card? 1900? lol


Great Job, keep going!

United Kingdom Dualist says:

Awesome, saves me buying AMD/ATi.


Whens the 01 coming Vince.? :D

Germany Blackbolt says:

Nice, now the 01 and 03,let me see the Power;)

Brazil Raul SDT says:

0ºC is it the cold bug ?


Amazing clocks...thats just amazing!

United States rakunvar says:

I gotta ask cause I cant seem to figure it out... How did you get it to allow you to get that voltage over 1.175? Precision etc just simply wont let me get past it..

United States Hondacity says:

he is using the evga epower. he has modified the graphics card. have a look here

United States PROBN4LYFE says:

Hence the name ^_^!


Australia Dinos22 says:

killed it dude!

Switzerland liquidcoolingx7 says:


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