[Video] Gamers Nexus Tear-Down NVIDIA Titan V

Steve Burke and Gamers Nexus just went and splurged $3,000 USD on the latest and greatest graphics card from NVIDIA, the Volta-based NVIDIA Titan V. But hey, being a true overclocker and PC enthusiast, Steve just could not resist the temptation to do a tear-down video, removing the entire cooling apparatus to show us what NVIDIA had done at the PCB level. Cheers Steve.

So what is the new Titan card all about? Well, the Titan V of course uses ‘Big Volta’, namely the GV100 graphics processor which you can also find powering the latest Tesla V100 HPC card. The GV100 is a multi-chip module that features a GPU die and three HBM2 memory stacks on the same package. It has 12GB of HBM2 memory that is linked via a 3,072-bit wide memory bus. The GPU has a base clock of 1200MHz boosting by default to a frequency of 1455MHz. Default HBM2 memory is configured at a clock of 850 MHz.

Steve removes the cooler with ease, noting how the card uses the same cooling design that we’ve seen on previous Titan and recent Founder Edition cards. The GV100 GPU is well served in terms of power, being teamed up with a 16-phase VRM. Steve also notes how there is a massive amount of thermal paste used, perhaps not so surprising seeing as the GV100 is a supercomputer chip designed for machine learning and Ai applications and as such has a 815 mm² die, which is pretty much as big as you will ever encounter. Steve goes on to clean up the GPU where you can see the HBM parts of chip package.

You can find the tear-down video from Gamers Nexus here on their YouTube channel.

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