SuperPi - 1M

 HWBOT SuperPi 1M Benchmark 

 SuperPi Mod 1.5XS or SuperPi via BenchMate

 Windows Limitations:

 Pre-Skylake: No Win8/10 without BenchMate
 Skylake or newer CPU: no Windows OS limitation

 No Win8/10 without BenchMate

 Verification required:
 via screenshot

 Verification screenshot

 Benchmark window with loops, score & Pi
 calculation done window
 Checksum must be visible
 CPUZ tab for CPU and memory (V1.94+)
 Windows taskbar must be visible
 No screenshot clipping or cropping

 Verification link:

 Not required



Jan 17, 2021: new rules format release

Jan 09, 2020 Full desktop screenshot (no clipping)

Oct 23, 2013: Checksum must be valid

Dec 23, 2008 initial release