Greece Win HWBOT Country Cup 2016: The Full Report

The dust has barely settled on the HWBOT Country Cup 2016, with Greece taking the win with a thoroughly dominant performance throughout. Today, however, we can bring you the full contest report with a comprehensive breakdown of all the submissions, scores and overclocking teams involved. Here’s excerpt from the article which is published on the OC-ESPORTS website.

HWBOT Country Cup 2016: November 1st to December 23rd

The HWBOT Country Cup was first held back in 2009 so in many respects, it's an Overclocking contest that has plenty of pedigree. The 2016 edition of the contest was in fact the eighth ever in its history, with Greece making their second ever win after also picking up the trophy back in 2012. The contest is basically the World Cup of overclocking, inviting teams of overclockers to make submissions across six stages. Each stage requires a number of submissions, each from a different overclocker using a different CPU or graphics card. The final stage, as we shall see, was a straight up battle to see who has the edge in extreme multi-GPU overclocking.

Check out the full article here on the OC-ESPORTS website.

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