The Lab #4: DrWeez Preps Galax GTX 1060 HOF for Extreme Overclocking with LN2

DrWeez currently sits in fourth spot of the GALAX GOC 2016 Worldwide Qualifier contest on OC-ESPORTS. This year the qualification round invites seasoned overclockers to compete using a GALAX GTX 1060 HoF card to compete across four stages - the top twelve will then take part in the Grand Final event in Wuhan China at the end of the year.

As part of his Lab video series where he shares his Elite level OC knowledge with the community, DrWeez took time to film his preparation of the GTX 1060. The outcome is a really great step by step guide to any aspiring sub-zero overclocker looking for advice. He starts by removing the large heatsink and fan array on the card, continuing to show each step needed to get the card prepped for life at sub-zero temperatures.

Other steps involved with the preparation include removing the thermal paste that you will find on the GPU itself, followed by the removal of other superfluous items such as the LED panel (LN2 and flashing lights don’t mix…). The final process of course involves the essential insulation process. The video is also quite interesting because it’s not only his first time dealing with a GTX 1060 card, it’s actually the first time he has used a 1000 series card on LN2 - two facts that make it all the more interesting to watch.

As always DrWeez gives us a great look behind the curtain at the processes involved when undertaking some extreme, elite grade overclocking. Moving step by step a with lots of advice and help along the way, it’s the perfect guide for anyone interested in stepping up to the LN2 plate.

Find the video here on the DrWeez YoutTube channel. Plus there is also a full written guide that covers insulation and VGA card prepping in full over here on the DrWeez Facebook page

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