Hardware Asylum, Podcast #82a: Rants on Content Piracy, External GPUs and Windows 7

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain are back again this week with another chat about all things tech related. Episode 82a includes a few choice topics including issues of piracy in relation to podcasting, external GPU and the increasing decline of Windows 7 as a genuine OS option. Here’s an excerpt from the show notes:

Podcast Piracy - Content piracy has always been an issue in the Hardware Review world. I have even seen instances where someone lifted an entire review including the images so it could be reposted and claimed as original content. Other sites have been known to take a review press release and “re-write” it as a single page. This page is full of SEO keywords and written such that readers finding the article will not know where it came from. They call this content farming and while it isn’t copyright infringement, due to how the articles were written, it is prevalent enough that google stepped in an attempt punish sites that did that.

External GPUs - Gaming in the Dorm - There are all kinds of computer users out there. Some are well versed in the ways of the hardware force while others, not so much. Some folks have unlimited resources while others might have limited budgets, limited space, limited time and might even have significant others. Whatever the limitation it shouldn’t detract from your ability to use a computer however you want. In this segment Dennis and Darren talk about external GPUs and how these devices can be used to expand the usability of certain systems in certain situations despite creating their own limitations in the process.

Windows 7 is on the Decline - Who would have thought that one of the most usable and game friendly operating systems would be on the decline. Yes, the stats are in Windows 7 finally dropped below 50% in total market share.

Find the latest Episode 82a podcast from Hardware Asylum here.

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